The 8 Best Fitbit OS Apps for All Your Favorite Summer Activities

Lifestyle photo of young male holding surfboard, close up of arm wearing productStaying fit and healthy doesn’t have to mean lacing up your running shoes each morning. Summer days especially beckon you to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities that aren’t always feasible year round.

But whether you’re going solo or with a group, bring your Fitbit smartwatch along. These Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Ionic apps add to the adventure, by giving you instant access to surf reports, golf course conditions, hiking stats and more—right on your wrist.

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If you’ll be hiking…try Hike Altimeter or Nav Buddy
Available on: Ionic (Nav Buddy), Versa (Hike Altimeter)
How it works: It used to be you’d go on a hike and just enjoy the view. With Nav Buddy, now you can do that and calculate just how high you climbed, the direction you’re headed, and your speed. Simply input the latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates for up to two destinations in decimal degrees format (which you can find using a web-based map service) on your mobile device.

Once you’ve started your hike, select one of the saved locations to show how far you have to go to get there, your current heading, and the estimated time of arrival. If that’s more than you need or you don’t own an Ionic, try Hike Altimeter for Versa, which simply shows the current time, the elapsed time for your hike, the current elevation and how many feet (or meters) you’ve climbed. And be sure to check out the chart displayed below that information that illustrates your climb.

Hike Altimeter fitbit OS app

Nav Buddy Fitbit OS app

If you’ll be playing badminton…try Badminton Counter
Available on: Versa and Ionic
How it works: Badminton is one of those games that’s perfect for a summer BBQ or a lazy day at the beach. It’s also an Olympic sport, with leagues and tournaments and world-class athletes competing on all continents. Whatever camp you fall into, there’s now an easy way to keep score on your wrist. Simply download the Badminton Counter app, then hit the upper or lower corners on the right side of the screen to raise the score, and the upper and lower corners on the left to reset to zero. A screen button allows you to optionally turn off the screen during gameplay (though, honestly, it’s easier to keep track if you leave it on).

Badminton Counter fitbit os apps

If you’ll be golfing…try GAME GOLF GPS Rangefinder
Available on: Ionic
How it works: GAME GOLF GPS Rangefinder offers access to more than 36,000 golf courses around the world, with pre-loaded hole locations and distances (in feet or meters) to the front, middle, and back of the green. After setting up an account (which you can do right on the Fitbit mobile app), download up to three of your favorite courses. Once you’re ready to play, simply start a round, then advance through each hole to see a graphic representation of the typography ahead (including sand traps). At the end of the round, you’ll get a summary of your fitness stats including average heart rate during the game, number of steps taken, and total minutes to complete 18 holes.

Game Golf GPS Rangefinder Fitbit OS app

If you’ll be surfing…try Surfline
Available on: Versa and Ionic
How it works: Surfline bills itself as the app “for surfers, by surfers,” and after you give it a try, you’ll know why. With projected surf heights and wind speeds, water temperature, weather reports, and high and low tides for multiple locations, you’ll be able to see at a glance exactly when and where to meet your surf buddies.

Simply download the Surfline app on your mobile device, search for and select your favorite surfing locations, then log in via your Fitbit app. Sync your watch, open the Surfline app, and swipe left to see a summary of the surfing conditions in your favorite spots, then tap and scroll for detailed surf height, wind speed, and tidal information. Dreaming of one day catching the big waves in Costa Rica or Hawaii? Select beaches in those locations as favorites and monitor the conditions from afar.

Surfline Fitbit OS app

If you’ll be sailing or kiteboarding…try SaltyDog
Available on: Ionic
How it works: For all of you seafaring types, SaltyDog is the one (and possibly only) app you’ll need to enjoy your favorite water sports. Windsurfers and kiteboarders, in particular, can capture their speed and heading with a quick glance at their wrist (without letting go of the boom or bar). Plus, since Ionic is water resistant up to 50 meters, there’s no need to worry about getting your watch wet as you’re slicing through the waves. Simply tap the app’s home screen to toggle between speed settings in knots, miles per hour, or kilometers per hour.

SaltyDog Fitbit OS app

If you’ll be playing basketball…try Hoops Tracker
Available on: Ionic
How it works: Any coach will tell you that the only way to improve is to practice. Now, thanks to  Hoops Tracker, you can keep track of how you’re doing on free throws and three-pointers from anywhere on the court—left corner, left wing, top of key, right wing, and right corner. To start, simply select New FT (free throw) or New 3PT (3 pointer), then tap the upper right of the screen for shots made and the lower right of the screen for shots missed. At the end of the session, you’ll be able to see a graphic display of your shooting percentages from each spot on the floor.

Hoops Tracker Fitbit OS app

If you’ll be scuba diving…try Scuba Buddy
Available on: Versa and Ionic
How it works: Scuba diving is a technical sport. You need to calculate the ratio of oxygen and nitrogen you’ll need to dive to certain depths, how quickly you’ll deplete your tank, and how much air you have left based on your surface consumption rate. It’s no wonder that reputable dive operations don’t let you even rent equipment before completing the comprehensive diver certification course. Once you do, though, simply add your C-card data (front and back) to the app’s settings (in the Fitbit mobile app), so you’ll always have it with you. Then enter your tank specifications (capacity and working pressure psi) so the app can estimate your gas supply on a dive. Just remember: Versa and Ionic are water resistant up to 50 meters (165 feet), so you may want to leave your watch on land during the actual dive.

Scuba Buddy Fitbit OS app

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