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Social Motivation

Many of you have shown us through your activity levels that you are a pretty self-motivated group, but some days each of us could use a little motivation from friends & family to stay active.

You already know you can compare stats and invite friends on, and now you can share your activity levels on Twitter too.  Set it up once, and we’ll auto-tweet for you.  In fact, here’s my tweet from earlier this week, tweeted while I was sleeping (with my fitbit on my wrist, of course).

And I woke up to an inbox full of encouraging messages to start my day off on the right track! Set up an auto-tweet and wait for the motivation to come to you. In your profile on the right hand side, use the Share on Twitter link to connect with your Twitter profile.  We’ll take care of the rest.

Facebook addict?  It’s easy to link your twitter and facebook for even more motivation.

You can also follow Fitbit’s progress on twitter and facebook – we’ll be sharing our favorite customer tips and success stories, announcing features, and generally getting and staying motivated with you.

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  • How do I control what people will see when they visit my public profile? I don’t mind posting to twitter, but I’d like to have some say in what folks see when they show up.


  • Hi JustinLL, you can control what is seen in your public profile by going to “view profile” from the home page (under your profile photo). The resulting page will allow you to view your profile as you, your friends, and anyone. To change which items are public, use the edit privacy settings in the header.

  • Can you guys add the #fb at the end? I’d rather not enable all my tweets to go to Facebook, but I’d like to use the Selective Tweet app to publish my stats.


  • “Facebook addict? It’s easy to link your twitter and facebook for even more motivation.”

    Anyone know an easy way to do this? The official Facebook twitter app is apparently broken as many people (including myself) cannot get it to work due to authentication issues.

  • Ben – good suggestion, we’ll look to add this functionality. Carolyn – you can manually add activities such as weightlifting directly using “log activity” based on the length of time.

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