Colorful, Playful, Versatile: Shop the New PH5 for Fitbit Versa Collection

PH5 for Fitbit accessory collection

Designer accessories for Fitbit Versa have landed.

If you remember, a few months ago, Fitbit and the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA)—a not-for-profit organization known for advancing the work of some of fashion’s most forward-thinking designers—tasked a handful of them with designing Fitbit Versa accessories that reimagine the future of wearables.

In the end, stakeholders from CFDA, Fitbit, and PUBLIC SCHOOL selected PH5, the contemporary women’s brand created by Wei Lin and Mijia Zhang, to bring their visions to life. The duo is known for blending traditional structural knitwear techniques with a futuristic aesthetic and high-tech textiles.

“Wei and Mijia of PH5 built their brand on a foundation of technology, from the way they program the knitting machines in their factory to the way they approach design in the first place,” says Adam Roth, vice president of strategic partnerships at the CFDA. “This is the kind of innovative thinking that will power the entire fashion industry forward into an age where technology is ubiquitous.”

When concepting their collection, Lin had lots of personal experience to draw from, which Zhang, an award-winning designer, helped bring to life.As a seven-time Ironman triathlete, my own passion for fitness played a vital role in developing the accessories,” says Lin. “I was inspired by marathons and the lines of track-and-field courts.”

The resulting collection features high-tech knits and a playful aesthetic that lets you highlight your personal style with wearable tech in a bold, new way. Check out each of the accessories below—as well as where to buy them.

The PH5 for Fitbit Versa Collection

Using high-quality knitting techniques and the unique architectural dimensions of the chosen textiles, PH5 for Fitbit Versa pushes the boundaries of what knitwear can do.

Stripe Knit
Sold exclusively at Target in the US only. Available in select international locales on

PH5 for Fitbit: Stripe Knit

This lightweight knit band is made of a breathable polyester/spandex blend that gives it stretch and flex. Available in two colors (pink/navy and navy/white), it features a bold, sporty stripe pattern and navy buckle.

Metallic Knit
Available at in the US, Canada, and select international locales.

PH5 for Fitbit: Metallic Knit

With a soft, comfortable feel, this knit band delivers a subtle metallic shimmer for a playful-yet-classy style. It’s woven with Japanese Kyotex metallic Lurex yarn using a high-tech knitting process and is available in two colors: rose gold/black with a rose gold-colored buckle and silver with a silver-colored buckle.

Rib Knit
Available at in the US, Canada, and select international locales.

PH5 for Fitbit: Rib Knit

The Rib Knit band features alternating raised stripes and offers an additional pop of texture to the collection. Available in two colors (rose/white with a rose gold-colored buckle and multi (navy/pink/blue) with a navy buckle), the band is made of a flexible rayon/nylon blend.

Shop the Collection

The PH5 for Fitbit Versa Collection is available today at and Target. The adjustable accessory bands ($39.95 each) are one size fits most and will work with Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Versa Special Edition smartwatches, which are sold separately at and major retailers ($199.95 and $229.95, respectively). Additional details about Designer Collections for Fitbit can be found at

While Fitbit Versa is water resistant up to 50 meters, the PH5 knit bands are not intended to be worn during swimming, high-intensity workouts or sleep, which could affect the overall appearance and quality of the band. To best preserve your woven band, we recommend switching to a classic silicone or TPU band when working out or engaging in water-based activities. For more wear and care tips, visit

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  • Ordered one 7/25/18. Still don’t have it. Was lied to twice – once when they told me that it was out of stock (it wasn’t), once when they told me that it had been shipped (it hadn’t) – and yet I have been charged for the band. I have a case number and supposedly free next day air shipping but I still don’t have a tracking number. Worst customer service that I have ever received. I hope this band it worth it, assuming that I actually receive it someday…

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