Pro Boxer Miguel Cotto Gets Into Fighting Shape with Fitbit Surge


Days away from defending his World Boxing Council (WBC) middleweight world champion title, professional boxer Miguel Cotto is calm and in control. The Fitbit Ambassador and avid Fitbit Surge fan has been sparring in the ring to perfect his strategy for the upcoming match against Saul “Canelo” Alvarez—and he has never felt more ready. Here, Cotto shares the secrets to his fight prep.

What does a typical day of training look like for you?

“I do two sessions per day, six days a week. Gavin [MacMillan, my strength and conditioning coach] and I start at 5:00am and put in a minimum of two hours working out. Then we come in again later, and spend the afternoon with [my coach] Freddie Roach. Freddie has me sparring three days a week—Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. And I spend another three days each week focusing on technique and strategy with Freddie.”

What do you do in between the morning workout and the afternoon session?

“I try to fit in a nap and eat a healthy meal between the morning and afternoon sessions, so I’m ready to work hard in the afternoon. I also spend time with my family whenever I can. I train six days a week, and it’s important to me to see my family and close friends during downtime.”

Freddie Roach recently told media you will be the “fitter fighter” on November 21. How has he made sure of this?

“Freddie and I do a lot of mitt work in the ring. When it comes to sparring, we don’t hold anything back at [my gym] Wild Card. I’ve worked with four sparring partners during this training camp, and in one single session I can see all four of them. They are all professional boxers that Freddie has selected for me in preparation for my fight.“

“I like to work hard and my sparring partners are helping me get to 100 percent for November 21. We want to get as close as possible to the real thing during training. I received many questions on Media Day regarding a black eye I got during sparring. Like I said, we don’t hold back. I’m a boxer, and that’s a normal part of what I do to get ready for a big fight.”

“Aside from Freddie, my strength and conditioning coach Gavin prepares me to be in the best condition possible with workouts created for the gym and the pool. He makes sure that he doesn’t take away any valuable time with Freddie by maximizing our strength and conditioning exercises—they’re efficient and also effective.”

How has your Fitbit Surge helped you train in the weeks leading up to Saturday?

“A significant amount of my training is done outside of the ring, and I’ve been wearing my Fitbit Surge during all of my strength and conditioning workouts to monitor my stats. I wear it when I’m on the fitness bicycle, jump roping, stretching, strength training, shadow boxing, and hitting speed and heavy bags. I can see that my heart is working more efficiently because of all the hard work and dedication I’ve been putting into my two workouts each day.”

“My Fitbit Surge also provides me with real-time feedback that I can share with my team in case we need to make adjustments, though not much has changed with my regimen during this training camp. Ultimately, I leave any adjustments in the hands of my coaches, Freddie and Gavin. I’m very confident with the plan they put in place for me to be successful.”

Have you been keeping track of your steps?

“Yes, I have been keeping track of my steps with my Fitbit Surge. Typically I average about 12,000 per day, but during the last 8 weeks of training it’s been closer to 20,000 per day!”

You’re known for being a tough opponent with a hard, some say, “superhuman,” punch. Where does that strength come from?

“Power comes from the ground. Because your legs are connected to the ground, they are responsible for pushing off the ground to create power throughout your body. This is why balance, pivoting, and rotating are so important in boxing—they are all ways of keeping your feet pushing off of the ground to generate power.”

Do you have a mantra that you repeat to yourself when you’re in the ring?

“I really just think about winning and the strategy my coaches and I have for the fight. We put in a lot of work strategizing for opponents, so I like to think about movements and combinations we focused on, and try to visualize the fight in my head.”


Miguel Cotto will defend his WBC world middleweight title against Canelo on November 21 at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV.

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