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How To Bring Mindfulness To Your Mealtimes


Have you ever looked down and been surprised to see your once-full plate nearly empty—how the heck did you inhale all of that without even noticing? It’s not hard. With so many things to do, places to be, and screens to stare at, it’s nearly impossible to focus on just one task. But when it comes to meals, making time to be more mindful can...

“I Got the Whole Family Moving!” says Nicole T.


Four years ago, Nicole T., a 32 year old stay-at-home mom and psychology student in Denver, CO, should have been feeling great. She had just lost 115 pounds by joining a gym and counting calories with a notepad and pen, but she was having a hard time with her new body. “I had a lot of loose skin from losing so much weight and it really got to me...

Lacey Stone’s Exclusive Fitbit Charge HR Workout #2


Welcome to Fitbit Charge HR Workout #2. If you haven’t conquered Fitbit Charge HR Workout #1, go do it now. The Fitbit Charge HR workouts in my four-week plan build on each other, so it’s important to do each workout three times in one week before moving on to the next. Got it? Cool! Tips to Get Started Loop the entire circuit two times, for a...

Feeling Sore 2 Days After Working Out? Here’s Why


Let’s set the scene. You’ve had a good workout. Several, in fact. You’ve been going an extra mile on your run—just because, adding more weight to your leg press, or maybe you hit that 90-minute vinyasa class instead of your typical 60. Basically, you’re totally killing it and feeling great. Until, one day, you wake up and feel...