Should You Really Take 10,000 Steps A Day?

Fitbit starts everyone off with a 10,000-step goal, and here’s why: It adds up to about five miles each day for most people, which includes about 30 minutes of daily exercise—satisfying the CDC’s recommendation of at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. Thing is, 10,000 steps per day might not make sense for you. You may need to nab more if you want to lose a certain amount of weight, or take fewer steps if you’re new to fitness or recovering from an injury. Your step goal can vary depending on your needs, and it can also shift over time. Here’s how to set it right for you.

Your fitness goal: General Fitness Gains

Your plan: If you’re new to exercise or returning from injury, you’ll want to start slowly to avoid burnout or further injury. Wear a Fitbit tracker and determine how many steps you take on average each day over the course of a week. That’s your baseline. The Mayo Clinic recommends adding 1000 daily steps each week, so if your baseline is 4000 steps per day, set your goal at 5000 steps each day. Meeting your goal may be as simple as an extra five-minute walk, or even parking a few cars further away at the supermarket, depending on your speed and stride.

Your fitness goal: Weight Loss

Your plan: First, determine how much weight you wish to lose—then, do a little math. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends slow weight loss for lasting results—usually 1/2 pound to one pound per week. Completing an extra 10,000 steps each day typically burns about 2000 to 3500 extra calories each week. One pound of body fat equals 3500 calories, so depending on your weight and workout intensity, you could lose about one pound per week simply by completing an extra 10,000 steps each day.

Your fitness goal: Health Maintenance

Your plan: Once you have met your desired goals, you may simply want to maintain your fitness level. The 10,000-step goal could be just right for you—and the benefits of a 30-minute daily stroll are nearly boundless, from slowing mental decline and lowering blood pressure, to improving sleep and relieving depression. One study out of California State University showed that mood lifted in correlation with increased numbers of daily steps, and researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health found that 30 minutes of walking each day cut stroke risk by a minimum of 20%. Of course, you’ll also burn calories and fat, and if outside, enjoy an extra dose of sunny vitamin D while you’re at it.

Ready to adjust your step goal? Click into your Fitbit app on your mobile device, tap Account, scroll down to Goals, choose Activity, and then tap Steps to set the number that makes sense for you. You can also visit your Fitbit dashboard on your computer, hover over Steps to reveal the Settings icon, click Activity Goals, and then set the number of steps.

What’s your perfect number? Tell us all about your ultimate step goal and join the conversation below.

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  • I have been working hard to reach my 10000 step a day goal but UT is not in a 30 minute increments. It is throughout the day and I am wondering if I am not getting the benefit of calorie burn as I would be if I were doing it in the increments?

      • I find the Fitbit hard to understand. Can you tell me the settings I should have it on to help me understand.? Water, miles and anything else that will help me understand it

          • I am not Sue but I just got my Fitbit Flex2 setup yesterday and any info you can give me will be greatly appreciated. I am handicapped from Rheumatoid arthritis and most of my exercising in the pool. Aquatherapy has really helped me so far. I do walk with a walker but unable to stand for very long-today when my fitbit buzzes I get up and walk in the apartment but I don’t think I will ever hit 10,000. We started out with a setting of 3,000 and I will be thrilled if I ever meet that. How does this work in the pool with exercising? I rarely swim, it’s mostly just water therapy. Anyway any assistance will be appreciated.

        • I find it hard to understand also.can manage miles steps and sleep other than that iam lost.cod you have to put in Al different food each time consuming.

        • Hello Lara,
          I love my new fitbit Alta. I have been using it for 3 weeks now. I started with the fitbit zip to track my steps. The only thing I do not like or have on my fitbit Alta is the steps I take each day. It only shows you 5.9k. Or 10,000 steps bussing you whatever you set.
          I need the display in steps as I am in retail and on my feet all day. Walking, climbing ladders, up and down on my knees. Constant motion. Why is the fitbit alta not showing this? It shows only on my phone app. Am I missing something? Thanks Linda

        • I just bought fitbit alta and yes am sttuggling to understand it too. I wish there was someone online face to face to help me out.

          • go to their web site . They will explain everything that you want to know about your device.

          • Go to their web site and find help chat line. Then a real person will sort your problem by exchanging messages. It’s slow but I like it that way.

    • Pam, you’re still getting benefits, so don’t stop! It’s actually been shown to be beneficial to your metabolism to spread your activity throughout the day. Google “NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis)”… where “non-exercise” means “non-weightlifting/sports”–walking totally qualifies as NEAT. I credit my Fitbit’s “move every hour” reminders with making it easy for me to lose weight without any other drastic changes in my life (average 1.5# per week so far)… so keep it up!

      P.S. Are you Austin-based by chance? =D

      • reading the above post is helpful. I have a fitbit charge 2 for 1 day so far! does this have a move every hour reminder and a water reminder? if not which model does. Thank you. sue

        • Forgot Blaze, has everything, from tracking your water intake, your sleep, heart rate and cool down. Reminders for everything, workouts you can have at your wrist. A little pricey but we’ll worth it if your serious about your steps, and getting healthy, even has help with diet and which exercises to do when and for what. Now that I understand my sleep I’ve been getting much more meaningful sleep, it’s the best one I’ve had.

      • marie, my mom walked 30 minutes every day until she was 85 years. do as much as your body lets you is my motto at 54 yrs. of course, check with your doctor!

        • Thank you! I just met a 93 year old woman she walks everyday. A great inspiration. I am on my 3rd day of 10,000 steps. I feel firmer.

        • There is a 85 year old lady in our area who started running at 79 without ever having exercised before. She did it as she was told she had osteoporosis. She now uns half marathons (doing amazing time) and a race every weekend. She gets up at 5 to exercise for an hour and she still teaches music at a school to finance her costs for petrol, running gear, race entries etc. She runs most days. After being on tv she now gets sponsorship to go to overseas marathons. Just shows: age is just a number.

          • A nice story about the 85 year young lady, who started at 79 years. I logged on with my Fitbit Charge 2, April 20, 2017 and love it. Started with a Senior Citizens Center, Twelve Week Walking Program. Three days a week, M-W- F, 40 to 45 minutes per session. After six weeks, augmented Pedometer with Fitbit, then bought my own. 73 years old in Charlotte, NC

          • That’s so awesome!!! My 96 year old neighbor walks 3 times daily
            At night we walk the dogs for 30

            minutes. She inspires me.

        • Marie, I am 77 years old and I go to the gym five days a week and try to get 20,000 steps per day. I don’t always make it; however, I have improved so much and asked my doctor if I was over doing it and he said my blood work was excellent so keep doing what you are as long as you feel fine. I’ve been doing this now for over a year and couldn’t feel better. Hope this helps! Check with doctor!!! Important!

      • I am 72 and I walk 11,500 steps a day and climb 10 flights of stairs and complete the calories and activity minutes on the. Charge 2.

      • I will be 78 in July, and manage between 10,000 and 16,000 on most days. It takes me longer than the youngsters, but I am feeling much fitter than when I started a few weeks ago. I have a treadmill, which is a big help when the weather is bad. I sometimes prop my iPad up, and watch the steps mounting up, which is a good incentive. Other times I watch tv, or even lean a book up and have a read while I walk. It helps to relieve the boredom, but I prefer to walk outdoors when I can, and enjoy the fresh air. Just start at a number of steps that are comfortable for yourself, and gradually increase your target. Good luck!

      • I am 78 too and with the help of my dog, I have no problem achieving 10k. That is from 2 walks a day and, luckily, I don’t have joint problems.

      • I am 71 and think it is best to ease into walking if you are new to it. Muscles, tendons, knees can be easily strained. Slow and easy wins the race.

        • Good advice, I am 71 and have had my Fitbit since 12/25/16. I started out a bit too fast and injured my knee (miniscus), so after therapy decided to go a little slower. I am back up to 5000 most days and my knee feels better. Will increase steadily!

        • Joe – You are my new hero! That’s amazing. You are an inspiration and hopefully, in 10 years when I’m 65, I’ll be up to 30,000 steps a day.

        • We all have to start somewhere….. That’s great for you but what about others who may have more responsibility in their day? Starting at 3,000 is Great also…. it’s starting it’s steps!

      • Ray, that is exactly what I did today. Brought it down from 10,000 to 5,000. Over the 5k by 1pm, but it brings down the pressure to go for the higher count for now.

      • I am 88 yrs old
        I have a step goal of 5k daily i have not raised this 5k daily in 2yrs i feel comfortable with this and i believe yout heart has only so meny beats In it am I wrong

      • Hi I am using the fit bit to help motivated me to walk. I am also using weight watchers to help me make better food choices,9pounds lost in. 10 weeks.

    • ACSM’s (American College of Sports Medicine) guidelines suggest that 30 minutes done in 10 minute increments will work for deconditioned people. The more of those 10,000 steps you can link together I believe you’ll see even greater benefit. Keep up the good work. John

    • Just replaced my damage Fit bit HR which I loved however unable to find one and replaced It with Fitbit Charger 2 which I love. The only difference I notice is it seems it takes me longer to reach my goal of 10000 thousand steps

    • 30 minutes- 5 miles-10000 steps = you will have to walk at the speed of 10 miles per hour. That is running not walking. Sorry can’t do it.

  • I’m new to fitbit and am the ketogenic diet. I have been on it for about 4 weeks and have lost 18 lbs so far. I’m eating healthier and feel so much better. I have a bad knee and before starting this was using my treadmill but had to stop. I’ve been doing 6000 steps a day almost everyday so am happy with that. Hoping to start back on the treadmill slowly at first. I’m 65 years old female and don’t act or feel my age lol.

    • I am new to Fitbit as well and to the Keto way of eating.

      I’ve had a couple health issues in the last 2 months. Which led me to this way of eating, and purchasing a Fitbit tracker.

      I love my fitbit! I’m finding out more and more everyday. Today I am having trouble adding a few oz of a homemade condiment I entered in my custom foods list. It’s a little irritating when it shows up on your daily entry for a moment then disappears.

    • Congratulations!! I am also 65 and have cut out all bread, pasta, potatoes, rice and sweets. I had a total knee replacement in 10/2016 so I know what you’re talking about. I’ve lost 20 lbs. since 3/01 (when Lent started, lol), I have the Alta HR but I still have difficulty getting all the steps in. I do have an exercise class twice a week and a personal trainer 1x/week but still need to increase those steps.

      • Sounds like someone read the Addictocarb Diet! Fantastic book for anyone who has had lifelong struggles losing weight and/or keeping it off. We afflicted simply have to treat those carbs like the addictive chemical compounds they are and remove them permanently from your diet. Modern grain flours, breads, pastas, rice, sugar, fruit juices, HFCS, potato – these are all in comfort foods for a reason – our brains have developed pleasure responses – both psychological and physiological attachments – to them. Avoid them – then get your good carbs with a healthy helping of fiber and the weight will come off.

    • I am 61. I do about 3 miles, three times a week on a treadmill. Dr told me to use the incline because it takes pressure off your joints. This has worked for me. I burn over 500 calories each time because of the incline

  • Following a heart attack I lost confidence and had some complications with breathing. I also had an eye op for a torn retina and had uncontrolled diabetes and HBP and obesity !!!! My walking became wobbly and I believe it was due to medication or my present problem of fluid behind my eyeball.
    My steps were 400 p day!! My son walks with me (I had a fall due to the wobbly walking gait) but the most I have managed in one day (indoors and out) has increased but max so far 3500 in a day which is now down to 2000 due to the injury with the fall. I have just started weighing in weekly and lost 3kg after increasing after the heart attack by 2 stone!!!! Oh well, I will keep going and pray I can lose weight and increase my steps but I can’t imagine it happening very fast. I guess I must do it gradually and keep my spirits up….

        • You are an inspiration to everyone, you were down but now you are up and on your way. Remember one step at a time is more than none. Happy Healthy years ahead.

      • Keep up da Good Work. Snazz . I admire your inner strength. & I pray that God will continue to give U strength.(I wish there was more people like you(NOT A QUITTER)

    • Well done on the “Gettting Moving”
      YEs one step at a time as Maggee commented. Could you borrow a walker for a while just to help to with the balance issues? But again, well done 🙂

    • Ohh Keep going, you can do this, I notice a lot of people now walk with big ski poles or those tall walking/hiking sticks. Get the tall ones so that your hand are above your waist on the poles. . They give you great balance and help propel you forward. Make sure they have good rubber tips.. Good luck

      • I have used my Nordic walking poles off and on for 12+ years now. Initially they were just for enhancing my walking with more activity. Since I reached 65, I have found them great for assistance in walking in snow or ice for balance. At 68 I find they really help me walk farther and better. I have already decided I will be using the poles when I get older. They are much better than a cane but make you look like you’re exercising!

    • My mother’s issues are similar to yours. She has had great success with doing seated exercises. She pumps her arms at the same time as doing the various leg movements. This both counts the “steps” and increases her pulse rate so that she gets the full benefit of the exercise.

    • Good for you, Snazz. You have a lot of serious issues but you must have a strong spirit because you,got out there and tried. Keep working at it. Every move forward is progress, no matter how small. We are all cheering for you.

    • Slowly but surely sounds to me like you’re doing great! Keep up the good work Ailments make it hard for us, but be proud! Asthma puts me at a halt many times… but I bounce right back. You got this

    • You could try using one of the mini exercise bikes to use while sitting down watching TV which would strengthen your legs to help with walking

  • I’ve used my Fitbit for about a year. Never connected to my cell. Have the style where I have a device connected to my desktop at home. He do I get step credit without that? I’ve walked just over 12,000 steps today

  • I work with a level of 2500 per day. For most this may seem low but I have a sleep disorder that leads to rapid tiring leading to short walks and then nap. Further due to ptsd I lost all motivation stamina and physical health was low. As I have recovered I have moved from a goal of 500 2 x per week to 2500 per day three times per week. I once did 8500 in one walk in Montreal and it then took four days to recover. The fitbit is a great tool to Guage my skeep energy burn steps naps water and diet all in one place. Great health treatment tool.

  • I have had a step goal of 12000 a day for a while, I started with it. I walk a lot at work, so it is should not be too hard to hit. I also have a dog to walk. Still I average around 10000 a day.

    • Yes I walk quite a bit in work and I walk for about 45 mins after work and I usually top out around 12000. I figure that’s a good plan

  • I swim a mile and a half a day, doing interval training. So walking is a supplement to my exercise. My goal is 5000 steps per day and I usually make that. I wish Fitbit was more flexible in acknowledging other forms of exercise.

    • I have just started doing core exercises for about 35 min a day how much would that count for or how will it show up on fit bit?

      • I just got my fitbit and was wondering how to register non aerobic exercise. I swim 40 laps and do water aerobics for 1 hr/ 2 weekly. Also do 1 hour yoga and 1 hr pilates. I also did 1 hr body works and only registered 10 min.

    • I agree Anne, my husband and I ride bikes for a change but it doesn’t record it and I want to know why, my feet are going up and down, can someone tell me why this is?

      • Your has to move too. I figured this out while pushing a shopping cart. It didn’t register any steps. So while riding or pushing swing your arm that has the tracker. It helps me. Good luck.

    • This is one of the few things i agree with AHA. They are owned by the many food groups, and place coconut oil as unhealthy, margarine over butter and others. They fit with red cross for money over us.

    • This is a common problem with fitbit. I have had mine for three years and have had to replace the band 12 times. Whenever I have contacted Fitbit Support they just refer you to the “community” where you will find a LOT OF COMPLAINTS but no solutions. I certainly hope that you have better luck.

      • There is a cover that slides over the works part of the Fitbit that can be bought on-line and I believe is available on Amazon. NOT made or sold by Fitbit. I had the same problem but this solved it!! I believe it is sweat that causes the problem.

      • December 28 2016
        Starting my Fitbit today. My goal for 2017 is to lose 20 pounds. Walking for 1 hour each day and cutting down on my colorie intake.

        • Retha you seem have a similar goal as I. Everyone thinks I look great with clothes on but I’m really in to summer and swimming plus losing weight is a good goal for all around health. I’m 62 and have always been health conscious. Now that all my 8 children are grown it is much easier to do my time on weight and health.

  • How do you set the fit better to your personal walk srtide. I can walk non stop all day and it might read 6000 steps. My other Fitbit would register around 12,000

  • I walk a lot but my fitbit has increased my interest a lot !!!! imvery healthy for my age which is 87 ..But I really don’t know how to put in my food nor drink !!!I have managed to get the 10000 steps certain days …but I don’t feel guilty when I only do 6000… Im drinking at least 50 oz of water daily … im 5 feet 1 in tall …trying to lose 10 pounds which will put me at 130 ..

  • I found 10,000 too much for an 86 yr. to let so I lowered mine to 7,000 and look forward to my Fitbit buzz and I am able to maintain that amount and not get discouraged.

  • It takes the average brisk walker, 15 minutes to walk a mile. 10 000 steps, is approximately 5 miles.

    That being said, it takes the average brisk walker 1 hour & 15 minutes to walk 10 000 steps; NOT 30 minutes like you suggest it does.

    You’re a fitness bloger, the least you can do is convey factual ideas…

    • Hi James, thanks for your comment. In the blog post, the message we were trying to convey is that 30 minutes of moderate exercise is included in the daily total for 10,000 steps. We weren’t suggesting that it takes 30 minutes to walk 10,000 steps. Thanks for reaching out!

      • Fitbit Support, I am a new user who thinks the instructions are perfectly clear that the 30 minutes of moderate exercise are included in the 10,000 steps.

      • I am a very fit active 58 year old person and avid cyclist and hiker. I walk about 1000 steps in 10 minutes on a relatively easy hiking trail. That is 1 hour 40 minutes of walking per day to get 10,000 steps. I get my 10,000 steps but I think 10,000 steps would be a discouraging goal for many, especially elderly.

  • I garden a lot and get my 10000 steps without really walking I know this is better than nothing but is the 10000 steps intended to be active or just motion. My wife says it’s not the same as walking and I am just kidding myself. Also I where on my dominant hand any impact?

    • Hi Roger! When working at a desk, cooking, gardening or doing other arm movements, a tracker on your wrist can pick up some extra steps if it thinks you’re walking. Many of these situations—such as working or cooking—do include a few steps in-between stationary periods so the tracker tries to give you credit for those steps. For the vast majority of customers, the amount of stray steps accumulated is negligible when compared to the entire day. For a more technical explanation, see How does my tracker count steps? Hope this helps!

  • Hey
    About me
    32 ,doctor ocular pathologist and hematologist from Singapore. Love to travel been to 17 countries and be super fit.
    Have been fitbitting since 4 years.i have loads of advice to give but one important thing I did 10k steps every dayfor 4 years and I feel good now

  • I’m amazed that people can lose weight by walking. It just hasn’t worked for me. I average about 15000 perday. I walk fast and include a steep hill walk 3 days a week equivalent to 33 floors each time. Haven’t lost an ounce even although I’m eating less. Disappointed.

    • If I could offer a comment I would suggest a aiming at a very low carbohydrate diet. Cut it down to zero. Try doing
      drinking a 12 Oz. glass of water first thing in the morning (ugh) and then a minimium 15 minute walk BEFORE eating anything. Drink a Smoothie when you get home consisting of 3/4 scoop of whey protein, 1/3 banana, 1/2 cup of frozen/fresh blueberries, 1/2 cup of grapes, 1/2 cup of milk, 1/2 cup of water. After wolfing this down you could eat a 35 calories Yogurt if your hungry or keep for later in the day. Lunch on a Yogurt, or salad with Red wine vinegar and Balsamic vinegar. Lots of different vegetables. Be creative.

      For Super have a large salad followed by a sliced chicken breast or dinner of spices vegetables of all kinds. Drink only teas, coffee or water. No pop or fuzzy beverages.

      Eat sliced Green Apples precut throughout the day or at night if you feel hungry.
      Repeat daily and be creative with spices of all types. Avoid red meat if possible and MI I’m use your portions so your under a max of 1460 calories per day. Try this and let us know

  • I have a target of 12,500 steps per day & very occasionally don’t get there! In reality, I am doing 2 x 30mins a day on a mini-trampoline (that way I can exercise regardless of time or outside weather at home). To lose weight, I need to be doing another 30 mins, but can’t manage ATM, but at least not putting on any weight ..

  • I have been using the Fitbit for several months and my blood pressure has lowered enough for my doctor to be really pleased. The weight loss is incidental. Keeping track does work and sometimes pushes you to do that extra few steps

  • I had a surge, it broke down. Just yesterday bought a blaze. I liked my surge, will I regret buying the blaze, anyone have a comment or has done the same thing. Thanks

  • Hi just a quick question does this 10000 steps a day just mean walking or also riding a bike as I average 5 miles a day doing both any help much appreciated.
    As am new to this fitness game being 56 years young lol and a triple heart bypass and had put on loads of weight.
    Have not got a fit bit yet as there are so many on the market I don’t no which one to get any help much appreciated

  • I am puzzled by the sleeping habit comments from my Alta Fitbit. I sleep a decent amount of time and will wake occasionally, but don’t understand the restlessness numbers. Is it normal to have 12-30 restless times during the course of 8 hours? Thank you Jim

  • I got fitbit yesterday. I don’t know how well this will work for me. My bike is my transportation. I ride an average of 15 miles a day including 2,000 ft ascent on canyon ride 2-3 times a week. Will fitbit track biking?

    • Hi Emilie! Biking exercises do not translate into steps. However, if you have a Surge, Blaze, or Charge 2, you can track your biking exercises via GPS to view distance, time, burned calorie stats and more.

  • I thought 10,000 steps what’s a lot in a day. Butt since using the Fitbit and looking at my son right after work I log about 11000 steps in an 8 hour shift at my new job no wonder I lost 34 pounds this year. Just being active any movement makes your steps towards a healthier and Welfare life

  • So I’m 78 years old and generally feel o k, but my knees are in bad shape. I can’t do 10,000 steps a day, I don’t think someone 78 should be lumped in a category with a 40 or 50 year old. I’ve set my steps at 5000 for now. All input is welcome
    Papa ed

  • I don’t want to lose weight I need to gain weight. Yet I love to walk. So that why I have trouble gaining weight. I workout with a P.T. Weekly and on my own 4 days a week. HELP

  • Just bought my charge 2 and lowered the daily steps to 5k to avoid burnt-out. But will try to change to 10k to see if I can do it. Pound of fat being burnt sounds very encouraging. Nice article, thank you Fitbit☺️

  • Is marching in place at my desk equivalent to taking steps? I’m totally sedentary at work, and then I have to go home and do schoolwork, so is what I’m currently doing beneficial?

  • Little shocked, knew I walked a lot at work. Wore my new Fitbit today…..and did 28000 steps!! 13.07 miles!! Today was just a typical day too.

  • I purchased the Fit Bit Zip and it counts extra.steps when I’m driving. I really wanted to wear it all day. Please help.

  • I’m a massage therapist and have to take my fitbit 2 off while I’m in session, will it still monitor if I put it on my ankle while working?

    • The Charge 2 is not designed to be worn on your ankle so step counts while you are working might not be as accurate. However, aside from that, you can try wearing it on your ankle to see how it works for you. Your Charge 2 will continue to track your activity as best it can while on your ankle. Hope this helps, Vicki!

  • Hi this is my 2nd week doing steps i have been doing 10,000 a day sometimes 11,000 if i dont get my steps up during the day i go for a walk at night to finish i have been put on a eating program with the doctors im 125 kgs and im 38 years old do have crook knees getting married in july next year so really want to get the weight off i also have my fitness pal hooked up to my fitbit as well which counts how many calories you have a day by putting everything you have a day in it works i used to do it a couple of years ago went down to 107 kgs but somehow went back up over the years so far have lost 2 kilos

  • I have been getting 10,000 a day, but that just comes easy. So I think I should increase my steps to 15,000 per day. I want to do more weight loss and toning, does that sound about right?

  • Remember everyone, no fitness tracker is hundred percent accurate, so what I tend to do is look at tracker and subtract 500 steps. No matter what it is quite helpful. Health first, complaints later. You have one body so take care of it. Congratulations to all those trying so hard. Total faith that you can reach your goals. Even complaints are positive so don’t let technology hold you down. Peace and lover to all.

  • Why would I have 40 steps recorded before I get out of bed in the morning? I did not get up in the middle of the night. My fitbit seems to over count steps. I did measure my stride and it seems to be correct. Still trying to dial this in!

  • Hi. I have suffered from depression and low self esteem for long time now. I truly believe that people werent meant to be on antidepressants for the long term. I believe life style changes can make the world of difference. I have a very difficult time becoming active. I just quit the YMCA because i never used it even though i had desire to use the pool. I am also member of Weight Watchers but never follow the program and i am thinking of quitting that too. I am very sedentary and I don’t wish to live this way. Not sure what to do.

    • Hi Carla, you don’t have to do 10000 steps straight away. Why not set a goal of 500 steps to begin with which you can easily do walking around your home. Then when that seems easy you can increase by 500. Do it at your own pace and reward your self for your achievements. Good luck!

    • Hi Carla, you don’t have to do 10000 steps straight away. You could set yourself a target of just 500 steps to begin with, which you can easily do around your home and then when you’re ready increase it to 1000 steps and so on. Be sure to praise yourself for each of your achievements – good luck!

  • I got my Fitbit Blaze in June and obsessively love it! To get 10,000 steps, the easiest thing I’ve found is to make sure I get up and move once per hour – so each hour, I take a 7 minute walk around the block where I work. I also walk for 30 minutes each morning before work. Once I did that, hitting the 10K was a easy – so I’ve now added 45 minute walk at lunchtime. For those asking about 30 min or 10,000 steps, I believe that years ago the Cooper Institute found similar benefits between people who did hardcore workouts once per day, and those who achieved 10,000 steps throughout the day. Other research points out tremendous benefits of getting 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day. To me – the great formula is to combine the two: get in a 30 minute brisk walk each day, and smaller increments of steep throughout to hit the 10,000 step mark. This will help with losing weight, but the increased activity has even greater benefits!

  • I don’t think 10,000 steps / day is that much if you are healthy (and not too old). There are two parts to this story.

    I usually get up, walk to the underground station (in Berlin), change to another underground line, change to a bus and walk to the office. At lunch I walk to a shop and buy something to eat. I return home – again using public transportation. Eat something, then walk to a super market and buy food etc. I do this two or three times a week, because I cannot carry a lot without a car. That’s usually enough to reach 10,000 steps! No exercise at all, no walks “just for walking” etc. It’s not hard to reach the goal. JUST GET RID OF THE CAR!. Walk and use public transportation.

    But also I am a distance runner. On training days, I usually reach 20,000 to 25,000 steps. Sometimes over 30,000. The highest was 52,000 steps (i ran the Berlin Marathon that day). I use a Garmin running watch (that also tracks steps). Garmin connect told me, my daily steps are higher than 99% of my age group.

  • Hi: my question is how do I get rid of my stubborn tummy fat below my bra line at front of my tummy and the mid and bottom of my abdominal area….please help those are my struggles..

  • Hi can I ask why my fitbit steps don’t seem to tally with the amount am doing. Just seems to go up a lot when ice not done many steps. Is this common? Thanx

  • I will have knee replacement surgery, right knee Nov 15th, left on Dec 20th, so 10,000 is out of the question just now. Got my Fit bit early to get used to it& work up to goals after Jan 1, 2017.

  • I’m 82 and walk or ride my bike almost daily. When I ride my fitbit does not show my activity. Is there anyway to credit myself ala fitbit for that exercise.

  • Hi all.
    Does doing cardio at higher HR cause more calories to burn.
    I mean if I monitor my HR while exercising on cross trainer and I try to keep my HR at 130-140.( by increasing the speed) will it help more?

  • Fitbit Support
    Does your company have any plans to offer a Dog activity monitoring product similar to Fitbark? Thank You!

  • So glad to find this blog. I have been wearing my Fitbit for close to 2 years and finding this is great! Thank you.

    • Thanks for reaching out! Fitbit Charge 2 is water resistant which means its rain, sweat, and splash proof. We do not recommend that you swim or shower with it on. Let us know if you have additional questions!

  • My I have the fitbit blaze.
    I work in a pharmacy where I move my hands and alost constantly, I was wondering if there is a way to turn down the sensitivity of the step meter. I walk but not nearly as much as the fitbit is telling me. Yesterday it said I walked 6000 steps before 1pm. This was a gift and I can not return it. Any suggestions?

    • Hi, Renee. Thanks for reaching out. All of our trackers use an algorithm designed to look for intensity and motion patterns. Since step counting is based on movement, moving your arm around can sometimes trigger your Fitbit Blaze to register extra steps. One thing we can recommend is wearing your tracker on your non-dominant arm to minimize extra movement that may give you extra steps. You can also try restarting the tracker if you feel as though your accuracy is really off. For more insight on accuracy, please check out this help article. Let us know how it goes.

  • I’m new to FitBit Alta and a little confused! I’m doing my 10,000 steps a day and entering my food and water intake. At the end of everyday it says I’m under budget, what exactly does that mean? Am I not eating enough calories so my body thinks it’s starving and storing all my fat? I would love to get my weight back to down so I feel happier about my body image.

    • Hi Dawn! Under budget means that you haven’t eaten under the calorie amount from what you’re allowed to. When you’re over budget, this means that you’ve eaten more calories than you should. It’s best to be ‘In Zone’ means that you’re current deficit is just about right compared to your target deficit. You are doing everything just about right. You haven’t necessarily been more active than usual, but you are eating for your current activity level. Hope this helps!

  • These are are amazing results i feel the same way about fit bit my daily goel is at 30,000 steps a day I try to avoid carbs I have 0 bfi am 53 years old Lara luv this product contact me if you can I’m still stepping

  • I got the fitbit last Christmas (2015) and really started to wear it on June 27th. I’ve lost 26 pounds in 23 weeks. No diet. Just walking. It has been amazing. I upgraded my step goal to 12,500 each day around October and I also use the Runkeeper app to track my miles so I set up 150 miles per month as my goal. If a busy mommy can do it with no exercise experience, you sure can.

  • Today I walked more than 3500 steps in 30 minutes in the streets, that were 2.2 7 km but on my smart phone it write 0.

  • I have just yesterday had heart stents after a heart attack and want to improve my cardio fitness is 10,000 steps good for me

    • Basic walking is the best way, start out slow and increase slowly and you will be super in a short time 15 min for a week then up to 20 min a week and increase until you reach your goal. 10,000 steps take about an hr and a half or it would me I am only 5 ft and so I have to have a lot more steps than a taller person with longer legs. My best too you with your surgery…Keep truck- en and all will be good.

      • What the user implied is that fitbit is not internationalized yet…no kilometer instead of miles unit, kilos instead of pounds….those should be fairly easy and quick to implement in your software…will be glad to beta test it as I live in Canada.

  • I have just purchased a Charge 2. I walk each morning on a Treadmill for 30 minutes at a reasonable place. My steps registered over 5,000 this morning on the treadmill. I reached 10,000 steps by about 2.30 p.m. however I do sit at a computer for several hours very regularly. My question: If you are completing 10,000 steps does it matter if most (half) of these are during one treadmill session?

    • Forget the treadmill, unless it is a manual treadmill….You can get great walking shoes at Walmart $9 bucks… Give thought to this unless you are old and have physically disabilities then a mechanical treadmill is better than nothing…Don’t get me wrong any exercise you do is better than nothing. You must care about your body, if you don’t no one else will…Question I! What is old, I am holding in their with 5 MI a day and I am 76 YOU CAN DO IT.. Possibly you are a female if so “U GO GIRL”

  • If you start out slow and increase this is the best way to get to your goal. I have a wrist radio and a head set time goes so fast, I also use a pedometer. Where you live find the most area to walk in the shortest time. If I walk my whole complex I am about a half a mile. Therefore, I walk around the parking spaces and walk across to an empty space. I complete my 5 miles within 75 to 80 minutes. Record your favorite songs and walk n’ sing you will feel great, especially when your tummy is getting flatter and flatter. For myself I get up and walk prior to coffee and I can’t wait to 12,000 steps have been completed in I go for a cold glass of Iced coffee with cinnamon, a raspberry creamer and a topping of whipped cream.(cinnamon is excellent for you,,,).No SUGAR you are sweet enough…So walk six days on and one day off…Off day, pork out and keep your metabolism confused with all of the calories and then drop back and watch the weight and fat go to your neighbors house…..LOL P.S. count carbs and complex carbs no more than 150 daily…no body needs more sugar that even though the Homo Sapiens is made of sugar…..Say I heart (love)you to your own heart and body.. BUTTON (**)

  • I remember learning in a college gym class that in order for a woman to change her BMI *body mass index* it may take 6-8 weeks because of the way we store fat and all. Whereas it only takes a man 2-4 weeks. So unfair!! So women keep up the good work, stay focused and DON’T WEIGH YOURSELF EVERY DAY! I lost and gained 7 lbs. back in the course of 1 week. For me, It’s all about how I feel and how my clothes fit. And remember, muscle weighs more than fat! 😉 my goal is 10k but I’ve gotten as much as 26k steps in a day. We can do it!!

  • My Fitbit is not properly tracking. I have reached 10000 steps on several occasions. My band buzzes my arm and alerts me but it is not reflected on my weekly proggress.

  • Went grocery shopping and walked around our large store holding onto cart my fitbit did not register that I was walking why is this

    • Thanks for reaching out to us, Fran. If your hands are stationary while pushing a cart, your step count might be lower, because your hands are not moving in a motion as they normally would when walking/running. Our Fitbit trackers use a 3-axis accelerometer to understand your motions. The algorithm is designed to look for motion patterns most indicative of people walking/running.

      To learn more about Fitbit tracker accuracy, take a look at this help article. Hope this helps!

  • I have been trying to reset my steps goal to 10,000 instead of 8,000 but I can’t work out how to do it. If you can help reply

  • I’ve been trying to walk daily, consistently. I have a FITBIT Charge HR. I might walk for 3 or 4 days, then something comes up & I skip a day or 2 or 3. Weight is up & down.
    I eat well, but I’m working on my portions & changing what I eat. I ate one grilled chicken breast and a 3 cups of salad. I’m still hungry. I just want to munch. This is where I get into trouble. I’m always sabotaging myself. 🙁
    I’m guessing I may not be counting calories as high as I need to.
    I use My Fitness Plan & Track my Fitness. I wear my phone & Fitbit. I started 2 days ago, walking 45 min. 3.0- 3.8 up.
    I was walking on my treadmill every few days, but it was tough getting to 25 min 3.0-3.6.

  • I am a truck driver in my Fitbit is telling me I am taking steps when I am sitting in my truck how do I adjust that for a while I’m sitting still

  • Bonjour j’ai eu mon fitbit alta pour Noël, je me suis empressé le jour même de l’essayer, MAIS JE TROUVE QUE LES PAS QUE JE FAIS N’AI PAS DU TOUT LA MÊME QUE MON FITBIT, ELLE EST ÉNORME, POUVEZ VOUS ME DIRE CE QUE JE DOIS FAIRE SVP ? MERCI D’AVANCE

  • I will be 79 next month worked out for 35 yrs and my goal is 8000 steps and there are days when I climb 25 stair wells, I do’t have a weight problem but keep on moving with my Fitbit for over 2 yrs?

  • I am a 79-Y-O Brit male (80 in Jan). I have devised my own trayning program (not a spelling mistake). Among my everyday and I mean everyday activities I include many stairs. My current average is 722 per day.
    Is this healthy?

  • I am a mail carrier. So on average I walk about 25000 steps per day. But I just gained 20 lbs in 2 months. HEEEELLLLPPP!

  • My wife got me the fitbit Blaze for Christmas and I love it I am 70 years young and have been walking for ten years daily.I have a family history of heart problems but have continued to have good check ups annually.I find the fitbit counting steps fun and look forward to advancing.I am now at 10k steps daily .Thank you Fitbit.

  • I have a Charge 2 & after it resets@ midnight it will show steps taken even though I’ve never left the bed. Is it recording leg movement in bed as steps taken , or is something wrong with my new Fitbit?

  • I’ve been wearing a pedometer for over 10 years now and I walk anywhere from 10,000 to 25,000 steps a day. I received the Fitbit as a Christmas gift and have been wearing it ever since (along with my pedometer. I continue to see huge differences in step counts between the two devices. I might show 11,500 on my pedometer but the Fitbit will only display 3,100. What could be the reason for these differences? Are there any specific instructions for Fitbit Step-count instructions and where can I find them?

  • My fitbit is not working properly, sometimes it takes steps off! I check every now and then by doing a 100 steps and it only registers around 17 steps?? It does this often. Is it a defective fitbit or have others noticed big inconsistencies?

  • There is no doubt that reaching 10,000 steps daily provides important health benefits. Weight loss is only the most obvious result. I am a middle aged man in good health who has received added inspiration from my fitbit. I have always loved exexcise. Now I look forward to my daily summary and improving my numbers.

  • I started my Saturday I’m doing 20000 plus a day easy feeling positive through it plus going 2 the gym 4 a weight session 4 times a week definitely makes me feel a lot beta about myself

  • I have a total gym and can’t put it in for exercise. Any chance on updating so Fitbit recognizes it?

  • 10000 steps a day is a huge generalization apparently covering the young and old. are there some age refined statistics and recommendations??? Obviously there is a large difference between a 20 yr old and one of us old farts fighting with 70

  • I have owned a Fitbit Blaze for a short time. Love this technology & what can be accomplished by using this device. Setting goals and seeing the daily an weekly information is becoming addictive. 2017 will be the year of goals.

  • I am a 76 year old man in good health. I have a goal of 8000 steps per day and have achieved this every day for a few months now. Should age effect ones steps goal?

  • I just got my fit bit and am trying to figure out how to track “actual steps”. Not arm movement. I tested it today by putting it on in tbe morning & sat with my morning coffee & it showed I had walked 715 steps.which I hadn’t.
    I’d like to be able to read just steps when I walk. Is there any way I can do that with the fit bit charge 2.

    • Thanks for your question, Marilyn! Our wrist-based Fitbit trackers use a 3-axis accelerometer to understand your motions. The algorithm is designed to look for motion patterns most indicative of people walking/running. This is the only was we are able to calculate steps you walk. To learn more about Fitbit trackers and accuracy, check out: How accurate are Fitbit trackers?. Hope this sheds some light on how we calculate steps!

      To learn more about Fitbit tracker accuracy, take a look at this help article.

  • I am a new fitbit user and looking forward to using it to recover from a hip replacement operation from February this year. At present doing 5000- 6000 steps daily to try and retain muscle as bad hip leg side has suffered muscle wastage over last 6 months!
    Any ideas on ways I can use fitbit as part of my physio recuperation following my operation?

  • I have poor mobility and walk slowly with the aid of a walking stick; in fact I am unable, due to certain nureulogical health problems.
    I walk the dog daily, usually once around a cricket field and usually spend some time on my allotment! My heart rate often rises to 110bpm.
    As well as this, I ‘potter’ around the house and try and attend an hours’ gig rowing a week – I have yet to record my heart rate during these sessions.
    I intend beginning cycling sessions using my tricycle with electric motor assistance, once again over the next week or so.
    Given this basic information, can I really be achieving 10000 steps per day, as my ChargeHR shows and how else can I get my HR high enough to make a positive difference to my long term health? And is my ChargeHR step count accurate?

  • I’m a stage 4 remission cancer survivor. I’m averaging 10 k steps + each day with ease. My Fit Bit keeps me focused regularly. Has become part of my daily goals of keeping track along with my work love it. Thanks

  • I’m a stage 4 cancer survivor. My Fit Bit keeps me focused on my daily activity. I’m easily 10 k steps + along with my other goals. Staying healthy keeps me alive. Great Christmas gift from my children. Thanks Bit Bit

  • Hi, I have just got a Fitbit as a present, could you tell me how I get the steps back to the beginning as it says I have done 200 or more steps first thing in the morning before I have done any.

    Thank you

    • Our apologies for the delay, Diane. There is no way to reset your steps. That’s odd that you are receiving steps when not walking. Please try restarting your tracker. Additionally, Fitbit trackers have a finely tuned algorithm for step counting. The algorithm is designed to look for intensity and motion patterns that are most indicative of people walking and running. When working at a desk, cooking, or doing other arm movements, a tracker on your wrist can pick up some extra steps if it thinks you’re walking.

      Many of these situations—such as working or cooking—do include a few steps in-between stationary periods so the tracker tries to give you credit for those steps. For the vast majority of customers, the amount of stray steps accumulated is negligible when compared to the entire day. For a more technical explanation, see How does my tracker count steps?

  • Already lost 25lbs. in last year, age 62, just retired! Yea! started Fitbit Dec 28th, last week averaging 10,500- 12,500, a day, hope I can keep it up, little hard sometimes. Lost 2-3 more lbs. since starting! Let you all know later!

  • Hi how do I reset the steps to 0 every day in order to see how many steps I walked each day. Please help, thank you!

  • Here’s the thing, I clean houses my arms move more and faster then my legs, I’m moving all the time. Am I getting the same exercise if my Fitbit says I’m getting 17 000 steps at the end of the day? When I wear a pedometer on my pants I can only get 2000on my busiest day. Please explain that one? Maybe I should wear my Fitbit on my ankle!

  • My son gave a Fitbit for Cristmas. It’s my new best friend. Not only does it count steps, it acts interested in me. When I put on in the AM it messages me “Ready to Roll”. If I get up at night it ask me “How am I doing?” I am drinking more water because I can keep track. I love it!

  • i cannot get the damn thing to work. TOok it back twice and they did not it sync it to my SO CALLED smart phone.

  • Bonjour je portêt fitbit la nuit et au réveille il me mets 200 pas environ
    Je ne comprend pas pouvez vous expliqué

  • I am a 48 year old surgeon from India..had a massive heat attack 3 weeks back
    Underwent a triple vessel bypass surgery 18 days back
    First thing i bought on discharge from hospital is a fitbit….is an awesome device
    I have reached upto 6000 steps today which is 5 km daily and have no chest pain at all.the Fitbit really motivates me as it quantifies my progress.

    I love my Fitbit Charge 2

  • I am 75 almost 76 years old and a retired elem.teacher. I started exercising after I retired. 9 years ago my husband died, and almost 5 years ago I had breast cancer. Now I am trying to start to exercise enough to get back a little energy and strength. I really have no ides what my steps goal should be. Are you able to give me a few ideas. I have an Alta.

  • I’m not trying to lose weight. Just trying to stay healthy.
    I don’t think I need 10,000 steps everyday, I do other things for exercise.

  • Hi, I am new to the Challenges Fitbit has to offer an awesome way to motivate us to stay active, after suffering a heart attack in 2015, and after completing a 1 year cardiac rehab, I still get a bit dizzy, but I manage to keep active, on my not soo well felling days, I can manage to do 6 000 steps, but after I joined the fitbit challenges with my friends, that step count has increased!!!! Very grateful for the opportunity to workout with my friends!!!!

  • I’ve had my fiitbit approximately 2 fays and I’ve average about 6000 steps daily. It’s motivating me to do more. My goal is to average an additional 1000 steps daily each week. Who would have guessed such motivation could come in such a wonderful little package! Here’s to feeling better and being more alive!

  • Loving my Fitbit!! Still figuring out settings. I do love trying to beat 10,000 Steps. I work out every day. I feel so much better. Lost lots & lost of inches. Eighteen lbs down. Struggle for Five more. Whohooo!!!

  • I am 66 and presently undergoing radiation for breast cancer. Radiation is causing fatigue, but my goal of 6,000 steps a day is very manageable and I want to go to 10,000 but my radiation oncologist is telling me to take it easy. As soon as this treatment is done I am bumping it up! I think it is really helping the fatigue problem.

  • I found that after my bad knee was replaced and it
    been 3 years. It really hurts if walk too long
    so I have been increaseing
    steps slowly. I hope to get
    to 10,000 some day.

  • I love walking. In the past I walked 10,000 – 15,000 steps per day, on average. However, I developed collapsed metatarsals and bursitis in my right foot. It was recommended that I stop walking. I have gained 18 lbs in less than 1 year. I am miserable. I cant swim because of the difficulty getting to a pool nearby and I live in a wintery climate. I have orthotics and try to walk 5000 steps per day, but, that is not enough.

  • I have a disease (osteonecrosis) and my joints and leg bones are dying. I am told to walk as much as possible (use it or lose it) and yet am told that when it hurts (everyday all day) to stay off my legs and feet. Am not supposed to do any weight bearing exercise. I still try to walk every day but many days I hardly walk at all and some days only what is absolutely necessary due to pain. I have been raised to always be physically active so what recommendations are there for people like me who will never be able to do 10K a day? It helps to have a goal for me personally. Just not sure how to set a realistic goal. When I look at my fitbit, I feel like a failure many days. Thank God for low impace water aerobics. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

  • I bought a blaze in early June, and have never looked back. I love it. In combination with weight watchers, I have lost 45 lbs. I am now at 135, at 5’3″ and 67 years old. Trying to figure out how to maintain, especially in rainy, windy, cold weather, when it is hard to walk outdoors, and my weekly step count is 50,000 instead of 100,000. Anybody have advice and
    encouragement? Thx.

  • I am recovering from my 4th surgery on my left arm in 18 months. I had a rod and pin revision with bone grafting on December 27th of 2016. I would like to try rehabbing in water this time or at least adding it to my rehab schedule and want to know if I can wear my water fit Fit bit 2 in the pool. I ordered the waterproof on especially for this purpose however the site says splash proof but the insert says waterproof. Water fit no longer has a supported Web address. Thank you.

  • This article gave me motivation to change my life’s rhythm, thank to Fitbit and thank to my boyfriend who gave me a New Year’s gift a tracker and suggested me to join Fitbit.

    As a new comers I put my limit with 4000 steps per day. In a week I could achieve approximately three days with 4000 steps and one day with 7000 steps and another three days I failed to achieve my target. However, I know my limit and for sure I can do it more in the future for my sake !

  • Hi i do 15000 a day just at work. Does this count if i want to lose weight? Ive been told that the regular stuff you do doesnt count. Would i need to be doing 25000 just to lose weight?

  • What kind of bullshit is this? You won’t do 150 minutes of exercise a week with 10,000 steps a day. I do 10,000 steps a day which amounts to 90 minutes of working out – and it utterly kills me!!! If I had a full time job there is no chance in hell that I would be able to come close to that figure, and there is no way the majority of the public even do half of that, especially if you work at an office of with computers.

  • I’m new to Fitbit and I have already achieved 30.000 steps and I walk/run 15 kilometers, I’m doing great!

  • My name is Carolyn (64 yrs) and have been walking everyday with my husband who retired 6 years ago. We walk even if the temperature is -20 degrees. It is easy for us as we enjoy walking. My husband received a fitbit
    as a present from our son. We finally got the app working since November. Our average daily steps are 22,000. Our morning walk is 5-8 miles , may take 2 other walks each day. After 6 years our total is over 11,000 miles of walking once we get out of our house. If we had started with a fitbit our total would be about 30% more. We come across an 85 yr old woman frequently. She walks 3-4 miles every day. If you enjoy an exercise and have good partner just do it and enjoy the great outdoors.

  • Some very motivational comments here. I’ve had my fitbit for about a year. It syncs with a laptop. I do 10,000 steps a day, sometimes more. The only problem is my wrist; looks like its burned. I think I might be allergic to the fitbit. That would be terrible because I love it. I’m 77 years old.

  • Hi I am 60 years and female and am finding the 10,000 steps quite a challenge. I am walking for at least an hour most days (5) a week and still struggle to meet the challenge. My heart rate resting is 62 beats but my exercise is around 110 to 120 beats so feel I am doing the hard yards. I eat real food as in, mostly 1 ingredient etc and still am struggling to loose weight. Any suggestions as to what I do next. Have tried to do strength exercises as well but not a lot of change.

  • 1, my Fitbit he is not accurate comparing steps to miles. How can I correct it?
    2. I walk on a treadmill holding the side hand rails. This takes away my,swing arms,so how can Fitbit do accurate measuring. Currently I tie the HR between the laces of my shoes. Will y
    This be accurate ?

  • I’m trying to lose 10 lbs.
    How many steps per day should I aim for? I’m currently hitting 10,000 but obviously with diet, and my gym workouts I need more. What do you recommend?

  • I don’t no what i am doing wrong but i counted my steps after midnight (to the loo ) i took 29 steps, but it recorded 162, so i am not sure how many i do in a day now?

  • Is the calorie count accurate in are the calories of the charger 2 accurate? I feel like is giving me more calories burned than it supposed to. Sometimes at the gym, I walk for 30 minutes and only burn 250 calories but my fitbit will marks thousands.

  • This is my 4th week into fitbit. I’m still hovering between 8000 – 10500 (mostly mid 9000s).

    This app has made me more mindful on diet, surprising to me as I didn’t think myself as a conformist, but still.. wow.. I’m hooked. hahaha. keep up the great work Team Fitbit.

    All of your work counts. Editorial, apps, product.. kudos

  • I have this device 4 a couple of weeks now, n it’s incredible how it motivates me. There are days that I don’t move at all. Not that I have any disability or surgery, but simply because I am lazy. As a result of that I m obese. To start, I set my fitbit to 6k. Y’all don’t have no idea how bad I feel when I see that it is the end of the day and still haven’t completed my 6,000. I usually go to the treadmill at 11:40pm and do everything until complete it, few what a motivation. Thank you fitbit team. I know that for sure I will accomplish my goal. I m planning to add 1,000 every month til I get to my 10,000

  • Recently I was fitted with a pacemaker and the fitbit has made exercise really easy to monitor. Many thanks

  • maybe I have very short legs but 10,000 steps is not a 30 minutes stroll for me – try at least 90 minutes at a brisk pace! Finding it challenging to do every day so I am now breaking it down into two separate walks during the day of 45 minutes each to see if that will help.

  • Will using a walker (because of knee problems) to do 10000 steps be just as good as walking on my own. I noticed my Fitbit does not count my (walker) steps. I am 70.

  • I am in my 70’s and have never done any exercise except walking my dogs. 10, 000 steps each day is not possible for me as I have had my fitbit charge HR for only about 3 weeks. Can I change my goal down to 6000/day which is a possibility for me?

    • George Atkins here:-

      I think you would be wise to not push your body beyond comfortable . I am 86 yrs. young, and regularly excersize 2-3 hrs. most. mornings. The Tracker usually shows only around 6000 steps, but this must be suffient, as my weight remains constant.

  • Hello, great blog!
    I’m finding 10k to take 90 minutes. Am I reading correctly that a healthy person ought to do this in 30 min? 10 mph seems very fast for a ped. Thanks!

  • I am now doing 5000 and working to build it up have knee issues and back then I start wheezing but it’s better my next goal is 6000
    I could use some encouragement

  • I have knee and back issue plus I am over 250 pounds but I am up to 5000 without a lot wheezing next week 6000
    Could use some cheers

  • My step count dorsnt seem to be moving and also i think the calories are incorrect what im.burning please help

  • My first Fitbit Charge HR broke while it was under warranty and Fitbit sent me a replacement. It came in bubble wrap in an envelope . I was going to register the replacement but when I tried to do this my records showed I had already registered it. I don’t think this replacement is entering my steps properly. I excercise and if I pause and walk in place the steps don’t record. Are the steps based on the length of your stride? My first Fitbit seamed to record more accurately. Is this defective?

  • I have using the Fitbit since November, weight is going up and down. It’s hard because of my stress level my G hormone is high. Making almost impossible to lose weight. But the challenges help make life easier and keep motivated. But if you have any tips on how to destress and lose the weight that would be great.

    • My weight was like that (still can be), I found that yoga really helped. It stopped me focusing solely on the weight problem and more on my mental well-being. It also deals with stress levels. I also found shifting my focus from my fat to my fitness helped. My doctor suggested that I should try and get fit through eating well and exercising regularly and stop worrying about the scale (it was stressing me that much). Always remember that muscle weighs more than fat and the scale can fluctuate based on the time of day. Doctors are fantastic people, and I always try to take the non medicated route, but do whats best for you based on your doctors recommendations. Fitbit also can set sleep targets and reminders, use the bedtime reminder notification as a nudge to turn off all screens and have a chill out hour (or even half an hour). I really hope you get to the place where you want to be and that you are happy and well. Stay Motivated. I hope this helps.

      • Kerry, I’m not sure I can remember all the wonderful tips you suggested; however, I want to agree with you that health is the ultimate! Weight is a secondary goal…I realized that many years ago and when I first joined a gym, all I wanted for a goal was to get fit.

        I’m 75 years old, always had weight under control, however when I reach 63 plus, weight began to climb. My joining a gym definitely reinforced the importance of exercise and rethinking my food choices.

        Life is great for me as I involved myself in reading so much about nutrition, exercises and avoiding medications that possibly could interfere with my goals that I can claim that I only take one medication, exercise almost daily and changed my diet to a more natural food intake.

        Without focusing on diets, I’ve continued with the above mentioned daily approach and my doctor has nothing but praise for my blood work and my energy is beyond a 75 plus female.

        I’m hoping that perhaps I just might hit a note with someone, that becoming healthy is so much larger than just a mechanical device.

        I love my fitbit and perhaps you just might to see what I have been doing since JaNUARY 9, 2017. My Best Wishes to All of You that are on the correct road to leading the rest of our most important, deserving years left! God Bless!

  • I was wondering if you might be interested in step and fitness goals for disabled people. I can do 10,000 steps but it causes too much pain as I have a damaged back. I can manage 8,000 more easily . To get steps and active minutes is challenging. Sometimes I feel as though I have failed when I really should be congratulated for the amount I have accomplished. I am sure there are other disabled people who may feel the same. I have lost weight and I love the calorie meal counter. Thank you.

  • Love my Fitbitone so much that when It got lost I bought another 🙂 Re Laura Rosenbaum’s article which talks about the CDC, Mayo Ckinic, pounds of weight, feet and mikes. Fitbit knows from my profile that I am in Australia so perhaps with some clever programming all this awful advice can be translated to metric kilograms and kilometres. and I think of all the references were meant to add credibility to Americans but they are lost on me. My point is referring to articles from Australia (or country on profile) would be more relevant. What you Yanks get up is interesting for a bit but not in keeping with the rest of us. I imagine the rest of the metric world agree.

    • Your stride in the FB may be longer than your friends which would make you take less steps to go the same distance.

  • We dance twice a week, but it seems that my fitbit hr does not pick up all of my steps. Is there any way they could be calculated more accurately?

  • As a former (amateur) race walker, i know that 10,000 steps will take an Olympic pace of 170 steps per minute to complete in 58 minutes. Walking at 4mph, or 140 spm will take 71 minutes, walking at 3mph, or 120 spm will take 83 minutes. At 110 spm or 2.5 mph, it will take 90 minutes. How does FitBit calculate 30 minutes a day to do 10,000 steps? Very puzzled. But do love my new Charge 2, even more than my One tracker. My reference point is in your literature about getting 150 minutes of exercise per week.

  • Lara: do you feel 80k steps a day for a week is sustainable over a period of months? What could be the negative side effects of such effort? I’m a retired Physical Therapist with 38 years of clinical experience mostly in Orthopedics. It’s always been my contention that if someone could do that they are just fooling themselves and they will pay the price later in life. I personally doubt anyone is or can do that!

  • Lara: do you feel 80k steps a day for a week is sustainable over a period of months? What could be the negative side effects of such effort? I’m a retired Physical Therapist with 38 years of clinical experience mostly in Orthopedics. It’s always been my contention that if someone could do that they are just fooling themselves and they will pay the price later in life. I personally doubt anyone is or can do that!

  • Does age play any part in how many steps per day are appropriate? I am 77 and have set my goal at 3500 daily. I have Arthritis and have had 2 spinal fusions in the past 15 months. Any advice welcome.

  • I Love my Alta, it’s my secret weapon. Since I have had mine I have worked it so that I naturally take 10,000 steps a day (before a workout). I plan in little distances. Walk to the gym or the shops, or my all time favorite is getting the bus to work. It sound bizarre but if I walk past the closest bus stop on to the next one just to get the steps. 10,000 steps I can hit really comfortably, so I try at least twice a week to hit the 20,000 mark. So if you ever struggle to get that 10,000th step, there are always little (not too time consuming) ways to get those extra few in. Organization is key to success and the Fitbit is a great tool for that. Plan to park at the other end of the lot when shopping, or take the stairs (doesn’t have to be all the way up!).

  • I set my daily goal at 11,300 steps. That’s 8 km. I also recently invested in a desk treadmill for my birthday which helps me meet my goal. I have had my FB for almost 4 years and even with not wearing it sometimes, I have walked over 6,000 km.

  • I am recovering from recently haging three blood clots. Two in my right leg and one in my right lung. Anyone have a recommendation as to how many steps I should start off with a day?

  • I am recovering from recently having three blood clots. Two in my right leg and one in my right lung. Anyone have a recommendation as to how many steps I should start off with a day?

  • I did not think the Fitbit would motivate me. I have worked out both cardio and weights all my life. I am 68 years old. I was doing 30 minutes of cardio and about 30 minutes of weight machines 5-6 days a week. Now with the Fitbit I have increased to 45 minutes a day cardio 6
    days a week! I set my daily step goal at 9,000. Great tool. I guess we can all improve. If you are new to exercise or in a rut I highly recommend Fitbit!

  • I am eighty six years old and in decent condition. Should I still set my goal as 10,000 steps, or is a little less ill right? Sometimes on a winters day it not easy to walk far.

  • I faithfully walk 10,000 steps a day if not more , I’ve been doing this for at least 2/3 months and I do Zumba 2 to 3 times a week , I’m trying to lose 10 lbs I’ve only lost 1 1/2 lb any comments or suggestions would be appreciated I feel I should of lost more weight at this point

  • I am on my 3rd Fitbit HR
    The same grap happens almost every 6 months. Won’t sinc CS can’t help send me new one tire of it
    If the unit has flaws (cause now there’s a 2 out) why don’t they pull it off market and let us upgrade. Very disappointed Any one have a suggestion for a different unit not a Fitbit ??

  • Lara, I am a active 90 yr old. 5″4, weight 118 lbs and want to tay that weight. I am walking an average of 2+miles a day. according to my fitbit. How many steps a day do you recommend for an active lady my age. Love walking for my health.

  • I have the charge hr. I noticed when I move my arms it will add steps . I was raking leaves in the front yard and the alarm went off for 10,000 steps. I noticed a couple of hours later when I was done, I was at 23,000 steps. I can be sitting in a chair, move my arm up and down and it will add steps. How can this be accurate for miles walked and calories burned?

  • I have had my Flex for 2 years. I used it sporadically. After having a serious problem with Sciatic nerve in October, November, recovered in December, I committed to Health Improvement. I use Isagenix, eating about 1200 calories a day. I started slow in January walking half a mile in 30 minutes. I was so out of shape!! Every day I went farther and faster. Then I discovered FITBIT CHALLENGES!!! I posted on Facebook asking others to join me, who have FITBITS!! The response was amazing and we started February 28th. Inches are coming off but pounds are not….I am walking about 10000 steps a day in 80 minutes….no laughing. ..I am 71. Should I be increasing my calories? Could my body be in Starvation mode because I’m spending more calories than I’m taking in?? I feel good… I just want the pounds off as well as inches!! I usually have a shake- 260 calories, a bar-240 calories, then a healthy meal consisting of 6 oz protein, 24 oz vegetables, and healthy fat. Maybe a fruit with cottage cheese as a snack. Love my Fitbit..

  • I understand mine it’s pretty simple fire for burn calories, steps for floors I took, Heart for heart rate

  • My daughter asked me to to join Fitbit as her friend. It is another
    of her great ideas. Thanks Editor & FitBit for this fun & healthy program.

  • I have been achieving 10000 steps almost every day for past 4-5 months…I do jogging in morning, play TT to achieve my steps goal but still not able to loss much weight. Please advise.

  • I can’t find the actual research by Dr Yoshiro Hatano to answer this question but hopefully someone can answer this or direct me to his research.
    In Japan in 1960 Dr Hatano looked at the number of steps for an average Japanese and arrived at the 10 000 number. If this research is only based on the Japanese aren’t there cultural differences, in say in the West, such as average weight and type of diet which would affect the number of steps required to burn the necessary calories?

  • Can someone tell me ..I used to use Garmin and you can join challenges with other people on there ..Can you not do this with fitbit? Can you only add people you know as friends on here? Can you not join challenges with people maybe in different countries?

  • I purchased a fitbit zip last week and started walking on a new trail close to the house. I didn’t realize that the goals could be adjusted because I’ve been a little frustrated with not meeting the goal of 10,000 steps a day. I’m not sure what my level should be – I haven’t been active in a long time, but I’ve been working pretty hard. I did make the 10,000 steps one day and I’m making between 2.5 – 4 miles of steps a day; with a minimum of 45 minutes intense walking. It hasn’t registered on the scale yet, but this little piece of equipment is quite a motivator for me. Right now, the zip is enough and I enjoy using the dashboard. Thanks!

  • I swim most days instead of walking — I think 35 minutes or swimming more than makes up for not walking 10,000 steps a day. The days I don’t swim I do yoga and walk, or zumba and swim, etc. I’m 73 years old – I think I’m doing fine.

  • I love my Alta HR which I purchased on launch day. I swim for up to 30 mins 5 times a week. Is there a way of logging this into my tracker as I know I can’t wear my fitbit whilst swimming

  • Hi Lara
    My job involves pushing wheelchairs during my work day .My question is does my Fitbit record my steps if both hands are needed to push the chair ? It is a year since I purchased my Fitbit and I have been able to maintain my weight .It sure keeps me accountable and I usually am able to walk my goal of 10000 steps .

  • I don’t understand. The lit says 150 min per week moderate exercise and 10k steps a day is a healthy lifestyle. I am on my 7th day with the fitbit and it takes me at least 1hr & 15 min EVERY DAY on the treadmill@2mph to even come close to 10k steps. Which is right, steps or minutes?

  • I go to the gym at 6 am. until 8 am. Within this time frame, I put in my 10,000 steps and burn off about 1000 to 1100 calories throughout my full workout. The rest of the day is just bonus.

  • Working @ Lowes, I get PAID for most of my steps!!! Usually total 16K to 23K steps on workdays. Too bad I can’t “run” @ work!!! The use of this device has been a great incentive.

  • I would like to be able to join more active groups. My current circle of friends are not motivating me to walk more. I wish there were a way to join groups based on your activity goals. If my goal is 100,000 steps in the work week then I should look up people with my goals.

  • A good way to start is to track yourself over three days — including one weekend day. See where you currently are for total average steps, on those days. Don’t worry about hitting a 10,000 step goal, just yet. These three days will give you baseline for where you are. Try to set your goal to about 1,000 steps above the average of those three days. See how you do with that, for a few days, and adjust where necessary. I found it helpful to make my goal just attainable, only if I take a 20 minute walk in the evening. This walk is something that I did not do before the fitbit. I love my fitbit, but I use it as a tool to entice me to do more than I did without it. Don’t overdo it, and set personal goals — don’t care about what other people do, so much, at first!

    I have no car, and walk to work (South Korea), so I am at 13,000 steps per day. I eat too much junk — need to cut that out, too.

  • Hi , I started using the Fitbit on February 11th for exercise and weight loss, I made my goal 8,000 steps so I wouldn’t get discouraged, after the first week i made the goal and now I average 13,000 and had 2 days over 18,000.

    I love the hourly reminder for my weekends, three weekends in a row I got my steps in every hour which for me is 9am -10pm, I love seeing all the areas flash with completion.

    Weight loss is slow and steady; no weight loss for the first 3 weeks but now about 0.2 pounds a day, so far I’ve lost 7 pounds.

    Wish I bought it sooner!

  • I hv recently started and I hv been doing approx 100000 steps a day and I fee my body is lighter than before. Really useful tool.

  • I’ve been currently averaging 25000 per day.
    I’ve lost 18 lbs.
    I’m at a weight loss lull.
    What do I do?

  • I think there should be some realistic evaluation of goals which allow for the age differences of the entire FitBit population…
    At the age of 78 [almost 79]… It is rare that I get close to 10,000 steps a day.!!
    But, since I do try to [weather permitting] bike about 10 miles on a river trail three [3] days a week… sometimes I get close.. the river trail ride is generally good for 4.800 – 5,000 steps on those days. Plus, I get several “stairs” from going through the underpass ramps under the streets, etc.. Non-bike days are closer to 3,000 steps.!!

  • I have been putting my Alta sans wristband in my sock because it gets in the way on my arm. Ten thousand steps takes me 5 miles, about 2.64 feet per step. My fitbit is setup for 30 inch steps. All seems good to me. Is it ok to wear it in my sock? The acceleration from my leg is much greater than my arm. I started because when I work in the garden I was afraid arm movements were being counted even when I was just raking or using a shovel.

  • So how do you manage fitness goals if you have an autoimmune disease and are in chronic pain? Fatigue is a symptom of many autoimmune conditions as is chronic pain. In my particular case I have approx 60% lung function and this is unlikely to improve because I have interstitial lung disease as part of my condition. I also have moderate to severe pain from sciatica – both of which limit my capacity to walk – and osteoporosis. I am immunosuppressed.

    • Get out of pain with DMSO & rebuild immune system with gigtonnes of pre, pro biotics and fermented foods (tolerance permitting) You might need a detox but few work as advertised. Boron (not the acid variety) has been shown to work under medical supervision!

  • I own a dog walking service in Brooklyn Heights, N.Y. and complete anywhere from 10,000 plus steps / day, averaging 155,000 steps per week. . Due to this exercising my resting heart rate has dropped to an average of 55 BPM. I struggle with the weight due to not staying disciplined enough by eating properly. Although I do eat healthy, most of the time, but have a bagel each morning, and can finish a pint of hagendaz a couple of times a week. This habit of eating the wrong carbohydrates, but need to manage them properly so as not to maintain a wrong weight. My current weight now is 170lbs, which should really be 165lbs being 5’8″.

  • I was beating myself up because I was not doing my 10000 steps. Switch to 8000, no problem, switched to 8500, will take me two more months but will then be at my 1000, some days I do more than that

  • When I walk for 30 minutes I get no where near 10000 steps. Can you explalin the 30 minute recommendation and how that relates to the 10000 steps. Thank you.

  • I have a Fitbit flex 2. I walk my dog for 45 – 60 min and this does not give me 10 000 steps but around 4-6000 steps. Is my tracker defective?

  • Hi Lara,

    If a person is expected to get 10,000 steps in 30 minutes of exercise, I believe that works out to 7.6 miles per hour. To this 63-year-old man, this seems to be running, not a “stroll,” and a lot more than just “moderate” exercise, at least for me.

    Please check my calculations and let me know if I’m wrong: 10,000 steps x 2 feet/step = 20,000 feet in 30 minutes. With 5,280 feet/mile, that means running at 20,000/5,280 = 3.79 miles in 30 minutes, or running at a 7.58 mph rate. Maybe this is “moderate” to people in their 20s and 30s, but I’m pretty sure I can’t keep up a 7.58 mph pace for very long.

    I can do a 4 mph rate for 30 minutes. Does this qualify as “moderate” exercise in your opinion?

  • I received a fitbit flex for Christmas and the thing never worked correctly, It goes to sleep whenever it wants to, (which is a lot), with my other fitbit bug it counted correctly. This one I used to walk 10-15,000 steps a day, I work on a large college campus. It counts only if I shake my wrist while I am walking (which really looks stupid). The thing never vibrates, this thing probably was made on a Friday just before closing and never got testing.

  • I am 76 years old i had open heart by pass my gal is 8.000 daily but i do 12 to 13 plus i go to the gmc

  • 10,000 steps is great but I am 82 years old and spent over three years in the last five in a wheelchair. Just thrilled to get over 5,000 every day! Walking is very painful sometimes but I push through. I did get over 10,000 one day last week.

  • 10,000 steps is great but I am 82 years old and spent over three years in the last five in a wheelchair. Just thrilled to get over 5,000 every day! Walking is very painful sometimes but I push through. I did get over 10,000 one day last week.

  • Hi! I have just started usig the Fitbit HR 2 small. Its fantastic! I run my own cleaning business and also do boxing training. My average day at work and by the time I have finished at home I have done 20,000 steps!! This is without boxing or any other exercise! I have always found that when I have a sports competion that I overtrain…could the fact that my work and homelife are so e ergetic be the cause? I think so.
    Also, is there a fitbit to wear which can be used whilst boxing training please? Thankyou Jamie!

    • 340 hours water aerobics per week? There is only 168 hours in a week, 336 hours in 2 weeks, do you mean 340 minutes?

  • Sorry if this is a stupid question but my light bar shows 3 white lights and one red one. I just took it off the charger last night so it couldn’t be running out of power now. Could it?

  • Hi! I’m 14 weeks pregnant and I use a Charge 2 tracker. How many steps a day should I be taking? I will return to my PT training next week but, in the meantime, I’m trying to get to 10.000 everyday! Thanks!!

  • what does that mean, 10k steps, 5 miles includes 30 minutes of exercise? It takes 2 hours to hike 5 miles, 30 min is under 2 miles.
    Does it mean two hours of walking equals 30 minutes of “exercise?”

  • Please join the rest of the world and use the metric system! The rest of the world don’t relate to the archaic miles and pounds still in use in the USA. This is 2017 pleeeze!

  • I am a 76 year old female with severe emphysema, a-fib, pacemaker, 5’6″ tall and weigh 103 pounds; I need oxygen in order to walk & must tow my portable machine behind me as I go. My pulmonary doc says I am doing well to log in 4-6,000 steps a day. So, one size does not fit all, and due to my health issues, I may never reach 10,000 steps/day again. But I LOVE my FITBIT; it helps to keep me motivated.

  • I have the fitbit charge 2 and love it. It helps me keep my goals and is real easy to understand. I hope to do another half marathon this year and this tracker should help me do it… i am 47 years old now and do more execise than i have ever done.

  • I’ve been doing 10k steps per day for years. It’s called three dog walks. I haven’t lost any weight, now I’ve got massively muscular legs and calfs and I find it difficult to get trousers to accomodate my lower legs !

  • If you do further research you will find 10000 steps to be “bunk” an average walker walks at a pace of 3.1 mph. 10000 steps is roughly 5 miles. That’s walking for one hour forty minutes every day. Which in a week is 11.66 hours. The medical recommendation is 150 minutes (2 hours 30 minutes).

    • Amen, Each person, depending on age and fitness, should set
      their own goal “one size fits all” is absurd. They say you can change to goal, but you can’t. Very user unfriendly!

  • I had 1500 steps left at the end of the night before getting in bed. I put on a program on Netflix and just walk in place until my titbit went of at 10000 steps. You can do it.

  • Hi i normaly make 20,000 but i have day i make 16k or more than 20k per day and per week 1,450 minutes… for me the fitbit was the best of all … this show me how strong im and what i can to …

  • I will be 69 this fall. I have high blood pressure and have been inactive for some years now. Just before Mother’s Day I got a Charge 2. I didn’t try to SET GOALS as yet, being out of shape. I just used the fitbit app to see where I was over time, being happy the once or twice a week that I saw 10,000 steps, but, you know, it’s just a NUMBER. Concentrate on the average steps you’re doing and try to gradually up it while concentrating on eating better. The feature that means the most to me is the pulse rate, as this is my ultimate goal to reduce it. Those two stats were what I focused on while looking and reading about the other apps. It’s like anything, you can’t understand EVERYTHING right off the bat. Just give yourself a pat for have STARTED.

  • Fit bit has been a huge benefit to me. Since Christmas I have 2.53 million steps.
    Monitoring my activity and playing a game. Has helped. Lost 7 pounds too.

  • Just a question. There is no mention of age . Is the 10000 steps a recommendation for a 70 year old woman?

  • Hi on my fit bit when I want to look at the steps it says things like 2.1 k……how can I see the steps like 2,156???? I have the Ultra HR

  • 10000 steps a day is just great if you work. However when you’re old like me it’s 75 and retired anywhere from 6 to 10 thousand is good just working around the house or walking the dog are mowing the yard. How does everybody else feel about that?

  • Hey genius,
    I am 75 years old and have arthritis in major joints, I do not need 10,000 steps a day. What works for a 20 Year old does not necessarily work ofr a 75 year old! Your “one size fits all” mantra is really, really dumb. How do I set another goal?

  • I’ve had my fitbit for about a month and have all of my goals set to the recommendations to lose weight. But having a desk job and a lot of summer storms in the south, I’m having a hard time meeting many of the goals on a daily basis. Wondering if it’s better to lower the goals to just above my average and then raise them as I start meeting them. Or should I just keep striving for those high goals of steps, miles, amount of calories burned?

  • I’m 63, having 14000 steps average daily. Feel great. My mom is 86, she is walking at least tree times a day per 20-25 minutes each time..

  • My fit bit includes riding my motorcycle in distance and time, calories burned. I don’t know ow how to eleminate it.

  • Hi Lara I have the fitbit alta. I walk 10000 steps 5 times a week covering 7.3-5km (don’t know what that is in miles). I also walk with a friend who wears a garmon. Her garmon measures more steps and over a kilometer more than my fitbit. Why is that? We are walking at an average speed of 10 minutes a kilometer.

  • Okay so I didn’t make 10,000 steps today ! I am 77 years old and roller skated for 2 hours steady today ! So that doesn’t count ? Sorry ! Why doesn’t your Fit Bit record that ? I think that I got more than 10,000 steps ! ! !

  • I have been using fitbit Charge HR for about a year and a half. I am 66 years old healthy male (basal heart rate 62, weight 86 KG) and average about 11,000 steps a day. I used to do 10 to 20 floors a day but have reduced it to 5-7 as I worry about long term effect on my knees. Could you please let me know if I should continue 10,000 steps a day or should I reduced the numbers as I advance in years. Would there be an adverse effect on knee joint? Thanks!

  • I purchased Fitbit charge 2 today. But last 2-3 moths calories burned is showing in my Fitbit. Is it possible delete old data calories from Fitbit? Kindy advise

  • I have MD and just went through a full right knee replacement. So I cannot possibly make 10,000 steps a day. I’d be lucky to attain 3,000. So I’m going to ignore your 10,000 step requirement.

  • My wife and have been using fitbit for a month and have been walking around 9,000 steps a day. We are losing weight and feeling better–in retirement at the ages of 67 and 70.

  • Love my Charge 2… feels like i have a workout buddy to keep me focused and “charged” up for exercise Accidentally wore it in the pool … 3 different times. It’s definitely water resistant! I just shook it off, and it keeps on workin’

  • I am 74.5 and late to exercising. My goal is 6000 steps a day. I only get to 10,000 when I am out visiting a park, mall, or sighting seeing. I can’t believe the goal of 10,000 is for old people. I love my fitbit to keep me on goal.

  • I just read a disturbing article about the increase in depression and suicudes in young girls in America. They interviewed girls who spent most of their time at home, alone in their rooms with their smart phones. No exercise. No actual friends, only Facebook friends. My children are grown. But if I were the mother of a teen, I would make sure she/he wore a Fitbit daily — or no phone!

  • I’ve upped my daily goal to 20,000 steps a day.

    I do a workout in the AM. And a walk at night to make up any steps in missing out on.

    But when at work. I find getting up and walking stairs for water etc. Helps me get 10,000 steps in by 2 pm (6am wake up). So doing the next 10k from 2-until 9 pm is doable!

    Love the challenges for fit bit! Helps me reach my goals!

  • My max is about 8000 to 9000 steps mainly because of perepheral neuropothy in right leg.dont think my age of 76 has slowed me down much but do get tired easily.

  • My job is very physical so on my 8 hour shift, I’m constantly moving and walking but sometimes I do sit fir a break if not behind.

  • Happy I’m able to step while working, the most I stepped so far was 15,242 at work that’s because I had no break.

  • Yeah, my ‘perfect number’ is 15000 steps, as I’m 13 and a sporty person. It’s a must that I get that.

  • I’m having problems getting my tracker to synchronize with my app as my tracker is telling me I have done 10000 steps and my app is only registering 200.

  • I don’t understand this at all. I’m trying to do10,000 per day while on vacating on paris(1 week, lucky me). I’m walking all over the place and take few breaks, and in averaging 15,000 per day, which is great. But that’s walking nearly constantly while on vacation. How can I do this at home on real life? It doesn’t make any sense.

  • I have fitbit 10,000 Steps program for several years for 5 days a week and often 11,000 to 12,000 some weeks and my weekly exercise use to reflect my achievement and goal but after I exchanged to Afta Hr the weekly exercise gets stuck in 1 day a week no longer the 5 days week is reflecting
    Secondly the HR rate is inaccurate and not dependable as Apple Watch shows 20 to 30 heart below fitbit hr
    If it continues show irregular numbers and information I may just run over my fitbit damage it and destroy it and use only Apple Watch 2

  • I have a new Fitbit Blaze, I’ve been using it for a few days. The problem I have is it continues to log steps while I’m driving. I’m a truck driver so I’m driving quite a bit during the course of a day. A Fitbit person told me I could log those hours manually under driving but I cannot find where on my dashboard to do that. Anybody else know how to do this or had a similar problem?

  • I would love to register 10,000 steps per day on my fit bit. However, most days my Alta just arbitrarily stops counting whenever it wants. I lose 2000 steps per day minimum. This affects miles, calories, etc. I have an app on my phone that gives a much more accurate step count. I have also tracked several routes and know exactly how many steps per route. My Alta count is always 500 to over 2000 steps under.

  • I walk over 12,000 steps at my job but never really get a fat burn heart rate. Do I actually need a 30 minute extra walk to lose 1 pound per week?

  • Hello i am from SOUTH AFRICA AND GOT MY FITBIT CHARGE 2 today…..i am 57 fem…
    cant use my legs so walking or floor exercise is not for me…but i do weight training 3x pw for 30 min each…..i need to loose 50kg and i recently started keto diet….1200cal pd how can i do that setting on mealplan and how can i get my steps in i only do exercice in chair…..please help.

  • The CDC recommendation is 150 minutes/week which translates to 150 / 7 * 60 steps/minute. This equals a little less than 1300 steps/day.

    Whatever the merits of the 10,000 steps/day it has no relationship to the CDC recommendation. 1,500 steps a day is quite adequate for most people.

  • Interesting article, but why do you assume everyone wants to lose weight? It makes an assumption that everyone is overweight.

  • I wanted a Fitbit but kept putting it off until I was offered a chance to purchase one using my employee discount which was given as a Company Perk. I am so pleased that I purchased my compact Fitbit One Device. I set a realistic goal of 7500 steps a day since I had fell off working out at the gym 3 times a week and had actually only been going about 1-2 times a week. I knew something had to change so I have been hitting my goal of 7500 steps since I got my Fitbit One Device, a week ago. I downloaded the app and joined the community and cheered a few people too. My Fitbit keeps me in check and reminds me to keep moving. My step record is 10,644 steps.

  • My brother-in-law step is 36″ and mine is 27″. Can the fit bit stride be set? why should he need to go approx.7 miles and I go approx. 4 miles (10000 steps).

  • Fitbit helps me a lot to have an inspiration to go on each day. After completing 10,000 step for a day after two weeks I manage to take 30,000 steps because I feel more lighter when I’m playing tennis and I really understood now that if you want to manage your healthy eating habit logging your food becomes easy for me so I will count my calories intake vs calories out. I’m very inspired now bec. In two weeks I have a significant loss of weight. Thanks

  • How come my Fit Bit stopped recording my steps at 1045pm. On October 10th. According to its records I missed my daily goal by 6 steps.

  • I use a walker and put my Fit bit on my shoe so it will register my steps. It is important to walk each day for me-however I’m not sure it is keeping a good record or not. My Fitbit is a little old and the battery is running low every other day Can you suggest the best one to get for me I’m also on Oxygen Thanks

  • My fitbit says i walked 20000 plus today,i’m on my feet all day at work,but when i logged on to the site it days zero

  • The numbers do not add up on the 10000 step goal. It takes me 30 minutes of constant walking to make 2500 steps, which is a mile for me. This means I would have to spend two hours of my day walking. My average is about 6500 steps per day, which only happens because I look for opportunities to walk. My best day is 9000 steps, and that happens if I walk on the treadmill at the gym for an hour, or spend 3 hours doing yard work. Normal life does not provide time or the opportunity to walk 10000 steps. Maybe it happens in Japan, where the standard was set and people have to walk everywhere, but I doubt most people can do this and work too.

  • I walk about 25,000 to 30,000 steps a day. I work for a school. I’m the day custodian and the kids keep you pretty busy cleaning up the school. It’s ok I like the job.

  • Well, here I go again. Trying to become healthy and fit. I’m always so hopeful. I’ve lost up to 30 lbs on other plans. Unfortunately, for each successful weight loss, I’ve regained each pound… and then some. So here I go again! But this time I’m incorporating some new tools: Fitbit, a daily prayer about my health journey and a ramped up determination to shed the “fat girl” in exchange for a “phat girl”.

  • I have noticed that the hardest steps earned do not count on my charge2. I work where i have to lift awkward objects and carry them a short distance. I know i take more steps than it shows. Also when i go shopping no steps show because i am pushing a cart. I find this disheartening and discouraging when trying to meet my step goal when i am also dealing with artheritis in my feet and bursitis in my knees. I almost feel like i should have a step counter on my shoe and a heartrate minitor on my wrist!

  • My fitbit HR is absolute rubbish – or Fitbit have got everything wrong. (I notice they have changed “steps” to “strides”. NOT wishing to log a greater distance than in real walking, I took my car and measured a regular walk. It said 0.8 miles. My fitbit seems to want my “stride” to be over 170″ to get anywhere near this distance. Then the dashboard tells me I have walked a nearly impossible mileage over the day using these calculations. DON’T ask Fitbit for help – they are useless.

  • I did about 20 000 steps per day during 3 month ,and now I have a problem with my health.My heart bit is 45 bpm and I have a high blood pressure.

  • After my annual checkup I got to know I am overweight, I decided loose weight tried all possible things nothing worked out. One day my wife gifted me Fitbit blaze that was the turning point, from then no looking back. I was able track my calorie intake, water and my activity. Thanks to Fitbit I lost 12 kgs in just 4 months & still loosing have to loose another 15 kgs.

  • Because of muscular and skeletal conditions related to Osteoarthritis, walking long distances is one of my disabilities. I have found away around this to still get my 10,000 steps per day, strengenthened core & leg muscles and a good aerobic workout as well. I climb and descend stairs & hills. I have other exercise routines taught me by an exercise physiologists that I’m pretty good at practicing. But stair & hill climbing to reach my step goal, I never miss. How I perform, in terms of pace, smoothness of gait and balance, is all revealed in this exercise. Thanks to my Fitbit tracker, I have become obsessive about reaching my 10,000. Yes, I have my good days & my bad days. I always learn something about my body from each.

  • I have a new Fitbit Charger 2. Does it pick upset movements and does that count? I wore it on my right arm for a couple of days. Ian Right Handed and was very busy with lots of Company. It Recorded Over 15,000 steps..nextday Over 16,000!. I as it to my left hand and scrubbed floors. I am right handed…recorded much less than before even if I worked veryhard. I am confused as to how and what it records??? Can you clarify?

  • I am 76 years young & suffered a serious heart attack almost 3 years ago but am happy to say that with time & wonderful care from N H S I am well now.18 months ago my family bought me a Fitbit as I felt I neede to monitor my walking, I first set it to 10,000 steps but found that a step too far & re-set it to 8000 which I aim able to do & do most days. I feel that 10,000 steps is surely aimed at younger folks but us oldies like to keep ourselves fit as well & walking is the best excercise for me as a gym just does not appeal & since getting my Fitbit I keep a track on things

  • I have no problem making 10,000 steps but my concern is that I have 2 knee replacements and a hip replacement. I am 75 years old and go to a fitness center every day and have always been active. I am wondering if it is safe to do 10, 000 steps a day.

  • I had a stroke due to a complication during surgery. It was in the frontal lobe and I take so many mood medications. They put weight on and it is so stubborn to lose an ounce. Help! I work out and I force myself to eat one meal.

  • I am almost 71 years o.a., and I am trying to get to the 10,000 steps per day that is advised by health experts, but it is very hard as I work 15 hrs per day, 7 days per week in an outdoor job with horses, as I am self employed, so my total at the moment is 17,000 steps per day (on a fairly easy day.)
    I will find it very hard to get down to 10,000 as I am always too busy.

    I am 5ft 11in and weigh 9.5 stone, and have a very healthy diet.

    Should I worry about getting to the 10,000 steps, ?

  • This article is a load of nonsense designed to make you buy a high priced Fitbit, when you recommend 10,000 steps a day where is the distinction between a 25 year old fit young man and a man of sixty five. No one can do 10,000 steps in half an hour, also the theory from NHS and other health organisations is you should do 150 minutes of exercise per week but walking 10,00 steps in 1 day will achieve this and more depending on your step and pace, so for the other 6 days you can be lazy. What utter rubbish. People and organisations that are in the business of making money should not be giving this kind of advice to gullible people just to sell a product.

  • Lara, this 10k per day has not only been debunked by world famous Dr Mosley it’s also undoable by most! HIITS for 3-5 mins per day has been proven to be up to 300% more effective and is obviously miles more efficient! Please revise this post as it’s dated, wrong and in fact a damaging myth invented for the Tokyo Olympics!!!

  • what about ..during travel..steps gets added and gives false sense of completing the step target.Any solution?

  • Why my brand fit bit ionic stopped recording my steps? I update the new version, reset to manufacture setting. Still nothing!!! Ughhhhh

  • Hi All, I am using a Fitbit Alta HR for almost a year now. I lost in that time period 15,5kg. By doing my 10.000 steps and more most of the days. It has been a great motivator to move and exercise. Thank you fitbit…you’re the best!

  • I am 76 years old & 10,000 steps is too much & I have had a coronary bypass. What should my step goal be?

  • I have a production job with a lot of arm moving in it . My steps count up with these movements…should i set the steps higher? Or is there an adjustment in the sensitivity? And can u set it difference for in the weekend then?

  • A little over two months ago I suffered an immediate onset of muscle inhibition and inflammation in both legs due to overuse in the gym, adding too much weight in too little time without enough recovery time. I was reduced to walking less than 1500 steps a day because of tendinitis, muscle tension, and pain that was occurring along with my muscles shutting down.

    It took me nearly a month, and a really good massage, to get my legs well rested, inflammation free, and pain free. When I was able to start walking outside of the house again, I decided to start low and slow in my step count. I used my Fitbit as a gauge and motivation.

    I made my initial step goal 2000 steps. Crushing it, I increased another 250 steps the following two weeks (2500). For the next few weeks after that I increased 500 steps the following week (3000). These last two weeks I increased by 1000 steps (now at 5000 steps), yet I have been making over 6000 steps each of the last 4 days! That’s 1000 steps past my current step goal!

    I’ve been seeing a physical therapist the last 3 weeks and she is very impressed with my improvement in such a short time. I’ve met all the goals she had for me. And with my Fitbit, I’ve gone beyond my step goals. In 3 days (Sunday) I plan to increase my step goals a whopping 2000 steps! (Up to 8000).

    At this rate, in 10-11 more days I will be able to set my step goal to 10000 daily steps. An accomplishment I’ve never done before. Thank you for helping me achieve and go beyond my goals Fitbit!

  • I am not sure where Laura received her certification of fitness training but 10,000 steps does not equate to 30 minutes of walking. I don’t know too many “walkers” that can walk 5 miles an hour without going into a jog. You are misrepresenting how long it takes to get 10,000 steps in a day. I am not trying to be a hater but not everyone has joints that can handle running.

  • I received my first fitbit charge 2 yesterday. Just walking inside the house it shows 1300 steps. This is impossible. I assume that this is at least 4 times more then I walked. What can I do

  • hi group I am trying to figure out ho I food on my Fitbit and Weight watchers and track my calorie

  • My biggest obstacle is been that I’ve had three knee surgeries in the last 6 months but I am averaging about 16,000 steps a day but it’s more difficult being in a brace hopefully the brace will at least be unlocked so I can bend my knee in the next 30 days

  • Been walking a minimum of 10,000 steps per day since the middle of January. I’ve lost about 12 lbs. I was hoping to lose quicker than that, but still hoping that within a year i will lose 25 to 30 lbs. Feeling a lot better about my overall health.

  • You asked about me taking 10,000 steps a day ! Wish i could but the cancer injections stops all testerone which in turn makes me extremely tired.I do as muxh as i can each day.

  • I assume since I did gym for 20 minutes and yoga an hour today, getting 8000 steps today is probably a good goal. What do you think?

  • Mein fitbit Alta ist jetzt 1,4 Jahre alt und kann sich nicht mehr mit dem Handy verbinden. Ich bin sehr enttäuscht. Sowas für über 100Euro nur auf ein gutes Jahr zu produzieren ist sehr traurig. Ich werde kein Markenprodukt mehr kaufen. LG Manuela

  • I was so excited about my Fitbit versa… I have it now and I’m disappointed by how it performs. Guess what my activity tracker doesn’t accurately track my activity when it comes to tracking steps… It actually tracks the movement of my arm no matter how subtle the movement, and each movement is recorded as a “step”. Not cool… Hoping this can be correct, because I now feel like I just purchased a $198.00 mistake!

  • I am 73 and nursing an ACL injury
    Therefore my steps are limited
    Hope to get back on track in few months

  • I just got my Fibit on my Birthday June 2. 2018 Im getting 2000 to 3000 steps a say . Trying to get to 10.000 day

  • I’m not impressed with your form of motivation!!!
    It’s like shouting at a child, just creates fear and resentment.
    You should try the persuasive approach… Check out the Jawbone App UP. It uses the carrot not the stick guys. I’m surprised Fitbit and a little disappointed

  • I’m confused. Just got my Fitbit and I take 50 steps but only 10 show up on my count. What am I doing wrong?

  • I’m a bricklayer of 31 yrs and averaging 25,000 steps per day . I’m off to Mam Tor Saturday with my good lady bring on the steps

  • I got a Fitbit Charge 2 for Mothers Day. I Strated out with a goal of 5,000 steps because I have some injuries due to a domestic violence assault. I have been pushing myself hard. The beginning of this last week I told my brother I wanted to walk a marathon and he said ok start training I started the week with a goal of 9,000 steps a day. I am only on day 5 and have increased my steps every day. I’m excited to say on dat 5 I have hit 20,900 as of now I still have some day left. I am excited on how I have been doing. I love this walking stuff! Who knew!

  • Please can you help me to use my fitbit foot. Step is not working. It’s recording the calories only. Please help me

  • I don’t see how I will ever get 10,000 steps in, in one day! Maybe in the fall, because I teach pre-k, so I’m on my feet and walking around quite a bit. But my summer job requires a lot of sitting. I made it to over 6000 one day because I took a 45 minute walk. But at least it’s helping me to be more mindful of moving more!

  • Hi Lara, I am 60 next month and still like to do reasonably high intensity running to make up most of my steps each week. Fitbit would like us to average around 10k steps each day yet I prefer to give my body at least one day off between each run of around 5k’s whicch averages out at about 7-8k steps per day over the course of a week. Sould I do extra walking to make up the steps shortfall or do you consider what I am doing sufficient considering the intensity which is at about 5min/k pace?

  • Hi, i usually walk at a brisk pace but i only achieve 5000 steps in 30 minutes. Is it possible to achieve 10,000 steps in 30 minutes ?

  • I am 67 years young and I am on my 15th day of 10,000 steps per day. I will now change my step goal from 7,000 to 10,000 per day. Feeling Great!!

  • I easily do more than 10000 steps with yardwork and Swimming. I use both Flex (outside work) and Flex2, this week thay have not recorded just a few steps. Both are connected, don’t understand why they are synched with each other. They were for 2 weeks

  • Your article is confusing
    You are really saying an extra 10000 steps a day to loose 1 pound per week. Do you not mean an extra 10000 per week ?

  • Is the 10,000 steps per day for everyone, no matter their age? I got a Fitbit in order to drop pounds. I won’t say lose because that implies that it belongs there. I found it extremely difficult to do much more than 4,000 steps per day. Now, I’ll admit some of this is due to being out of shape, but what about age? I’m 56 years old and wonder if I should be trying, even once I’m fit, to do the same as a person who is in their 20s or 30s. I certainly have trouble imagining a person in their 70s trying to do 10,000 steps per day.

  • To accomplish 5 miles in 30 minutes means your moving at a 6 minute per mile pace. That’s highly trained athlete pace. As a runner breaking 8 minutes won me several 5 and 10K races. A 12-15 minute pace is reality, or SIXTY minutes a day. I do the 10,000 steps, I know.

  • The requirement to walk 10K per day is BS, the requirement should be related to age and health. I am almost 82 and I walk about 8K per day and I am very satisfied more that that my knees give out and my feet hurt. Not worth the effort

  • I have set my target at 7,000 steps, as sufficient for an 82 year old. This keeps me trim and fit, but not as much as when I was running marathons and other sports activities in former days. Any advice from other oldsters?

  • I decided to walk more this week and reach 20,000 steps a day. Can’t believe I am doing it but unfortunately not a single gram lost. I did it straight, different periods, but nothing. Before I used to do 10,000 and situation was the same and that’s why I decided to change. I wished I could lose some weight to be motivated.

  • This was very interesting to me I had never previously known before that 10,000 steps a day can stave off mental decline, improve sleep quality, maintain and even aid as a weight loss tool over time

    Thanks for sharing this Post

    -Sean McDonough
    Apprentice at Lucid Hearing

  • I don’t get in 10,000 steps daily, but I always walk 30-40 min. A day, I get around 7-8000 steps daily

  • Hi I got my fitbit when I turned 50 and it’s the best sparring partner I’ve ever had as I am very competitive with myself I always try and beat my previous week stats my best is 176,000 steps for the week that’s 76 miles . In February I weighed in at 12.5 st I am now sitting at a healthy 10.5 st .feeling healthier and happier

  • If 10,000 steps equals around five miles, then there is no way anyone is reaching that goal within a 30 minute time frame.

  • I’m not sure how this works, but I can say there no way this is tracking my steps.Reason being there no way I took the steps it said for the last three days.No way! I mean really I’m sure I did not take 9000steps no way u can believe can someone tell me how it works as my is not right.thanks kj

  • I love my fitbit I do 10000 stips a day really filling fitter I all so jog do weights sleep well my body is fitter with fit bit coach plz all try your see fill different

  • I wonder what people do to get the 10,000steps. Im currently renovating my house, barely had a break today and I have 3,500 steps. I have the impression that to get the 10,000 steps people jog all day long.

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