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Feeling Sore 2 Days After Working Out? Here’s Why


Let’s set the scene. You’ve had a good workout. Several, in fact. You’ve been going an extra mile on your run—just because, adding more weight to your leg press, or maybe you hit that 90-minute vinyasa class instead of your typical 60. Basically, you’re totally killing it and feeling great. Until, one day, you wake up and feel...

4 Cross-Training Activities to Up Your Running Game


I don’t know about you, but when I hear the words, “cross-training,” I cringe. I am a runner because I like to run. (Hi guys, it’s Ryan.) The idea of spending hours on an arm bike or a stair stepper is not my idea of a good time. But I know cross-training is an essential part of a successful training plan. So how do you...