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New Free Features and Premium Membership

This week we launched a number of new features on to help you work towards your activity and wellness goals.  Many of the features we’ve released this week are the result of requests we’ve seen from users like you, so keep your suggestions coming! We’ve also launched a new premium membership with  additional features to help analyze your activity, food and sleep to see results more quickly.

We are excited to continue to develop and release new product features for both free and premium users.  As always, your data belongs to you, and you’ll always be able to enjoy a full-featured free account.

So let’s explore the new free features:

  • Blood Glucose Trackers – by popular request, you can now track your blood glucose in the morning, afternoon and evening.

  • Blood Pressure Tracker – Enter your readings and we’ll graph these over time for you
  • Heart Rate Tracker – Track your resting, normal and exertive heart rates
  • Custom Trackers –  Choose a goal and track it. Trying to limit caffeine, increase push-ups, or decrease desserts per week? How about tracking the length of your commute to see how it affects your mood?
  • Body Measurements – Body Measurements – Now you can add the measurements of your neck, waist, thigh, biceps and many more on the “Track my Weight” page.

You can find all the new trackers in the Tracker tab on

And here’s a peek into the premium membership features, which offer additional analysis of YOUR data to keep you motivated and help you reach your wellness goals more quickly.

  • Digital Trainer – Have you hit a plateau? The Fitbit Digital Trainer reviews your current activity level, and sets you on a 12 week plan fitness plan to gradually increase your movement.
  • Benchmarking – Rank yourself against your peers.  With benchmarking, you can see how your stats compare to others of similar age, gender or body type.  With 4,736 combinations of settings to choose from, you’ll have lots to explore and motivate you.
  • Trackers – Track anything your heart desires! Track more detailed data for heart rate and blood glucose, and add as many custom trackers as you like.  Get creative!
  • Reports – See in-depth analysis of your data. Access your personal reports to quickly identify changes for a healthier you. Reports provide in-depth analysis of your historical trends for sleep, food and activity.

Each of the premium features has a free trial period (no credit card required), so you can test the features with YOUR data – access a detailed activity report, sample our benchmarking tool, and test out the digital trainer, she’ll get you on a path to increased activity.

Want more info?  Check our membership comparison chart or start exploring.

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  • I LOVE the trainer and benchmarking. I had to finally break down and get the premium membership after 2 days of my trial – totally worth it. :)

  • Somewhere to enter body fat data would also be great. Along with a place to include a measured resting metabolic rate. I’m a fitness trainer trying the device for the first time for my NBC fitness segment this Friday and would love to see these additional features and others that allow a trainer to more efficiently use the system to manage clients.

  • I love the new items. I wish the food log were easier to use, but I loved putting in all of the measurements today including bodyfat. It gives me a clear starting point. I plan to recommend it to all of my clients going forward. I do also agree with John that I’d like to see some how to allow a trainer to more efficiently use the system to manage clients.

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