5 Non-Scale Victories You’re Celebrating Now

When you’re trying to lose weight, it’s easy to fixate on the numbers on the scale. You’re eating all the right things! You’re staying active and crushing your step goal! But there are many factors at play on your weight loss journey, and your weight can fluctuate on a daily basis. While you wait for the pounds to melt off, there are plenty of non-scale victories you could be celebrating. To keep you motivated, here are the best ones Fitbit users just like you are tracking.

5 Non-Scale Victories Worth Celebrating!

Reaching a Fitness Goal
Whether you’re nailing Downward-dog or running a mile without stopping, that feeling you get when you accomplish a “fitness first” is worth celebrating. “One of my biggest rewards was running a 5K!” says Fitbit user Anna B.

Having More Energy
One of the many benefits of getting healthy is having more energy to do the things you love—chasing after your kids, keeping up in workout classes and just feeling better all around. Fitbit user Rachel H.’s non-scale victory came when she was waiting for her little ones to get out of school and found herself climbing stairs. “I climbed 53 flights of stairs—seriously!” she says. “I was so proud of myself.”

Buying Smaller Clothes
While the number on the scale may not be changing, your clothes could be sending you a different message. Buying fresh threads to accommodate a slimmer shape can be hugely satisfying. Fitbit user Annie B. donated more than three dozen items of clothing to charity and revamped her wardrobe. “I had to replace all of my old pants and tops,” she says. “I even bought skinny jeans!”

Getting Stronger
Flexing stronger muscles is a major non-scale victory that feels good on the outside and inside. Fitbit user Stephanie M.’s latest non-scale victory: being able to deadlift more than she weighs. “Getting stronger has also improved my yoga practice,” she says. “I can now hold poses that I used to struggle with.”

Snapping More Photos
It’s a very subtle shift, but some Fitbit users have noticed they feel more confident about appearing in photographs as their weight loss journey progresses. And comparing your “before” and “after” pics can give you hard proof that you’re crushing your goals. “I can see quite plainly in my photos that my body is changing, no matter what the scale shows!” says Fitbit user Carol R.

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  • I was never able to run the length of myself, but after getting my Fitbit a little over a month ago, I started walking more, and one day decided to try a little jog. I am now able to walk/run for 10 miles and have registered for my first road race this summer!

  • It’s been about 5 years since I started exercising as a routine. Have used a Fitbit throughout. Somehow those old clothes never found their way out of the basement. This weekend I wanted to wear loose jeans, but all my jeans are “skinny”. I went down to the basement and found an old pair but they were SO big, they fell off! Every time I doubt my success at this because of the number on the scale, I have to remind myself that all of my important numbers, the heart rate, BP, blood counts, bone density, cholesterol, etc – those are all great. I’m 64 and first set foot in a gym at 59. It’s never too late to start a good habit!

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