15 Simple Swaps that Save Major Calories

15 simple swaps to save calories

A handful of chips here, a drizzle of honey there … wait, how many extra calories were in that latte you just had? Somehow more calories than you intended to eat seem to creep into your day—a very frustrating scenario if you’re trying to stick to a daily calorie target. The facts: most people are eating way too much added sugar and saturated fat, and nearly everyone could benefit from eating more fresh fruits and veggies. Serving for serving, sugar and fat contain exponentially more calories than non-starchy fruits and vegetables, so one of the quickest (and easiest!) ways to lower your counts is by changing the balance on your plate. But when you’re keeping track of your intake, it’s also helpful to know specifically which foods to look out for and to understand portion sizes.

Fortunately, once you start spotting calorie bombs, it’s easy to come up with substitutions and solutions. Here are 15 simple swaps, that can help you dramatically cut back on calories.

Instead of a large pumpkin spice latte, size down and make it skinny. Definitely lose the syrup and whip, but you could keep a pinch of nutmeg, for holiday flair.

Instead of a blueberry muffin, stir fresh or frozen blueberries into your oatmeal. A sprinkle of cinnamon wouldn’t hurt, either.

Instead of a bagel for breakfast, grab a whole-wheat English muffin and opt for a low-fat spread.

Instead of a deli sandwich with the works, make it a wrap with extra veggies.

Instead of a soda, get your caffeine kick from unsweetened iced tea.

Instead of chewy fruit-flavored candy, satisfy your sweet tooth with fresh fruit.

Instead of crackers and cheese, snack on veggies and hummus.

Instead of neon cheesy corn chips, crunch on plain popcorn with parmesan and pepper.

Instead of filling your plate with pasta, toss in some zucchini noodles.  

Instead of mashed potatoes, let cauliflower stand in.

Instead of a thick slice of pepperoni pizza, order a thin slice of veggie pizza.

Instead of fatty steak, flip it for firm white fish.

Instead of ground beef, power up with plant protein from lentils.  

Instead of indulging in ice cream, go for frozen yogurt.

Instead of a glass (or two!) of white wine, sip on sparkling water with a squeeze of lemon.

These are just a few quick and easy swaps. Start food logging in the Fitbit app, and you’re sure to spot so many more places where you could cut back. Try it for a few days, and notice which foods and what portion sizes are driving up your counts.

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