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We’ve recently talked about how to make the most of your gym membership for those of you who are working on building up a gym routine. But while gyms can be extremely helpful as you work on tackling your fitness goals, they’re not for everyone. If that rings true, this post is for you.

There are plenty of ways to stay fit year-long without a gym, if that’s what you prefer. Here are just a few ways to help you stay on-track and work fitness into your home.

  1. Set a routine. Just because your workout doesn’t necessarily mean you’re leaving your everyday environment, set aside the time you need to finish your workouts. One option – if you’re up for it – is to wake up an hour early to finish your workout before starting your day. If waking up earlier than you already do isn’t your cup of tea, try making it your pre-dinner ritual: no eating before you finish. Getting your workout done the same time each day will help you adjust to the change of schedule.
  2. Go outside. Just because you aren’t paying a membership fee doesn’t mean there aren’t other places you can work out. Check out your local parks or other public spaces to see what they have to offer. You can also try pre-determined workouts, like this no-equipment outdoor workout, or pick up something like running where all you need are shoes and a sidewalk (and maybe not even the sidewalk).
  3. Mix things up. Okay, so we just told you to set a routine. But don’t be so strict with your routine that you get bored or plateau. Try setting a schedule that invites you to try new things on different days: arms on Monday, cardio Tuesday, legs on Wednesday, etc., and then cycle through a number of different moves and activities. Also check out these tips celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak recently shared with us to help keep things interesting.
  4. Invest in some helpful equipment. You’re saving a load of cash by not paying anyone membership fees. Let yourself instead spend some of that on fitness equipment that will help you long-term. Whether that means getting some cold-weather gear, a new pair of running shoes, or some dumbells, figure out what will help you the most.
  5. Find some free alternatives. In the days of YouTube and fitness bloggers, there’s a lot of guided workouts out there that don’t require your credit card number. Do a search for something you’re interested in and see what’s out there, whether you’re looking to start some at-home yoga or just want to follow along to some zumba.

What’s your go-to way to get fit at home?

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