7 Dietitian-Approved Snacks to Eat While Watching the Summer’s Biggest Competition

Do you know what’s more fun than sitting down to watch the big competition this summer with friends and family? Eating delicious sports-themed snacks while you celebrate. And these dietitian-approved snack ideas are the perfect choice.

American Glory Greek Yogurt

Don’t just wear red, white, and blue to cheer on the USA, but incorporate the team colors into your snacks as well. This simple yogurt bowl makes it easy while packing in nutrition at the same time. “Throw some blueberries, strawberries, and chia seeds into 1/2 cup of Greek yogurt for a sweet treat that provides healthy protein, antioxidants, and fiber,” shares Lacey Dunn, MS, RD, of UpliftFit Nutrition.

The Crunchy Nail Biter Solution

If you find yourself reaching for a crunchy snack while battling nerves as your favorite athlete races to the finish, then make sure to stock up on jicama. If you’re not familiar, jicama—also known as Mexican yam bean or Mexican turnip—is a slightly-sweet root vegetable that can be eaten raw. “Crunching on jicama is my ultimate favorite snack,” shares Sylvia Klinger, DBA, MS, RD of Hispanic Food Communications. “Try pairing jicama sticks with lime juice and a sprinkle of chile ancho ground powder.” 

In addition to providing a satisfying crunch, jicama also provides an excellent source of fiber with 6 grams per one cup of this sliced vegetable.

Caprese Kabobs

These caprese kabobs make the perfect bite-sized snack. “Add cherry tomatoes and cubed mozzarella cheese onto a toothpick then drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with fresh basil,” shares Ashley Harpst, RD. Not only is this colorful snack fun to eat, but the combination of protein and fiber-rich vegetables will help you stay satisfied for hours.

The Power Breakfast

Is your favorite team playing in the morning? Then this delicious power breakfast toast makes the perfect snack to give you the energy to cheer all morning long. “Add avocado on to whole wheat bread and top it off with sliced pepper, a poached egg, and a little salt and pepper,” shares Dunn. 

Not only is this combination rich in protein, healthy fats, and fiber to help you feel full and satisfied, but the avocado packs in the nutrition as well. “Avocados are chock full of heart healthy monounsaturated fats, which help to reduce inflammation in the body,” adds Dunn.

The Spicy Snack On-the-Go

Want to turn up the heat as you cheer on your team? Then elote, or Mexican street corn, makes the perfect finger food. “Boil corn for five minutes, then sprinkle with Cotija cheese and chili powder,” shares Harpst. 

Not only is this spicy snack delicious, but it may offer health benefits as well. With a higher antioxidant content than many cereal grains, corn contains beneficial nutrients such as leutin and zeaxanthin, which both help to support eye health. In addition, chili powder is rich in the nutrient capsaicin, a powerful anti-inflammatory compound. And since corn on the cob is easy to carry, this snack makes a great option to take with you no matter where you will be watching.

The Party Plate

Want a colorful, crunchy snack that everyone will love? This hummus platter makes a great choice with a variety of satisfying veggies. “Grab a handful of carrots, edamame, and your favorite hummus dip and get ready for a satisfying snack that will help curb your hunger and support a robust microbiome,” shares Dunn. You can select vegetables that contain the colors of your favorite team’s flag for extra team spirit! 

The Universal Snack

It doesn’t matter where you are from or who you are cheering for, the one thing every fan can agree on is that chips and dip are always a winner. “Bean dips are the best! I recommend adding homemade refried beans (or a low-sodium canned version) into chunky salsa and serving with baked tortilla chips for a dip that delivers flavor, protein, and fiber,” shares Klinger. 

And if you want to make sure you have something to keep every guest happy, try offering a tray of baked chips with multiple sides such as guacamole, salad, bean dip, and hummus.

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