Pedal Into the Peloton with this Strength Workout for Cyclists


If you’ve been paying attention to the big bike race, you may have noticed those guys have incredible balance, speed, and massive quads—all necessary for tackling tough terrain.

Whether your goal is dominate the mountains in France or simply crush the hills in your neighborhood, you need powerful leg-turnover to get you through tough climbs and explosiveness to sprint to the finish. That’s why FitStar partnered with our friends at Strava to create the Strava Core Challenge, a handcrafted Freestyle session within the FitStar Personal Trainer app.

From tuck jumps to burpees, to star skaters and jump lunges, this workout features serious cardio, core, and leg moves. This 20-minute session is guaranteed to get your heart racing, core tight, legs burning, and glutes firing!



Follow the workout above or really take things up a notch by downloading FitStar Personal Trainer for this (and many more!) dynamic video-based workouts.


Set your sights on the yellow jersey and get started with this free workout from FitStar today!




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