Introducing Challenges, a New Way to Step It Up with Friends

Challenges Dashboard

If you’re on the competitive end of your Fitbit friend list—someone who constantly stays up-to-date with where you stand on the leaderboard, cheering (or taunting!) your friends along the way—you’re going to love Fitbit Challenges.

Challenges allow you to start a friendly competition and invite your friends and family to get more steps, support each other, and reach your goals! There are four different types of challenges you can start:

Daily Showdown: Use your determination to take home the win in this fitness face off by taking the most steps in a day.

Weekend Warrior: Add a little winning to your relaxing weekend by taking the most steps between Saturday and Sunday.

Workweek Hustle: Reach your goals and get a whole lot of step cred by being the top contender in this Monday to Friday step bender.

Goal Day: Get your game face on and commit to fit by doing what it takes to hit your daily step goal.

You’ll get updates on where you stand along the way to help motivate you even more, and you can send messages to the whole group right through the Challenge dashboard. Best of all, it’s available right now in the Fitbit app!

Get going, and join the conversation below to share your challenge stats and stay-focussed tips!

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  • There should be a floors challenge. I also wish there was also ways to make custom challenges. Any news on if there are going to be updates on that?

    • Thanks for your suggestion. We currently don’t have any announcements on this. However, another user has shared the same idea on our Feature Suggestions Board. To view, vote and comment on the idea, click here. We appreciate your feedback!

  • The challenges are great and very motivating.

    Can you extend the timeframe for the goal day to have a week option or create a week goal challenge. A week option would help complement the workweek hustle for challenges among friends with different step goals. The friends we challenge in the workweek hustle are at different fitness levels and the person with the highest goal (and fitness levels) always wins. It would be great if the challenge was who consistently beat their goal each week or an aggregate of +/- steps to your goal.
    I’m happy to discuss this idea further if needed.

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