6 Healthy, Guilt-Free Pizza Options (Yes, Pizza!)

Healthy Pizza

Last night, I had a meeting with a fairly new nutrition client. I provided him with ways to make a healthier version of his beloved egg sandwich (omega-3-rich eggs, sprouted English muffin, avocado) and other sensible swaps. “This plan is so livable,” he remarked. Which is exactly the point—any eating plan you follow must be livable, even...

Score Some Steps While Watching Basketball

3 Baller Moves for Better Agility

It’s tourney time! And rather than cheer for your team over beers and wings, we want to keep you active while you follow your bracket. Instead of staying sitting all tournament long, here’s some quick workouts you can do to score some steps:

Pack a Healthy Lunch Like a Pro with these 4 Swaps

Healthy lunch

When it comes to lunch, it can be all too easy to throw a bag of chips and a PB&J into a bag and call it a day. Or to run next door to grab an 800-calorie sub instead. In the mad dash to get out of the house in the morning, adding one more thing to the routine can seem like too much. But eating a healthy lunch doesn’t have to be such a...

Extreme Fitbit User: Carolyn S.

Carolyn S.: Extreme User

We’re constantly amazed by what Fitbit users can accomplish with their trackers. In our Extreme User series, we’ll be highlighting people who went above and beyond their usual goals to accomplish something great. Carolyn became a Fitbit user in March of 2012. While she was already passionate about exercise, she wanted to measure how...

Fitbit x FitStar: More Ways to Find Your Fit

Fitbit x FitStar

We’re thrilled to announce that Fitbit has acquired FitStar, one of the largest platforms for delivering personalized video-based exercise experiences on mobile devices! You may know of FitStar from their top-rated personal trainer and yoga apps, which offer tailored exercise program designed specifically for you. FitStar has also...

“I Ditched My Car to Outrun Diabetes,” says Kodi S.

Kodi S

When we hear about Fitbit users who’ve reached their goals, we love to share the news! Kodi S. surpassed his goals— beyond what he even thought possible! Here is Kodi’s success story, in his own words. “Growing up, I would have never been considered a “natural” athlete, nor an active person. By the age of 26, I had...