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Support and Orders

Hi all,

Just a friendly reminder. If you have any order inquiries, like changing your address or card number, please send them to, rather than posting a comment to this blog. You’ll get a much faster response that way and it can be tracked. We want to make sure  you get a prompt answer.

thanks all

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  • I can understand the point of this new blog entry, however, I feel that I have to ask. For those who cannot order, can we please get an update/blog entry regarding your progress on international shipping?

  • Pre-order on 9/15/2008
    Order# yhst-91209691582327-1490

    I do not remember which credit card I provided; just want to make sure
    it’s an active acct. Could you provide last 4 & which company?

    Anxiously waiting


  • You know I am sure that you said it some other time in the post but this got my attention. You guys got to it very quickly and email the confirmation just as fast. Thanks

  • I think it wouold be great if you guys could let us access the website and start getting used to the different features like tracking other activities etc.

  • Hi I did order a Fitbit back in November,but haven’t received any updates. Please let me know when they are shipping.


  • I ordered my Fitbit last September and another in October. My wife and I are going on a cruise on April 29. Any chance of having a Fitbit before then?

  • So… We’re back to monthly updates now? Seriously, I’d be happy with an update that said “Hey everyone! We’ve been working on problem X for the past couple weeks and it’s been giving us some problems because of Y. We hope to have it resolved in Z days/weeks/months and then move on to problem Q”. You don’t need to wait until you’ve got a specific problem resolved to tell us about it. I understand that you probably don’t want to post an update about a problem you’re having until you get it fixed, but I think that everyone enjoys feeling involved in the process (that includes knowing about the bugs that are being worked out). You also don’t need to wait until you can post a huge article about it. I do enjoy reading them, but frequent updates with only a few sentances is better than monthly updates that are long and detailed.

    You’re idea of providing your customers with transparancy to the development of your product is a fantastic idea. You just need to implement it better.

  • I was thinking the same thing… like Onlive… or the PalmPre… I hope that none of them are vaporware. we need a DATE!

  • What is a secure way to send ou a new CC numer for a pre-order? Do you have a secure web page for re-entry or a public key to encrpt the email with. For sure i am not emailing CC details to orders in clear text!

    (ordered in december)

  • I have the FitBit Flex, and love it. I have had it since mid-Jun (ordered from Brookstone), and it does everything I want it to. BUT, it will not longer take a charge. I have cleaned the battery head, and the connector on the recharger, but nada. Please provide a remedy.

    Thanks, Cheers, Sara

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