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We’re finally shipping these things!

Confirmation emails will start going out Friday, September 25th and first units will be available for shipping out of our warehouse on Tuesday, September 29th via USPS Priority.

You must confirm your order to receive your Fitbit. You’ll have 1 week to confirm your order. The email will contain a link to a confirmation page where you’ll also be able to securely update your shipping and billing information in case it’s changed. Your credit card will only be charged *when your unit ships*.

Not everyone will receive their confirmation emails on Friday. In general, you’ll receive your email when your unit arrives at our warehouse. 10% of orders will be fulfilled during the first week and all orders will be fulfilled by the end of October based on the current pace of manufacturing.

The website will be open to everyone on Tuesday, the 29th. We’ll be continuously adding new features to the website and device, so stay tuned to this blog.

Thanks everyone for your patience!

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  • Great! Good work, guys.
    I am among the geographically challenged people in Europe. I know we will have a long wait to get these things over here, but I just want to remind you that you have a market here as well.

  • Please be up front and prompt on reporting problems and fixes. I’m sure many of us are watching and waiting to see how this goes before jumping in. I’m tired of always being the early adopter. It’s not tjhe mopney so much as the time. Fitbit is a really great idea and I’m hoping it’ll be worth working into my life.

  • Hooray! We ordered ours 9/10/08 so we’re finally looking forward to getting the new “toy”! Though it has been nice to put off the diet – “we’ll start once we get the fitbits” – it’s been a nice excuse!

  • Thanks for letting us watch the development process. The behind the scenes look has been most enlightining.

    And soon (at the lastest by Halloween), if everything proceeds on schedule I should have my fitbit.

  • I second the request for who is in the first 10%…cutoff date from when you ordered. That way I can know if I should get my hopes up or not of finally getting this thing a year after I ordered it.

  • nice to hear – I did not pre-order, but asked for e-mail when shipping could commence….so, what is the estimated timing on opening up order link again ?


  • As one of the fitbit hardware beta testers, I can say without a doubt that the fitbit is a great addition to my life.

    With the fitbit along with tracking my food intake on the website, I have lost 7 lbs. The website motivates you to monitor what and how much you eat, and the fitbit motivates you to get off the couch and get moving! They work hand in hand.

    I know once I get back to doing an actually workout routine, I will see more weight loss. The fitbit is allowing me to get 8 pounds closer to my prepreggo weight! :)

    I am pleased that others will be able to enjoy what we testers have been enjoying as well as TESTING…

    Definitely well worth the money, actually its worth exceeds the cost!

  • having beta tested the fitbit for the last month, i can honestly say it does not disappoint. i’m so excited that everyone else will soon be able to enjoy the fitbit as well! congratulations!

  • I am also interested in knowing who will get the units first. I am really hoping that they will be shipped out in the order in which we placed our orders. For those of us that have been waiting over a year, we’ve waited long enough. And I’d be incredibly upset if I found out someone that’s only been waiting 6 months got theirs before me. Please send us some information on this.

  • I have been beta testing the fitbit for a few weeks now, and I think you all will love it.

    I love that I can wear it just about anywhere on my body. It is accurate and discreet. For example, I wore it on my bra (between the cups) with a sun dress last weekend – and it was invisible! I don’t understand how it can track my steps ‘up there’ but it worked. Even with the comparative-size pictures on the website, you will still be surprised at just how tiny it is.

    Of course, since I am so excited about this product I am constantly showing it off – not hiding it.

    I find the sleep data particularly intriguing. In the beginning I was wasn’t getting ‘quality sleep’, which was not a surprise considering how tired I felt all the time. Implementing changes into my sleep habits (darker room, sound machine, etc.) has made measurable improvements on the site’s data/ charts, and I can feel the difference.

    The Fitbit website is very intuitive, gathers/ displays a plethora of data and is motivational.

    It hasn’t been very long, but I am already down one belt-loop and much more conscious of my lifestyle/ habits – the good, the bad and the ugly.

  • Thanks to all the testers giving your feedback. I have had mine on order since Oct 8 of last year and am eagerly anticipating adding it to my lifestyle. I dont know if I will be able to wait until Friday to see if I am the first 10%.

  • What a wonderful product this was to test. It’s going to amaze you all as it did me I’m certain on how advanced this little device is. I’m not sure how I could ever live without my fitbit now. I’m learning so much about me.

    Every time any of us would have a problem come up with our fitbit it was promptly worked on and fixed. I wonder if the fitbit managers ever sleep.

    Each morning is exciting to see how I’ve slept and now I know about how much sleep is best for me to function during the day.

    It’s a gift to see how many calories I burn which helped me to lose 9 pounds during the beta testing. I have the flu right now and I’m a comfort eater. My calorie burn is pretty low from my inactivity so I know to limit my comfort to only the calorie amount I’ve burned.

  • I’m happy it’s shipping too….just hope I get my before Walktober Fest starts here at work…..sounds like it will be an excellent motivation tool…..

  • Great to hear all the postive information from the beta testers. Presumably units have continued to be shipped to the US from the manufacturing plant for the last two months (since the first shipment at the end of July), so its a bit disappointing to hear only 10% of the preorders will be sent out in the initial shipment and it will take a full month to fulfill the rest. Crossing fingers that I’m early on that list!

    To the beta testers, was there anything you wished it would do and didn’t? Any surprising features?

  • I have been a fitbit tester for the last few weeks also. All i can say is WOW. I had doubts, but i love this thing now. I even put it on my 5 year old and counted 100 steps, and it was perfect. I was suprised to see my steps and really pay attention to my fitness level. It is accurate, easy to conceal (Even though i show it off more then conceal it). I cannot recommend this enough. I never owned a pedometer and never cared too. I love this thing and can’t imagine not having it. Greatest invention, accurate beyond my wildest dreams. Just amazing, great job guys.

  • Of course I can’t wait to get my Fitbit, but I’m just as excited to see the web site. Hopefully we can start building our page while waiting for the Fitbit to arrive. Thank you James for the update!

  • After reading the comments from the beta testers I”m even more excited to get my unit. I hope Im in the 10%. I ordered it in December last year. Would love to know where the 10% cut off is in the ordering dates so I dont get my hopes up too high.

  • Congratulations! Thanks to James for the timely and informational updates and the entire team for their efforts to ensure a quality product. Insight into the production process was a novel concept and much appreciated. While I’m just as anxious as the others to receive my fitbit, I understand that not all can be shipped at once and trust the fitbit team will be just as fair in the shipping process as they have been with including us in the production process. Thank you so much for your time and attention to detail. Wow, it is really happening! Kudos!

  • Congrats guys, this is awesome. The device looks amazing and I know everyone is crazy for it. I found fitbit late (only about a month ago) and it’s ridiculous just how rabidly I anticipate being able to get one. I don’t understand how some people were able to wait a year.
    I know you guys are limited in your ability to ship to other countries because of local laws and testing you have to do, but does this affect shipments to US military overseas? I desperately want one and will send it to my home address and have it forwarded if need be, but I don’t actually want to have to wait the extra few weeks for that. Just curious if I have to.
    Again, congratulations to you guys at fitbit and to the people receiving their fitbit.
    Here’s to the next great tech.

  • Something surprising, @john?

    hmm…. the size. Definetly smaller than you think. A bigger surprise, I have even forgot I was wearing it, occasionally entering secure areas with it on – and it hasn’t set off any alarms! Not that I encourage you to break rules, but whether walking through the metal detectors at the airport, entering stricter government buildings in DC, or being pat down for low-level security at concerts and sporting events, I haven’t run into any problems when I forget to take it off.

    Also, how comfortable the wrist band is for wearing the fitbit at night and measuring sleep. I thought it might bother me, but whatever material it is made of it is soft and weightless-feeling.

    Finally, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I am surprised that it manages to be accurate on steps, no matter where on your body you place it (trust me, I kept moving it around and testing becuase I couldn’t believe it!). Further, it is correct no matter the shoes I was wearing. I don’t know about other women, but in the past my pedometers were most accurate only when I was wearing the same type of shoes I wore to set the pedometer up. Fitbit is correct, whether I wear heels, tennis shoes or flip-flops. As Beta Tester @justin said, he moved it from himself to his 5 year old, and it automatically adjusted to the 5 years old stride to continue to be correct – without any effort/ set-up on your part.

  • I’m watching for that confirmation email :) Pre-ordered 2 for lasts years Christmas present last September. Luckily the wife was one and I the other hehehe.

  • I am so excited that the FitBit is about to ship. I hope I am in the 10% bracket.

    Has anyone have/used a BodyBugg device? I have one for about 2.5 years. I am going to do a side by side comparision of it with FB.

  • I echo all the comments of the other Beta testers…very happy with the product I have been testing…Looking forward to future enhancements on the website!

  • Can someone let us know where the cut off is for the first 10%? I’ve had my pre-order in for over 1 year and have waited patiently. Thanks.

  • Very cool – my hubby pre ordered one in october of last year as my Christmans gift – needless to say it would be wonderful if I could get last years gift this year!! Is there a way to make sure you still have us on the list (we’ve never heard a peep or email from you guys this whole long time)? His email is


    Hoping to be FitBiting soon (then I can get all my WLS friends to order up!)

  • Yea! I am sure the wait has been worth it!

    Thanks for letting us be part of your journey!

    Looking forward to using the Fitbit!

  • For the testers out there…does the unit differentiate between sleeping and taking it off (say to shower or swim)? Can’t wait to try it myself, I also ordered a year ago!

  • Hi

    My wife (Emily Barry) ordered my fitbit on 12/2/2008 from her email, so I’m not sure whether I will be able to confirm my order.

    My order number: yhst-912096915823273336

    Please let me know how I should proceed.

    Jim Barry

  • Okay, really excited now!! I’ll be watching my email constantly – now I’m just worrying “OMG, I DID type in my email right, didn’t I???”! Can’t wait to get hold of one of these!!!

  • Beta folks: how have you found the syncing and charging process? How long between charges? When do you charge it (seeing as you wear it when sleeping)

  • @James & Beta testers
    Does the fitbit record steps while you are in a car or on a motorcycle (if for instance you are on bumpy roads)? If so is there a way to prevent any steps from showing that you haven’t actually taken?

  • How about we start bidding to get a FitBit (for those like me who are not on the Sept/Oct preorder list). Highest bid wins with the amount over the retail price donated to charity by the FitBit Team. Come on FitBit Team let’s generate a buzz now that you’re product is shipping.

  • Wow, this is really exciting–both that you’re about to ship and glowing feedback from the testers.

    Testers (or James)–if I understand correctly, it lights up a little bit. Does that light ever show through your clothes?

  • @Laura, it only lights up when you press the button to check your steps, calories burned, the flower, the miles traveled

    @FM, a good time to charge is when you are going to be sedentary for at least an hour, like while watching tv on couch…or perhaps while you are in the shower and preparing for bed…. I haven’t had it die on me and I have gone a good 5 days or so between charges.

    @John, It was surprising how committed I became to watching my caloric intake once I they opened the website to us. Often I will check mhy fitbit and think about what I am going to eat. It definitely has stopped me from doing alot of mindless eating.

  • Unknown, try reading the blog post…

    “The email will contain a link to a confirmation page where you’ll also be able to securely update your shipping and billing information in case it’s changed.”

  • Great work!!

    I would like to know when is it arriving to Europe/Spain.

    Are you guys going to send it internationally? When?

    Thanks in advance,

    and congrats!!

  • The new website is great — I ordered mine last April so I suspect I’l be waiting awhile longer to get my fitbit — hearing all the good news from the beta testers —it’s been worth the wait though…It would be interesting to know just how many preorders there were in total!

  • I haven’t gotten an email yet. Has anybody? When did you pre-order? My confirmation email for my preorder is dated 9/13/08. Thanks!

  • Very excited! Pre-ordered mine in October, so I can’t wait!

    Love the comments from the beta testers. I guess I don’t understand how it knows how many miles you walked. In the past pedometers I had did it based on when I set it up what I put as my stride – and then when I tested it with a GPS or treadmill, it was always wrong.

    Thanks fitbit team. You guys are great!

  • Derek, Spain, Cristian: I’m sure that when they get to the international phase they’ll make an announcement. Right now they’ve only passed certification testing and whatnot here in the US.

    Stephanie: It’s only 9:37 Pacific time. Patience, like the rest of us. :)

  • Anyone else feel like it is Christmas? Am checking my e-mail like a little kid looking for the shipping confirmation….thank you to the beta testers who have left super helpful comments. Just makes my anticipation even greater…can’t wait to get my very own Fitbit.

    Thanks Eric and James – Congratulations on completing the final stages of production. Love the new web site…can’t wait till it is completely live.

  • I’m kind of excited but worried I made a mistake by putting in another order in July 09 to replace my order from September 18, 08 because my credit card number had changed. I corresponded with Eric and hopefully did not lose my place in line. I didn’t know I would have the opportunity to change my billing info later, otherwise I would have just kept my original order in the cue. Hoping sooner than later, however, I’m happy that at least I know I’ll be getting one sometime soon.

    Anyone gotten an e-mail yet?

  • This is the first I have heard of it, but it sounds amazing. The only question I have is how is it powered? Is it rechargeable on the station? How long does the battery last?

  • My pre-order date is: 10/15/2008. No email yet. Looking back at my pre-order made me laugh…. “Please note, we do not guarantee Christmas delivery.”

  • Ordered mine 4 October … no confirming email as yet.

    Can’t wait to get what I’m sure is going to be a premium product. Like the look of the website.

  • I was able to confirm my order but then it said

    There was a problem with your credit card. Please check that your card number, expiration date and security code are correct and try again.

    Then I got an automated call from my credit card company allowing me to authorize the charge…

    Who do I contact to confirm my order went through?

  • Hi everyone, we started sending out emails, as some of you have noticed.

    However, we found a bug in the confirmation system and our credit card gateway, so we’re temporarily stopping for about an hour.

    Sorry about this.

  • James, we are all anxiously awaiting our e-mails, not knowing who’s going to receive an e-mail today and who won’t. Please post the cutoff date for the first 10% you are shipping!

  • As others have already asked, it’d be interesting to know when the cut-off for the “First 10%” of orders is as far aswhich orders will be fulfilled today.
    I obviously don’t expect you guys to name every person who will make the cut here (or anywhere else), but a rough date like “most people who ordered prior to xx/xx/08 will have their orders shipped in the first round” would be awesome!
    Further information like “following that, orders placed prior to xx/xx/08 should be shipped by the 10/xx/09” or whatever would also be cool!
    I know we should just wait, but like everyone else, I’m impatient to get my hands on this cool new gadget! =)
    Thanks =)

  • Ok. the confirmation emails are going out again and the confirmation system is back up.

    I’m really sorry, not to ignore all of you, but we are a bit rushed today managing logistical details…very roughly, we had a huge peak last September, so the cutoff is somewhere in there.

    That said, you’re all going to get your units soon, relatively speaking :) and you all can play around with site until then.

    more details to come.

  • @Ryan or anyone who got an email confirmation today, that would be so helpful if you could let us know when you ordered yours. It might give us a better timeline of when to expect ours. Thanks so much if you can help.

    I ordered mine on 9/18/08, but I didn’t receive a confirmation yet. So I’m thinking you must have ordered super early. So excited! But it sounds like I’ll be waiting till end of October, bummer.

  • To @Ed…

    Answering your question “Further information like “following that, orders placed prior to xx/xx/08 should be shipped by the 10/xx/09? or whatever would also be cool!” would probably be difficult for these guys since they can’t be sure of the exact number of people that are going to confirm their orders. I wouldn’t expect a high rate of cancellation from most people who preordered, but who knows ……

  • My order date is 9/14 and no confirmation has come yet. They must have filled up fast after that first TechCrunch story back on 9/9!

  • Hate to tell you this but I placed my order 9/13/08 and STILL have not gotten an email. I am certain I must be in the top 10% but have not heard anything yet. This is crazy……….

  • I have a confirmation date of 9/10/08 which is pretty early in the month and still haven’t received an email yet. So frustrating! But exciting!

  • So does the base station have to be connected to a computer that is on in order to upload the data to, or can the base station just communicate directly to my router?

  • I ordered Sept 10 and i just got my email at 5:54 PST.

    (hope that info helps those like me who obsessively checked comments all day long to determine if they were in the first group)

  • @ Meryl, for the sleep function, you press and hold the button to tell it you’re going to sleep. then when you wake up, you press and hold again to tell it you’re awake. i think other settings are being worked on, but that’s how it has been working currently. i’ve only a few times accidentally set it to ‘sleep’ during my day, but it still counted my steps since it was quite obvious i was walking, not sleeping 😀

    @FM, it syncs every 15 minutes when you’re close to your computer with the base station plugged in. i turn my computer on in the morning after breakfast, and as soon as i log into windows, the fitbit syncs right up. it’s all wireless, you just have to be within about 15 to 20 feet of the base station with your computer on, then it will sync every 15 minutes

    @JHeckathornand, the base station is where you charge the fitbit. charging takes about an hour, hour and a half, so definitely do it when you’re sitting still for a while, like watching a movie, or surfing the net, or eating dinner, etc.. i wear mine even on my bathrobe in the morning to count steps while i’m stumbling around getting breakfast, and i check my steps like crazy, but somehow that battery has held up very well, i’ve never had it die on me.

    i can honestly say i have been loving the fitbit. not only does it count your calories from steps walking, it also can tell the difference between short, slow walks (like from the couch to the kitchen, or desk to break room, etc), longer walks, faster walks, and running. the website shows you how active you were, and it adjusts your calorie burn accordingly.

    not only that.. it counts your sedentary caloric burn, based on your personal data from setup. so when you add in logging your food from the entire day, you get a real good idea of how much you eat vs how much you burn.

    trust me, this is well worth the wait, so even if you’re not in the first 10%, just be patient. i’m definitely glad they’ve been working to make sure everything is as perfect as possible so we don’t all get buggy fitbits.

  • Uggg! Just tried to confirm the order and update my order and I’m getting the same credit card error they were having trouble with earlier and supposedly fixed – this is so frustrating!

  • It has been a long wait since I became order # yhst-91209691582327-622 on September 10, 2008, but I just received my confirmation e-mail at 5:51 PM PST on 25 September, 2009 for shipment on September 29. Though, I had also ordered one on 11 October, 2008, I just preordered a third Fitbit.


  • Ok – awesome customer service – they were able to fix the problem very quickly. The system was showing a credit card error but it was actually my zip code being off. Order is confirmed for delivery – such a great company!

  • I ordered one on 17 Sep 2008 at 12:13, and do not have a confirmation as of yet… hopefully any minute. I don’t have all night to keep checking my email!


  • Hmm. According to my notes I preordered one in July, but nowhere in my email archive can I find an order confirmation.

    I wonder how I figure out if the order ever went through, or if I need to place a new one at the end of the queue?

  • Ordered my 2back on 9/10 and just was able to confirm my order! As MuddyPawz above said I was getting the same CC error problem and it was also my zip code that was wrong. It was missing the 0 at the beginning. Can’t wait for these to arrive!

  • I got the confirmation email, but I’m not going to post my order date because I don’t want to have someone say, “hey, I ordered before he did and I didn’t get the confirmation email” …or something like that. Outside of determining an approximate cut off date, it doesn’t really help the already high expectations of most of the responses, imho. All I will say is that I ordered within a week after the techcrunch post.

    I don’t think a hard cut-off can be announced because I’m sure that James and company have run into a fair number of issues with the pre-orders. Some will have out of date information (telephone number, email address, etc); some will have changed their mind about the usefulness of the fitbit; and some will have different personal circumstances than they had when they ordered. I don’t think it would be possible to predict how many of the orders won’t be completed due to these factors.

    Many thanks to the beta testers that have been posting their experiences. I must admit my excitement has always been tempered with lowered expectations since most new gadgets don’t always deliver on their claims. It’s been good to hear that this product doesn’t disappoint but that it instead goes above and beyond your expectations.

    Also, I’d want to say thanks to the developers for their hard work. I’m very much looking forward to using the fitbit to learn more about my daily habits.

  • Been a beta tester for the last few weeks and as many of the others have said… very cool device/website.

    First thing that surprised me was how small it was. I knew it was small… but this thing is pretty tiny. It’s great because it can go anywhere and you don’t have to worry about having it on your belt or straight up and down.

    It’s been very cool to see where the device/website was and where it is now, everytime i would have suggestions (and i had plenty… trying to make this thing great for everyone 😉 they would fix it or look into it- Looking at the progress they made in the few weeks i know everyone was waiting I can say these guys/gals have REALLY been working hard.

    This is a first gen unit but i can say that the Fitbit team is actually concerned with the end user which is a big difference from the ‘competitors’. I’ve had a few other devices and when i ask about something or suggest improvements i was often met with a ‘that’s the way it is’ message. which made me feel like i was being forced to fit a device that wasn’t made with me in mind.

    I saw a question about the charging, it does take about an hour… so while your sitting and watching tv or reading a book or doing HW you can put it on the base station (I usually only have to do it about once a week or so, but it depends how often your lighting this thing up to check your stats and i’m sure how active you are).

    If you have any questions feel free to ask :)

  • Ordered mine on 9/13/08 and I was not one of the lucky ones to receive a email. Oh well, I thought I would have been one of the 1st 10% but guess not. Still looking forward to getting this. Congrats on getting this done, I am sure it has been a lot of long days and nights…

  • Wow! I ordered mine on 5/4/09. I didnt realize how far down in the chain I am until you guys started throwing out your order dates! I also just ordered a second one tonight. I know once my hubby sees mine, he will want one too!

  • To all who are trying to see where they fall in on the cutoff date – My pre-order was confirmed 9/12/08 and I have not received my email as of today (September 30).

  • Hey any idea on the approximate time that this cool little device might appear in Australia? I’ll be buying one when it turns up for sure :). Great website too by the way even without the device it’s great for tracking everything and the food database is unreal…..but please start shipping it ‘downunder’ soon?

  • Ordered on 9/15/08 and still no email. I thought. I would have been one of the earlier orders but still no email….

  • I ordered mine 10/15/08. I haven’t received an email yet either. Trying to be patient, but it’s been a long time since I placed my order, but really looking forward to getting mine.

  • I just read on the community site that they had a huge amount of orders between Sept 9-11 of last year and that was where the first 10% fell. They are still promising to get all preorders out by the end of October. I ordered mine Oct 3rd and am dying to get it. I have already started logging my food and activities so I get used to the website.

  • @James
    Could you let us know when the 2nd round of email will go out. I ordered 10-9-08 and am desperately looking for my email.

    @ Everyone
    Has anyone who ordered sometime after September 08 received an email?

  • I am wondering if it is true, when you order a new one is says that new orders will start shipping 10/31. That would mean that all of these preorders should ship by about that time too?
    I am excited and would love to receive mine that soon but i am not hopeful that I will actually receive it before Christmas time. I orginally ordered mine in March 2009.

    I apreciate all of the work the fitbit guys have been doing and would prefer they work out the bugs, etc before they ship so i understand. But I still feel like a kid at Christmas anxiously waiting for my toy, I am excited!

  • How can I confirm that I have pre-ordered? I think I ordered either 3 or 5 and have not heard anything yet.

  • I ordered on 9/15/08 and still no email. I thought I would have been included in the first batch of orders but apparently not. Is there any update on this? Been waiting over a year for something that was initially promised by Christmas ’08. When will a second round of emails go out for shipping?

  • I am way way way eager to get my confirmation email and have my fitbit in hand. i am envious of you who have it to play with but I am patient and will be ever so thankful once my day comes. Thank you Thank you..

    Any idea of shipment dates? Projected or idea of when you hope to have all the preorders done?

  • Any chance the FitBit web site will have a mobile interface for PDA’s so that we can enter food log info when on the go?

  • I ordered mine on 9/18/2008. Still haven’t received an email, but it appears to be going in order and I’ll get an email to confirm soon.

    Looking forward to getting both the email and my Fitbit!

  • I know I shouldn’t complian but I ordered mine 9-10 and got the email and confirmed my order and was so happy…except it says it is on backorder and hasn’t actually shipped :-( my friend ordered hers same day and confirmed and it shipped out Tuesday, I think.

    So apparently some of the people in the first 10% pre-orders are still on backorder.

    I appreciate everything you guys are doing to get this thing shipped out. I want my fitbit! :-)

  • Ugh! Me and my friend ordered ours on sept 10 and hers got delivered yesterday and mine is on back order!! Just frustrated, I really want mine. I know you are doing the best you can

  • Congrats on your launch! It’s exciting to see innovative new products like this one hit the market, and even more so to see a tech company blog about the nitty-gritty of the development process in such detail… Keep up the great work!

    I’d like to add my voice to those requesting Linux host-side support. As a software engineer myself I realize that porting to a new platform is no small task, but there are definitely examples of the Linux user base generating a surprisingly large number of sales. I’m also into health and fitness, and an avid runner and cyclist, so I am looking forward to purchasing a FitBit once a host app (even a minimal one) is available. If you need a beta tester, I will gladly help out!

  • Kevin: I ordered mine on September 13, 2008 also and I haven’t recieved my email yet either. Hope it helps you to know you aren’t alone!

  • Just got mine in the mail today. Beautiful design, great packaging, and easy setup. Congratulations on bringing this thing to life! :)

  • I received my Fitbit and it is actually pretty great! Thank you very much! As a side note, if you use gmail and contacted the Fitbit team for support make sure it didn’t “collapse” and hide an entire response from them. ;D

  • So glad to hear the FitBit is finally available. I preordered mine some months ago, but don’t have a confirmation number. You did respond to my last correspondence to you changing my e-mail address. You have my Mastercard number on file, and I’ll be looking for an e-mail from you soon.

  • Know your really, really, busy getting these things out!! Appreciate all the effort and am anxiously awaiting mine. Can you give a quick blog update on what date you are at for the pre-orders?

  • Hi, How about an update on how far along you are?

    I ordered back in July so I know that there are a lot of people ahead of me but maybe a countdown by month shipped would be nice

  • What order date emails are being mailed out now? My order date is October 4, 2008.
    How can new orders be filled starting Oct. 31 when approximately 13 months of back orders have not been filled. Just curious.
    Is everyone at the company working on all tasks to hurry to satisfy the orders? Namely is there a lot of expediting? Is this effective?
    Just thinking “out loud” and wishing I could help do the tasks more effectively since this is what I teach.

  • @James – Any update on which order dates have been fulfilled? Have you completed September 2008 pre-orders? October? I was a lagered and didn’t order my 2 units until 12/12/08…sigh…

  • Awesome.. I am thrilled that a product I came across last year and believed in as it went thru beginning stages of development is now ON THE MARKET… HOW COOL!!!

    I’m excited for all involved in the Fitbit and I can’t wait to get mine. I will be gifting it to my wonderful boyfriend, fortunately he now lives with me so I can check out this very cool product and beg him to purchase one also for me!! :-)

    Love it, I can’t wait!

    Thanks guys!

  • Per the Others, I ordered mine Sept 8th, 2008 and was told I’m in about the middle of the pack for pre-orders. Very Much looking forward to getting and using mine along side my wife (I ordered 2) to monitor our sleep patterns and activity levels.



  • @James ~

    Your website for new orders says the following message:

    “We are currently filling pre-orders, and will start filling new orders October 31st. We will not charge your credit card until we ship your order. ”

    Does this mean you plan to have all pre-orders filled and out to customers before October 31st? I know I placed my preorder later in this game but an update would be appreciated please.

  • Also, can anyone tell me does the FitBit just monitor how many hours of sleep you get, or does it tell you what stage sleep too? I haven’t been able to figure this out (but I’m not very technical).

  • I am just curious how orders are going through. Are we on the second or third round of shipments yet?
    I can’t wait for this thing to come.

  • I can’t find my original e-mail from when I ordered, but it was right after the TechCrunch announcement. I haven’t gotten a confirmation e-mail either. Should I just go ahead and RE-order?

    Also: signed up and LOVE the food/weight tracking. Just a random idea: how about a customizable widget that people can embed in their blog, Facebook, etc. to show average steps per day/week or weight loss or sleep stats or whatever?

  • Can anyone give an update of where they are at with FitBit deliveries? e.g. If you just received your FitBit email, can you please let us know when you got the email and when you originally ordered it? Thanks!

  • Received mine on Oct 15, ordered on Spet 18, 2008. I must say, very slick product. Design is excellent, setup was a breeze and it works like a charm. Even the packaging was nice. Hats off to you guys, you can tell they put alot of work into the details and the time it took was worth the wait. A couple people asked what I was playing with while I was at a gathering last night and when I showed them what is was and how it worked, they were very interested. Congrats, you guys have a winner on your hands.

  • I ordered 9/15/08 and just received mine in the mail yesterday. The confirmation email was sent Wednesday of last week. Hope this helps!

  • An update on order fufillment would be most appreciated !! My doctor is really riding me to lose weight and it seems this would be a great weapon in the battle…..

  • I just saw this on Wired and was so excited!

    I’m a climber / office worker, so I instantly started wondering how I’d stack up.

    Unfortunately, my only desktop is a linux machine, so I was wondering if anyone had a chance to test this with WINE / Crossover?


  • they aren’t out of september yet. people on the forum with 9/15/08 order dates are just reporting confirmation messages. anyone can join go to no official updates yet on what % of the total this represents but ‘a lot’ of the orders were right after the techcrunch I guess so maybe once we hit some oct 08 dates we’ll see some rapid progress…

  • I just ran across the review off of Wired and am very excited!

    However, I’m a Linux guy, so going to have to hold on for a client (please oh please!)

  • Everyone,

    I really apologize for the lack of updates on this blog.

    I know you’ve been asking for an update on shipping. Currently, we’re not going to be able to deliver all pre-order units by Oct 31.

    There’s a few reasons:

    1. The pre-order confirmation rate has been much higher than we expected

    2. Two unrelated firmware issues if you’ve been following our forums:

    The first is that updating these units at our warehouse has been really slow; much much slower than we originally thought: unboxing, flashing, reboxing, etc. We’ve been working non-stop to get these flashed and shipped out.

    The second issue is that we had to slow down our ship output in the past week due to a problem with some units getting programmed with duplicate serial numbers. You might have seen some customers talk about this issue in the forums. People would go through the setup process only to find that their fresh from factory unit was already been linked to some else’s account.

    So the bottom line is that based on our current rate of output, all orders placed by Nov 1 last year will get their order confirmation email by the end of November. Note: It’s very possible that we’ll exceed that. My estimate is based by just drawing a straight flat line out to the end of November. I expect our ship rate to increase as time goes by. I’ll have an update for all post Nov 1 pre-orders in a couple weeks when we have a updated sense of our ship rate increase. We are working very hard to get things done by Christmas.

    We’re also working on making our firmware upgrade tool bulletproof so that you all can choose to update these yourself. We might ask a bunch of you to beta test the tool in a bit.

    In the meantine, we’ve been focused on making sure that existing customers get excellent and responsive support and we’ll make sure that continues


  • Thanks for the update, James. I’m glad you’re taking the time to do it right. I’d love to help beta test the firmware upgrade tool!

  • Thanks for the update James. It’s good to know where the shipping issues are and expectations. If you need a tester for the update tool on the Mac platform, I’ll be more than happy to help!

  • Don’t you hate it when things don’t go exactly as planned….well that’s life. I’m getting so anxious to get mine. I have no idea when I placed my order. Thanks for the updates. I’d love to beta test.

  • Thanks for the update. As others have said I would be glad to assist with the beta test. I have a Macbook Pro and also a Dell so I have the equipment for windows vista or snow leopard OS available.

  • The fitbit looks really neat. I would love one but all of my computers run Linux. Any chance for a Linux client?


  • The services you deliver are really interesting and I am pleased to be able to use the web application to experience Fitbit.

    Being a Linux desktop user (and it is my profession too), I would love to be able to extend that experience to my desktop OS just like Mac OS and Windows users have.

    I would actually be happy to help make this happen. Please let us know how we can help.

    Best regards and thanks for the great idea,

  • Hi folks!

    Congratulations for the great job you’ve done with Fitbit. Really inspiring.

    Little question: is there a roadmap for Linux support?

    Thanks !!!

    David Gil

  • I too am an all linux user. Given any international sales expectations, linux will have to be supported. Surprised there hasn’t been enough push in the US for that to happen already.

  • I really enjoy using my fitbit to help me track my fitness, it’s definitely an awesome product!! Good job guys!

    To make an awesome product even better, could we also integrate one more feature? Can we get driver support for linux? I have a NAS system running a linux variant (as well as another one running FreeNAS), it would be awesome to have some kind of support for that, where I can just plug it into the NAS and keep it running with out any problems!

    Thanks guys and keep up the good work!

    — Anthony

  • Just got a link to your site from a Linked-In colleague, he raved about Fitbit. I’d have bought two today, one for me, one for my wife, if there was a Linux client. Let me know when you have one please.

  • Count me in with those who love to see Linux support. I received a Fitbit as a gift and would really love to use it as intended, but if that mean running Windows or Mac it just won’t be possible for me.

    Seeing how far back the comments go and knowing there still is no such support, I’m not that optimistic. Hopefully I will be proven wrong.

  • Would appreciate a Linux client, but would really like source with a nice INSTALL script for all distributions :)


  • Hi folks,

    Physical activity researcher, competitive cyclist and triathlete, Linux user.

    Are you going to be adding Linux support for this? I really don’t want to have to boot into Windoze in order to download data.

    Please do this, many of my fellow researchers also use Linux and this is a current stumbling block.


    Greg May

  • I love my FitBit, and I’ve referred three other people who have all bought them. Linux support would be a huge help, though – a lot of my other friends in the early-adopter community use it exclusively!

  • Linux support would enable me to buy two. (One for myself, and one for my wife).
    It looks like the opensource libfit library is still not a great solution for Linux users.

    Do you have any plans on this?
    (This looks like a super cool product!)

  • This product looks great, but I really wish it worked on Linux machines. Is there any possibility of this happening? Thanks!

  • I’d also like to add my voice to the people requesting a Linux client or even a supported installation process via WINE. I have a FitBit and would love to use it through my Linux laptop, but unfortunately that doesn’t yet seem to be possible.

    Please consider this! It’s the perfect fitness device for geeks and many geeks use Linux! I guarantee: Announce Linux support, firehose to Slashdot, thousands or even a million units will sell almost immediately (so long as your shopping cart software can handle the load).


  • I am a Ubuntu Linux and Fitbit user. Please provide support for FitBit on Linux. It would be greatly appreciated and would make it easier for me to use FitBit

  • Are there plans for a Linux version of the software? Would really love to have my linux server which is online 24/7 be able to sync my fitbit as well as my girlfriends fitbit. Would save some time having to plug in the base unit to our laptops when we needed to sync.

  • I have received a fitbit and withings scales as part of a health and fitness drive at work. I work in the ICT as a UNIX/Linux consultant and personally have a Linux laptop at hand. Dear Fitbit, could you see your way to creating drivers and client programs for the Linux community?

  • I bought my wife a Fitbit in January, but haven’t been able to get the software to run in the Windows emulator (Wine) in Linux. She was able to use it briefly, before our son moved out with his Windows laptop. The rest of our computers run Linux Mint with Wine, and I’ve tried to install a couple versions of the program in Wine with no success. We would greatly appreciate it if Fitbit could iron out the glitches that keep it from installing in Wine, as would I’m sure many other Linux users.

  • I’m interested in purchasing at least one, maybe two, but only if it supports Linux. Please let me know if/when a Linux client will be available.

  • I have one but only can sync it via my colleagues’ Mac machines. It would be very nice to ba able to do so under (OpenSuSE) Linux as well.

    kind regards

  • Have heard many good things. Would buy if Linux were supported (even if I had to build it myself) – I don’t own a Mac or Windows device.

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