Find Your Center With Fitbit Premium’s New Mindfulness Tools

What is mindfulness? So much more than a mere buzz term of modern society, mindfulness is a practice, and existing more mindfully, a lifestyle. To elaborate, it is the practice of intentionally paying attention to the present moment, and making space to do so from a place of non-judgment. 

There are many ways to go about incorporating it into your lifestyle. Yes, you can do so by sitting in meditation—the typical mental image many of us conjure when considering ways to be more “mindful.” But why cap it off at just that? Mindful eating, walking meditations, and active listening are all intentionally mindful activities—and they come with a slew of benefits. 

If you’ve ever found yourself thoughtlessly checking off tasks on your to-do list at work, or looking back on the events of a day as if they’ve passed by in a blur, you’re certainly not alone. The first step to bringing more awareness into your day is—you guessed it—drawing attention to it. That means treating even the smallest tasks as mindful ones can make a huge difference. In fact, did you know that a single introductory “mindfulness session” (i.e. meditation) can help reduce anxiety levels? Seems like some pretty good incentive to get your Zen on, if you ask us. 

And that’s where Fitbit’s Mindfulness Tools on Premium come in. Keep reading to discover how you can tune in and get centered.  

Tap into our mindfulness tools with Fitbit Premium 

  • Find your center with daily meditations. 
  • Practice affirmations, mindful eating, and body positivity with audio tracks.
  • Relax and unwind by following along with audio tracks for mindfulness and sleep, including a library of sleep sounds and guided sessions that focus on body scans, meditations, mindful moments, and more. 

Aside from the on-wrist Relax feature you know and love, you can access other Mindfulness tools in the Fitbit app’s Premium section, regardless of device type.* Simply click “Mindfulness” under the Discover tab. 

Here, you can access guided tracks as brief as one minute and up to 45 minutes long, with exciting content from popular brands such as 10% Happier, Aura, Breethe, and Aaptiv available now: 

10% Happier. Learn to meditate from the world’s top mindfulness experts with 10% Happier, which operates like a daily meditation coach. Get real, get wise, and get inspired to learn the practice of meditation, through world-class teachers and a refreshingly honest approach.

Aura. Aura helps you feel grounded, improve sleep, and find peace with personalized meditations and stories from the world’s best coaches. 

Breethe. Breethe App helps you find inner wellness through guided meditations, talks, music, and stories. Overcome anxiety, fall asleep, and discover powerful ways to cope with real-life challenges.

Aaptiv. Boost your mental and physical health with motivating workouts and soothing meditations from Aaptiv.

A few samples include:

Mindful Eating: Breathe to Slow Down First. The breath is a powerful tool to calm down and get present before a meal. Slowing down before eating allows us to be present and enjoy the meal. Plus, it helps the body to shift into a more relaxed state, so our digestion functions optimally.

Relax from Head to Toe. Speaking of relaxed, those who love a good Savasana won’t be able to resist the Relax from Head to Toe exercise. Guided by a female voice, this body scan meditation moves through your entire body, beginning at the top of your head and ending with the soles of your feet. 

Guided Meditation to Start Your Day. Set the tone for your day by taking a few moments for yourself. Magical morning routine in just 6 minutes, anyone? 

Mindfulness Tools are available now on Fitbit Premium. Try Premium to check them out. 

 *Premium content and features subject to change. Not available in all countries. English only. 

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