5 Ways Andrew Wiggins Stays Active Off The Court

As a professional basketball player, I spend a lot of time on the court. But I rely on a few other activities to keep me active and in shape when I’m not playing ball. I wanted to offer some insight into what I do on a daily basis, so here’s my list of favorite workouts off the court:

1. Long Walks

Anyone who follows me on social media knows I love taking my two dogs, Cassie and Rocky, on long walks. I enjoy taking them out on the trails by the lake in my hometown of Minneapolis, and we usually go out for three walks a day. During that time, I usually bring a toy so they can play fetch and compete with each other to see who brings it back to me fastest (so they get a workout too!).

2. Weight Lifting

Working out with weights is an important part of my routine. I find it hard to gain steady weight due to my physique and metabolism, but lifting weights goes a long way in helping me reach my goals. I recently built a personal gym in my house that I use three to four days a week when I’m in town. This helps me maintain my strength so I can stay strong and healthy throughout the season.

3. Bowling

Not too many people know this, but when my friends and family are in town during the off-season, I take them straight to the bowling alley! We go head-to-head against each other, and while I don’t like to brag, I usually come out on top as the big winner. It can get very competitive at times and that brings out the best in my game.

4. Ping Pong

Ping pong is one of those sports that doesn’t involve running up and down, but it leads to a super sweaty workout because of all the constant side-to-side movement. Things can get especially heart-pumping when it’s a close battle or a long rally.

5. Jogs and Runs

As many people may know, my mother was an Olympic track and field athlete, so running is in my blood. During my off days, I like to throw on my headphones, get my music going, and take jogs around the lake to clear my mind.

Being a professional athlete means having to constantly be on the go. Whenever I have downtime or a day off, I enjoy taking advantage of these alternative activities because physical movement and exercise is what I love to do. And I love tracking my activities too — which means I’m always wearing my Fitbit Ionic when I’m on the go!

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