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Fitbit’s Spring Clean: National Walking Day 2014

Walk to work

If you’re using a Fitbit tracker, you know exactly how much you walk. But with busy lives and demanding jobs, more and more adults are spending most of their time sedentary. That’s why the American Heart Association declared today as National Walking Day.

The AHA describes National Walking Day as, “Employees are encouraged to wear sneakers to work and take at least 30 minutes out of their day to get up and walk.” Sounds simple, right? Or maybe it doesn’t, between your meetings or errands or busy schedule. But your health should never take second-place to your job.

So today we’re giving you tips to hack your workday, by getting you away from the desk and taking more steps each day.

1. Take a break. Your emails will still be there when you get back. Taking two fifteen-minute breaks throughout your day and using them to take a walk. Not only will you easily get in your recommended 30 minutes of activity, but you’ll pass your friends on the leaderboard who are still at their desks!

2. Turn your meeting into a walking meeting. Unless you’re giving a presentation or need to take notes, there’s no reason to always take your meetings sitting down. With the weather getting nicer, suggest you spend your next one-on-one meeting by enjoying the fresh air and going for a short walk. You’ll both get exercise, and you’ll still be getting work done.

3. Buddy Up. One easy way to make sure you’re actually getting out, rather than getting bogged down with work, is to find a buddy and plan your walking breaks together. Plus, Fitbit users with one or more Fitbit friends tend to be 27% more active anyway, so your work buddy could help boost your overall fitness, even apart!

4. Do things face-to-face. Why send an email when a conversation will work just as well, if not better? In our email-centric offices, it’s easy to forget that sometimes walking over and having a conversation with someone can be much more efficient.

5. Take the longer route. Even on days when you’re too busy to take a real break, we all need some breaks throughout the day. Next time you use the restroom or head to the kitchen, go the long way there, or to one further away than your desk. All those small amounts of extra steps can add up over the course of a day.

6. Use the stairs. If it’s possible to take stairs instead of an elevator, take the stairs every time. Walking up stairs is 10x as efficient as walking on a flat surface when it comes to burning calories, and it’s sometimes even faster than an elevator!

Are you willing to give one – or all – of the above a shot? Let us know in the comments, or on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter!

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  • My coworkers and I try to go for 2 walk-breaks every day. It’s great to get outside for a while and I usually meet my step goal before I head home.

  • Already doing 15K steps a day & 30 floors. @ 66 I’m thinking long term, sustainable daily exercise. Fitbit gently reminds me. No co-workers, only monarchs, turtles, choi & hover flies.

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