Pizza Night! 3 Healthy Ways to Spin a Pie

Is the first call you make on Friday night to your favorite pizza place? Freeze those thumbs! Unfortunately, the standard take-out pizza delivers white carbs, bad fats, and icky chemicals, from processed meats to salty cheese. If you can drop a paper napkin on your pie and watch it splotch with grease, or find yourself chugging water the next morning, you probably already know that pizza isn’t supporting your healthy eating goals. But it’s a guilty pleasure, right?

Wrong! Don’t slam the box on one of your favorite foods. There’s nothing more Mediterranean than pizza, and it couldn’t be easier to make at home, with fresh, fabulous ingredients. The hallmarks of a healthy pie: A whole-grain crust, whether that’s a ball of whole-wheat or cornmeal dough that you grab from the deli case, or a vegg-ified version that you make yourself. A lower-in-fat cheese, which could be part-skim mozzarella or ricotta. Lean protein, such as chicken and shrimp, to replace that neon pepperoni. And as many colorful veggies (and herbs!) as you can jam into the sauce and sprinkle on top.

Take a slice out of these delicious recipes, which show just how easy and healthy homemade pizza can be. There’s a classic meat-and-peppers pie for carnivores, a creamy ricotta pie with an option to put an egg on it, and proof that—yes!—you can put broccoli on pizza, and it’s really, really good.

3 Healthy Pizza Recipes

“Sausage” Pizza with Peppers & Onions


Mushroom Pizza with Eggs & Herbs


Green Pizza with Broccoli & Black Olives

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