Sync Multiple Devices to Your Fitbit Account with Multi-Tracker Support


Thanks to Multi-Tracker Support you can now have one tracker for daily wear and another for your workouts. Once multiple trackers are connected to an account, Fitbit does all the hard work for you. The app will automatically detect when you swap from one device to another, with no buttons to push on the tracker or the app. The ability to switch so easily makes it simple to use your favorite Fitbit device for any occasion so you never have to leave your tracker behind.

Accidentally leave your tracker at home, but don’t want to lose that step challenge? Set up MobileTrack on your Fitbit app and Multi-Tracker Support will automatically switch over so you never have to miss a step again. Those of you with a compatible mobile device can now use MobileTrack even if you have a tracker paired.

You can now use multiple Fitbit devices with one account!MobileTrack allows you to track the basics right through your smartphone, so anytime you’re without a tracker the app will automatically switch over to MobileTrack and count your steps.

To start using Multi-Tracker Support today, follow these easy steps:

  • Update your Fitbit app
  • Select “Set Up a New Fitbit Device” from the Account tab in the Fitbit mobile app or Fitbit Connect
  • Finish the setup instructions, and start swapping.

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      • Why can’t I add the same model type? I have two Fitbit Blaze and would love to add them both, so I can wear one while the other charges!

      • Well what happens when you like the same model Fitbit that you have. And would like to have two of the same model fitbits on your account. It doesn’t seem to be an option. Just gives me the option to delete my first charge 2. But I would like to have two on my account

          • my issue as well … only lets me “replace” my existing Charge 2 with a new one

        • That’s the same situation I’m in. I love the Charge 2, but I’d rather have one for daily use and one to wear during messy field work. It’s disappointing that there’s such an obvious limitation in what otherwise sounds like a great system 🙁

  • I have 2 fitbits and have problems syncing them. Yesterday I synced my charge hr with the app, but when I tried to sync my blaze, which was off all day, my step count went from 18k to 8k

    • Hey Sherry, thanks for reaching out. When you have two trackers with data on both of them, please note that the more overlapping data that exists on your account, the more likely it is that your dashboard’s accuracy will suffer. For best results, do not wear more than one tracker at a time and sync each tracker before taking it off and putting on another. Hope this clears things up!

      • doesnt work for me. I have a Blaze and a Charge HR and the app doesnt give me a sum of the 2 devices. very frustrating as I have goals with Vitality App Im missing because I spent extra money to buy the Blaze

      • This also has not worked for me. I wear my charge 2 during the day and sat do 2500 steps and then charge HR for exercise and do 6000 steps. When I go to sync them I get a deficit on my iPhone and it only registers one amount. Surely the 2 fitbits should accumulate onto the one iPhone app? Otherwise what is the point in being able to sync more than one device?

        • I also have tried this. I wore the Charge HR for awhile and then the flex 2 and it says half the steps. It sort of defeats the point of having two. I bought the flex 2 to wear in the water. Pretty silly if I’m going swimming for an hour I have to wear that one all day.

          • I am having the same problem. Wore my flex for part of the day, synced it, took it off and put on my charge. When I synced it I lost 4K steps!!

        • did you get a reply to this or fix … I have an alta and flex 2 …. I only wear the flex 2 when swimming or aqua fit because it is water proof…and the flex 2 says it syncs but the data never shows up

          🙁 very disappointed with this

          • I’m thinking of buying a flex 2 to track my swimming. I have a Alta hr as well. I’m worried I won’t be able to make them work together. Has there been any solution for you ppl? I guess success stories never make it to the blogs so I’d appreciate if any good results are out there, please post them as well. Thanks!

          • I’m having the same problem. Alta for regular wear, Flex 2 for swimming. Flex 2 does good job recording swimming but will not record steps, or records then takes away! Two days ago, put on Flex 2 to swim in ocean gave me a 33 minute workout, initially over 3,000 steps, then reduced to 3!! 3 steps in a 33 minute workout! Incredibly frustrating.

          • I have same problem. Alta for every day, Flex2 for swimming. But Flex2 won’t record step consistently and sometimes takes them away! 2 days ago at beach, put on Flex2 to swim, boogie board in ocean. Gave me 33 minute workout, initially over 3,000 steps – then immediately took all but 3 steps away!! 33 minute workout, 3 steps! Incredibly frustrating. What is wrong Fitbit? Feel like returning the Flex2 and just going back to estimating swims. But that doesn’t help these beach workouts. Help!!

          • I’ve reported it to Customer Service twice. It was previously an issue the forum said was fixed in June, but obviously not. I was told to unpair the device I am taking off so that only one device is paired at a time. It’s a bit cumbersome, but the issue is the devices syncing over each other at the same time (even separated across a house!). Of course, the response is they are working on a fix as quickly as possible.

      • Doesn’t work. My Alta HR seems to overwrite the Charge HR every time. Even tried leaving them in different buildings so there is a 2 minute gap between syncing one then taking itoff and putting the other one on.

    • I have the two cactus problem with my Alta and Flex 2. I bought a Flex 2 to use while swimming but I constantly lose steps. It gets frustrating

    • Hey there, you can only have one of each type of tracker on your Fitbit account at a time. Therefore, you cannot add two Charge HRs. If you own two Charge HR’s you’ll need to create two separate accounts and add one to each. Hope this clears things up!

      • This is terrible! I love my steel Alta, and I just got a gold Alta, and was hoping to switch back and forth between the two Altas. Exactly like your marketing folks probably want me to.

        C’mon, folks: if you’re making a fashion thing, you need to allow the interchangeability! The app doesn’t work BECAUSE I like the Alta form factor and just paid extra to get a second one in a prettier metal?!

        OMG. BUG BUG BUG BUG please fix as soon as possible. You convinced me to spend more money for a gadget that LOOKS different, and now you’ve made it impossible to use it smoothly. FAIL.

        Also: if the issue is more than just the user interface design on the app — i.e. if, like all Altas have the same code number someplace deep inside so that the app itself won’t be able to tell them apart — then HUGE fail.

        • Hi Emma. We appreciate your feedback about syncing multiple devices. At this time, our app does not allow more than 1 of the same model Fitbit tracker to be paired to the same account. We understand your concern, as you purchased two Alta trackers and would like to pair both under the same account. We will pass along your feedback to our team.

          There’s an existing feature suggestion that another user has shared. If you have time, check it out and show your support by voting for this idea.

          • Could you please make the app allow two of the same devices as I have two altas for my daughters who don’t have their own account as they aren’t old enough for that yet and I wanted to track them. Both from my phone.

          • I am in this boat as well, my son and I both have the Charge 2 but I CAN’T track both from my phone. This issue should be resolved if at all possible as it seems to be a problem for many.

          • It’s been literally years and you still can’t pair two of the same type of device. This is incredibly frustrating. I have two of the same type because my husband decided he didn’t want to wear his. And I have to charge mine every day. It would be nice to wear his to track sleep and to wear mine to track activity.

        • I have the same issue and will now return my gold Alta and cancel the gold bracelet that is scheduled to deliver in November. Missed opportunity for FitBit. I hope you fix this soon.

          • Just joined the Fitbit crowd three days ago. Need to swap out to charge, or have a removable battery or a wireless charger or something. Just not going to pay top dollar for the buggy charging / buggy multiple devices BS. Returning the high tech thingy that turns out to have a bad interface and marketing holes. Maybe in five years, based on the years of user frustration I’m reading here, and the cheerful response from the company that ignores the customer requirements. Bye Fitbit.

        • Totally agree! I want to use my old steel one for workouts and my new gold Atla for going out. So disappointing. Should have done more homework befor asking for a new one for my birthday.

        • I 100% agree with the above comments, Emma Jane!

          Fitbit.. you are trying to sell Alta as a lifestyle gadget, so only natural folks will want multiple Altas…

          • I’m disappointed as well. Just bought a Special Edition Alta under the impression that I could have two Fitbit trackers on the same account (wonder where I got that idea). It would have been so nice to wear the steel Fitbit Alta when appropriate and then switch to the new gold model with different attire.
            Anxiously awaiting for Fitbit to address this software bug soon.

        • So disappointed with Fitbit for this. Recently switched back to FB when these newer models came out (had a flex back in 2014) SPECIFICALLY to get one in each metal and switch between the two. All the marketing does make it seem like this is the point “interchangeable looks” and no where do they clearify, say on the box, that you can only use one BEFORE purchase.

          All that being said, after one last sync can I just keep “replacing” it?

      • Hey come on no fair…….i have 2 Surges with 2 different colour straps. One for gym one for work. Thats just not fair. I should not have to creat 2 seperate accounts…..WHY??? I like the Surge, your forcing me to buy another model. Not good enough!

      • That ridiculous. Just give each device of the same model a unique identifier. This is a stupid business decision and just one reason the stock stinks and is a lousy investment. Too bad because I really like my Fitbit but want to use 2 of the same model.

  • I was using my charge and the data from my Alta (which I haven’t used in two days) overrode my data, even though I had synced the charge before getting near the Alta again. Is there a way to recover my accurate data?

  • Hi, I was trying to set up.the mobile tracker but when I try and add a device ‘mobile tracker’ isn’t an option. I have a galaxy s6

  • I have the Alta and Surge connected. I have been thinking about getting the blaze as well. Can I have 3 connected?

  • I’m thinking of getting the new Charge 2 for sleeping and workouts and maybe sometimes wearing during the day, but I mostly wear my regular watch and have avoided getting a wrist tracker. I’ve had my One for two years and managed to only wash it twice in the washer and it’s survived. So if I am wearing the One and have my Charge 2 in my gym bag, which I carry to my office 1/4 mile from my car so I can change at work, will it cause problems with tracking? Then of course going back to car I’d have my Charge 2 on and One in bag. Thanks!

  • I’ve had a surge for a while now. Last night I bought and set up the flex 2. Everything was working fine until this morning. I synced the flex 2 when I woke up and then put on my surge. I synced that before I left for work. I left my flex 2 at home but my app keeps looking for it and won’t sync my surge that I am currently wearing at work. I thought the app was suppose to auto detect the tracker closest to it?

    • Hi Heather! Congrats on your Flex 2 purchase! In regards to syncing when setup with two trackers under the same account, the app should recognize the tracker closest to it. You may want to try force-quitting the app or even logging out/in from the app. You can also restart both trackers which may help. Please also make sure the app is up-to-date iOS/Android. Should you run into further issues, we recommend reaching out to us via our other support channels so we can take a closer look at the syncing issue. We hope to get you back on track soon!

  • I have an alta and just recently added a flex 2. I have added the new device on my app, but when I pull up the dashboard on my phone it only pulls up the alta. I can see that I have the flex on the account, but it won’t let me see any progress.

  • I’m so upset! I have an Alta and a Charge. I use the Alta for daily wear and the charge for active exercise. When I switched to my charge to go workout (after syncing Alta before change), and then 1 hour later the charge device did register my workout activity. However, when I synced to my phone, it then erased the entire hour. Even though both trackers show up on my phone, it thinks that I’m wearing the Alta and there is no activity showing from charge. I can take steps on my charge and it will sync momentarily but then reverts back to my Alta, erasing again what I just did on my charge. What’s up with that??

  • Just so I’m clear …I understand you can’t have two of the same trackers on one account …does that mean I can’t have the flex and the flex 2? Since they aren’t the exact same I would think they would count as separate devices …but the word flex is in both so I’m unsure ?..thank you for your time!

    • Hi Dara, yes, you are able to have as many devices as you want on your account, so long as you don’t have two of one single type of tracker. Since Flex and Flex 2 are different trackers, it’s perfectly fine to have both paired to your account. Thanks!

  • I now have three trackers. I have been using the One since January 2014. It’s a great little unit. I got an Alta for Christmas 2016, loving how I can use it daily with the leather band. Since I want to track my exercise in the water and I also don’t want to wear a big thing on my wrist when I go out I bought a Flex 2 the other day (December 2016) with a pretty bangle. My goal is to continue using the One to track my sleep, to switch between the Alta and Flex 2 during the day depending on what I’m doing. Last night the One did not track my sleep. I need some advise on how to switch between trackers.

  • I’ve got a Charge HR which I use as my main fitbit and a Flex 2, mostly for swimming and when the other is charging etc. Yesterday I did about 6000 steps on my charge then another 6000 on a swim and walk on the Flex 2 during which it indicated I had done my 12000 sets (personal target). This initially synced on my account and then reset to circa 6000 steps and it has not logged the swim as exercise never mind distance etc. Do I somehow need to reset one or both devices?

  • I have an HR which I use for running because of the fit and a new Blaze which I wear day to day because of the convenience.
    I had 7000 + steps on my dashboard and blaze when I got up today having worked nights.
    I then synced my HR so it was showing 7000 + steps and went for a run. I was over 12000 steps when I finished. I came back in and rear synced both devices with my phone and now all 3 show 8400 ish steps!
    Why? I have training goals etc. And this messes them up.
    Having only had the Blaze since Christmas was doubling up a mistake?

    • Hi Paul. Our apologies for the delay. Are you syncing the two trackers at the same time? Syncing Blaze and Charge HR at the same time could cause some issues with data. It would be best to sync them one at a time to avoid any issues. For tips on how to manage Fitbit trackers, check out this Fitbit help article.

      If you need more help with this, we recommend reaching out to us via our other support channels

  • I see I am not alone with the issue of having two Altas that I can’t put on one account. This needs to be fixed. The nice thing about the Alta is that is can be quite dressy with the right strap so I have one I wear everyday to work and one I wear for working out. I know the strap can be swapped but I’d rather keep my sweaty workout fitbit for workouts only.

    • I agree! I have a charge 2 and was thinking about purchasing another one in gold to wear such as going out to dinner, special occasions, etc. Disappointing to know you can’t have more flexibility. As Cindee stated I have numberous bands that I currently change out but that doesn’t help with a sweaty or lightly scratched charge. Guess I will hold off until they decide to expand that as an option.

  • I used my Fitbit Charge 2 all day at work and then switched to my Charge HR at the gym. Once in the gym, I hit 10,000 step ad continued on to 12,000+. I went to sync with my phone and it said I only had 9,300 which was what I had prior to the gym.

    What is going on?

    • Hi Saxon! As long as you are not wearing and syncing your Fitbit trackers at the same time, you shouldn’t encounter any issues with data. We sorry to hear that your experiencing issues. For tips on managing your account with more than one tracked paired, check out this Fitbit help article.

      If you need further help, we recommend reaching out to us via email/chat so we can take a closer look. We hope to get you back on track soon.

      • This obviously is not a rare occurrence. I’m having the same problem wearing my Charge HR at work and my Alta HR at home. The Charge will update with the Alta stats from before work but any steps from the Charge are lost when I sync the Alta after work. The Alta is not updated with the Charge data. The 2 are never worn together and are in separate buildings when each is synced.

        • I have the same problem with the Alta and flex2. Support told me not to have both trackers on the same account which totally defeats the purpose. How do you prevent a tracker from syncing? I don’t have mine set to all day sync, but they both sync whenever the app is open.

  • I have just added fitbit flex2 to my existing account of fitbit flex. Initially I was able to connect both flex when changing from one to another. The flex battery went flat after not being worn and when recharged needed to be set to be seen and connect. Today I swapped from flex and synced as I took it off and put on flex 2 to go out. It works because it vibrated when I reached my step quota for the day but will jot connect to app and sync. Surely these two should be able to change from one to another as you advertise. Very frustrating.

  • I have a new Fitbit coming and I would like to use my old one to monitor my mother’s heart rate, sleep pattern & misc. for 24hrs. Can I link both to my cell phone?

  • I have a fitbit charge 2, my son wants to wear my old flex, can I have both of us within the same account, and see both of our stats separately or does he need an account of his own?

    • He needs his own account. It will show all the stats as coming from one person and will have overlapping synced data every time you open the app and sync up.

  • I have a charge HR 2 which I love but today I went out and got myself a Blaze I want to use the Blaze for my all day tracking and I want use the HR 2 for sleep tracking. I am wearing my HR 2 at the moment but the app thinks I have on the Blaze which I don’t. Can’t the app not tell by the fact my HR 2 is reading my heart rate thats the one I have on and not the Blaze.

  • I also am having issues syncing multiple devices when switching from Alta to Charge2. And no, I don’t wear them at the same time so here isn’t overlapping data. I’ve lost nearly 3-4000 steps each day the last week due to this…

  • I am a Pe teacher. I want to sync 25 fitbit zips w the app. I want to easily reset them after each class like a pedometer. Is this possible?

  • I want to be able to have my Alta and my Aria on the same account. Is that possible? I use an iMac and iPhone iOs operating systems

  • SO annoying. I updated my operating system AND my fitbit app, and there IS NO BUTTON that says ‘set up another device’. It thinks I’m replacing my device. It’s obviously not capable of multi-devices. If I may rant a bit, I consider the Fitbit software quite unfriendly. I use a lot of software, but I’ve always found Fitbit (and one other unrelated company) to have the most user-unfriendly software.

  • Hi

    I have a charge hr and now a flex to swim with. I however can’t load both! It gets to connecting to your device and then stalls. Any tips?


  • I’ve recently added a Charge 2 to my account as my ‘main’ fitbit, but still have my flex on the account which I wear whilst doing combat training. However, the flex’s steps never seem to get added on? It says it’s syncing but the steps aren’t added, any ideas?
    Love my new Charge though!

    • Exactly the same problem!
      I bought the Charge because of the advertising about using two trackers, but it is proving pointless having a second device when this feature doesn’t work.

  • Also having problems with this! I want to swap between a Charge 2 and an older Flex. It seems to delete the Flex step count completely once both fitbits have been synced, but if my Charge is out of range when I sync, it works fine!

  • I purchased a fitbit alta for my 9 year old, and I already have one. I went to add it to my app/account and it won’t let me.

    She’s 9 and doesn’t have a phone or anything so what do I do? She can’t even get the alta to get past saying “” so now what?

  • Fitbit needs to come out with a chest strap to wear for accurate weight training and high intensity interval training heart rates. My Charge 2 will read my hr at 90 while weightlifting and my chest strap monitor will say 160. I feel like I’m dying and the charge 2 only says 90! This is not safe! I have tried switching hands, moving it farther up my arm tightening it, loosening it. Nothing works. Please fix this! I have only had it for a week and am not impressed.


  • Just got a new Alta and I have a charge HR. The software is so confused that It will only see the Alta or just fail with an “Unknown error”, I need an apple watch.

  • It can be easy wearing two trackers. I can take off one of them any time and leave the other tracker on. At nighttime, I can take off one tracker. I wonder if they can add more extra steps.

  • Can I Sync 2 of the same kind of devices? I have 2 Blazes and want to use one while I’m at work it may get dinged up, and the other at home or while I’m out. It keeps asking me if I want to replace it, I don’t. I want to add it, can’t seem to do this?

    • From my understanding, no. You can sync two different types of trackers (like a Blaze and a One), but you can’t sync two of the same type (so not two Charges).

  • How can I add my second charge HR to my account and it just asks me to replace it. If I can’t do this how can I get two apps to sync the new Fitbit too

  • It is utterly ridiculous that you cannot put two of the same device on one account. I just bought a pink leather strap for my Charge 2 – with a silver buckle. I want to buy the rose gold Special Edition but now can’t as what would be the point? Precisely what this is accomplishing, I cannot imagine. You just lost a $229 sale and all your rep could say was, “Oh, but you can put your pink strap on the rose gold edition if you wish!” rose gold and silver metals don’t mix. Please hurry up and fix this.

  • I bought a Fitbit Flex2 to use at the beach so I could still get steps when chasing kids in and out of waves. I use a Charge Hr when not on the sand. My Fitbit app shows both connected and charged but after an hour of playing in/out of water the Fitbit Flex2 didn’t log or capture a single step. Do I need to do something to make it switch? I did a manual sync and steps number didn’t change. Please help!!

  • I purchased a fitbit one for my husband We have same email address. I have a fitbit one as well. Can I sync his to an app on our computer? I have mine on my I phone.

  • yes i was wondering if i sync my fitbit to my phone, is it possible for my trainer to login from his phone in another town and see my current heartrate, etc? thanks in advance this is the main reason im interested in this.

  • I had a Fitbit and just got a new Fitbit 2. But I can not get it to add to my account. Please help me.

  • I have two different fitbits. The app has not worked for me and I have been following all directions for two days now. I the charge and just got the flex 2. Right now it says I have 394 steps for a grand total so far. This is very very frustrating

    • This just happened to me. Today on the Flex 2 I have close to 10k steps. When I went to take it off and put on the Charger 2……they synced to my charger 2 steps….which is only 600 steps. My Flex 2 steps for today are gone!

  • If someone wears 2 different fitbit trackers at the same time and syncs their steps, does it add the steps from both devices to their account?

  • Help! I have a Charge HR and a Charge 2. The trackers were syncing fine adding steps & info together until today. The total showed on the HR and on my dashboard but then suddenly went down. The exercise & floors total remained. Any suggestions??

  • I have the same problem. I have a charge 2 and just bought an Alta HR gunmetal. I wanted to use the charge for workouts and the Alta during the day. But now it seems the Alta overwrites anything I do on the charge and I lost over 5,000 steps yesterday! Annoying!! What’s the point of having them if this simply doesn’t work?!

  • This is very very misleading. I have a Flex 2 (for every day) and a Charge HR (for workouts). It was fine until the last couple of days, I’ve lost thousands of steps for no reason that I could tell. I contacted support and was told that it was because the data was ‘overlapping’ because the 2 trackers were syncing at the same time. Even with one upstairs and one downstairs, there’s no way to prevent this. So, the second fitbit was a complete waste of money. And they can’t seem to tell me why this wasn’t an issue before now, I’ve been doing it this way for months.

  • I am glad to hear that it is not just me. I wore my Charge 2 to workout this morning and had 5,000 steps. I wore my Flex 2 later for work and had another 3,000 steps. Now, I’m home and I only show 4800. This is not the first time this has happened. You all need to fix this!!!

  • I’ve just bought the Flex 2 so that I can use it when I’m swimming. I also have a Charge 2. Despite following all the advice for multi devices, I still lose thousands of steps every time I swap. What is the solution to this?

  • This is the second day that I’ve had my Flex 2 on and I opened dashboard to sync it and it came up with 16000 steps. I didn’t take off the flex or click on anything else in the app it just automatically synced with my Charge HR that had 62 steps on it! I didn’t cut off the Flex 2’s sync and before yesterday and today I haven’t had an issued. Now both devices and the app shows 62.

  • I am using Fitbit Alta hr during the day & charge hr when I exercise. The app on my Iphone was syncing fine until tonight when I came back from my exercise class & found I lost most of my data almost immediately on returning home. what’s going on?? I’ve just bought the Alta specifically because the website said you can use multiple Fitbits on one account & keep the data from both!!!

  • I have recently come across this same issue. I just had to replace my Charge HR because it split open for the second time. Since it wasn’t available I got the Charge 2.

    Before upgrading the Charge HR and Mobile Track worked together and reported my total step count. This worked great for me as I can’t wear anything on my wrist during the day at the moment and have relied on Mobile Track to capture my steps. When syncing the Charge HR would even update to show a step count that matched what the total was in the app including the Mobile Track steps.

    Now that I have the Charge 2 the step count and distance all revert to what the Charge 2 has recorded when syncing. I could have 5k steps on Mobile Track while the Charge 2 sits at home not being used, and the step count will revert to the ~189 steps or so I take in the morning before leaving for work.

    Am I just missing something or does the Charge 2 and Mobile Track just not work together anymore? If that is the case it is highly disappointing.

    For me the functionality of the Charge HR and Mobile track together was perfect, I was expecting the same with the Charge 2.

    • So after some reading on reddit it appears that this was a wide spread issue, not just specific to the Charge 2.

      For the last week or more I have kept the Charge 2 in my pocket since the band is removable. however over this past weekend I didn’t do this and used mobil track only. The Charge 2 now will show the mobil track steps when syncing and the total steps reported in the app appear correct.

  • Has this “glitch” been worked out yet? I’m trying to switch between my all day Alta and swim Flex. In my hourly breakdown, I can see the combined 13k steps logged but my step counter just shows my Alta at 8.5k. Any suggestions?

  • I recently bought a Fitbit Flex 2 in addition to my Charge 2 in hopes I could keep tracking my steps while wearing the Flex 2 with the jewelry bracelet. Fitbit claims that you can sync multiple devices to your app. However it does not work. Before I take of my Charge 2, I sync it. Then I put on the Flex 2 and leave the house, leaving the Charge 2 at home. I sync the Flex before I enter my house and all looks ok. The minute I open my door, my app starts syncing the Charge 2 and deleting all steps I took with the Flex 2. I already called Customer service but they have been very unhelpful, pretty much denying the problem. There are days that I regret bying the Charge 2, Flex 2, Aria, my subscription to Fitstar and signing up for the Premium program. I’ve invested so much money in a tool that does not allow multiple devices to sync. I’m considering just giving in and buying the damn Apple Watch.

  • I indeed use 2 fitbits but I am finding that when I switch between them, I lose the steps from one of them. I try and sync each watch before taking it off but this still occasionally happens. It’s really disappointing when you lose 7000+ steps! Can you advise how to avoid this?

  • I have been using the multi sync for a few months now and it has worked perfectly since I use it with a charge 2 and Alta hr. Sadly the last two weeks I have been having issues, when it will sync it will go with the lower number of steps and change my dashboard and both fitbits to reflect the lower number. I am a completionist and to not get my goal for the day checked off simply because programming fail drives me insane. They are never worn at the same time so it’s not overlap confusion. Help please 🙂

  • I have the same problem with the Alta and flex2. Support told me not to have both trackers on the same account which totally defeats the purpose. When is this going to be resolved? If not anytime soon I might as well return the flex2 that I just bought. This is very frustrating, my zip and Alta used to sync perfectly fine together so I bought the flex to swim with.

  • I am also having issues with my Flex 2 and my Charge HR not syncing correctly and losing data. It seems to be a common complaint in this thread. My question is when will the issue be fixed? I bought a second device because fitbit advertised that you can switch between devices easily but you can’t. You said that the app would detect which one you’re wearing, but it doesnt, it syncs both and then chooses the lower data?! Its a joke and it has become very frustrating because if I do want to switch I pretty much have to delete one device and add the other each time. Its really dissapointing and I’m fairly certain that it’s false advertising.

  • I wore my flex 2 today and had over 19,000 steps today. My Alta had 10 even though it sat unused. After syncing both devices have 10. I lost all my steps. How do I avoid that on the future?

  • Has there been a fix or help for this yet? I just got the flex 2 for swimming and the app overwrites with my Alta data. Very disappointing. You should not advertise a feature that doesn’t exist. False advertising.

  • Hello, I am trying to add mobile tracking as a back up when I forget to wear my fitbit or my battery runs out. I can’t seem to select mobile tracking as an option on my Samsung S8 plus. Is there anything I should be doing differently?

  • I bought the Flex 2 so that I would have a record of my swimming workouts. I made a trial of 500 yards to see what would happen. I took off my Fitbit HR for the swim and left the Flex 2 on my wrist until I could get to my computer to Sync. There is no record of the swim work out on the board. So, I am wondering what I may have missed. If the Flex 2 does not record my swimming, it is really of no use to me since the HR takes care of recording everything else. I also tired using the Flex 2 to record the data for my bicycling workout. That also did not show up on the dashboard.

  • I track my daughter’s Fitbit Charge 2 and my son’s Fitbit Flex. I want to monitor both their sleep. Is there a way to tell the sleep for both of them? Thanks in advance.

  • I use a blaze, my son has a charge 2 and my daughter has a flex 2. I have all three models synced to my email account as they are too young to have their own email accounts. I would like to be able to monitor all three from my iPhone app and not have the data added together but remain distinct as they are distinct users. Is this possible currently? If it isn’t, when can that functionality be made available?

  • I have a fit bit One and a Flex 2 that I only want to wear for swimming and water exercise. Will the total for BOTH devices show up on my dashboard?

  • I want to have 2 fitbit one’s linked to my account so I can switch if one runs out of battery while I’m traveling or I misplace one. It only lets me replace my fitbit one but won’t let me add a second one. Will it only let you have 2 different fitbit models linked to your account, but not 2 of the same model?

  • I found my previously lost One. It would nice to be able to sync both of my Ones. Heck, if you could just rename each one to distinguish between them.

  • I have a charge 2 and flex that I interchange. There was a problem getting all the steps to sinc but it was fixed. Now they are losing steps again. ???

  • Fitbit your lack of answers most recently is very disappointing. People want to jave 2 same devices on 1 account. Sort this immediatly!!!!!

    • I’m still trying to figure this out. I have an Alta HR (that I love), but to track your rotations, you would need to put in on your ankle; which messes up the heart rate monitor. My friend is giving me her zip, which I’ll put in/on my shoe, and try to wear the Alta HR for my heart rate. According to all the people above, having two fitbits causes issues syncing anyway, so I’m just going to try this out and see how it goes.

      I feel like anything with a heart rate monitor won’t give you accurate readings if you put in/on your shoe, so I would just save the money and get the cheapest one.

  • I have a charge 2 and a flex2. I want to use the charge 2 daily, but I’d like to use my flex to track my pool time. I cannot get the app to switch back and forth, and it is not syncing my flex2.

  • Question: Just got my first Fitbit Alta HR. I’m so excited! My Fitbit is paired with my iPhone. Can I also download the Fitbit app to my iPad and check my daily activity progress from either device? I’m just not sure and don’t want to mess it all up. Thanks for you help!

    • It’s supper easy to view your stuff on multiple devices. I have the app on my phone, then I log into the acct on my computer at work, my I-pad also has it. From what I’ve seen, it’s fine as long as it’s all for one account.

  • Will I potentially register double steps if I have an account on my phone and my Fitbit Charge 2 and they simultaneously sync?

    Please advise

  • I have two Fitbit Flex and want to use both to swap while the other is charging.

    I can’t connect them both, I am always requested to remove the other first.

    Not so much a multi tracker support as it turns out.

  • What if I want a gold Fitbit Alta when I wear a gold watch and a steel Fitbit Alta when I wear a steel watch? Also can the flex have some more masculine /classy straps!

  • I have a Flex 2 and a Charge 2. I am not able to sync either of them when they both paired with my phone. The only way to sync is to completely remove one. What am I doing wrong?

  • I have had the Alta HR for a few months and yesterday added the Charge 2 (which I got because it has additional functionality). I wore the Charge 2 to work then switched to the Alta HR. The Alta HR has recorded all my steps, but the app has not updated my hourly exercise, and has recorded that I was asleep for 2.5 hours! I thought it was supposed to be easy to switch between trackers!

  • So I am assuming from these comments that since I own a charge hr2 and want a flex 2 for swimming, there really isn’t a good way to track workouts using both….Still?

  • So I am assuming from these comments that as of Dec. 2017, there isn’t a new fix. Since I own a charge hr2 and want a flex 2 for swimming, there really isn’t a good way to track workouts using both….Still? There is no use in putchasing another one?

  • Help! I locked myself out of my iPhone Apple account so gotta wait 5 days for Apple to recover my info but does anyone know if I can sync my Fitbit to my android tablet then after I get my Apple account unlocked download the Fitbit app on my iPhone and then sync my Fitbit to my phone

  • This isn’t working for me. I can pair both devices (Charge 2 and Flex 2) but when wearing my Charge 2 in the vicinity of the Flex 2, the Fitbit app records my Flex 2 (records it as a sleep event) even though I’m not wearing the Flex 2.

    What is the solution – do I need to disconnect the Flex 2 and reconnect it every time I swim, or unpair them in my phone’s bluetooth menu? Is there a way to switch manually between fitbits?


  • Texts don’t show on charge 2. I have iPhone 5 and iPad 2
    Have tried switching Bluetooth of and on and switching devices off and on again.

  • My Fitbit app has recently changed. I was previously able to click on the app and it would allow me to sync my Fitbit Charge HR immediately. Now I have to sign in and give all sorts of information before proceeding. What has happened? I have updated the app every time that it told me to. Has the latest update made the change?

  • I used to have no problems at all switching between my Charge HR and Alta HR (I like the charge better for workouts and the Alta for everyday use). Activity from both would be reflected in my totals. All of a sudden this stopped working. I sync my Charge and my dashboard is correct on my app and then when I switch to my Alta (not near each other) and sync, I lose all the data from my Charge. Even if I put back on the Charge, the steps on the actual device are back to what was only on my Alta. This was a simple task in the past, why did this stop working???Nikk

  • I bought a flex 2 for the lower profile and already owned a charge. I bought it because Fitbit said it could sync both. This is not the case. The flex 2 overrides the charge and I lose my steps. Obviously this had been a problem for 18 months. It’s false advertising and should be removed from your website.

  • Multi unit same model support seems to be an important issue to the fitbit using community.

    Is the inability to provide this because of hardware, firmware, software, or any combination?

    At this time is resolution of this issue on the design team’s To Do List? If so, when (roughly) could we expect implementation?

    I must also ask, why was this issue not addressed at the very beginning with the very first product offerings? It seems like a “no brainer” to have a unique identifier embedded in every tracker unit and that the app would differentiate between trackers of the same model/family…..

  • I have a Charge and a Charge 2. I have both synced to my Fitbit account, however, the app does not combine the steps as you’ve stated. The app only picks up the stats from my Charge 2. How can I fix this? I wear the Charge to work and the Charge 2 (with the heart rate monitor) during workouts and would like the information from both to be tracked.

  • Multiple tracking worked for a while, but now its only reading m Charge 2 and not my Charge HR. Could it be that my Charge HR is too old? (Got it in 2015)

  • Any update on whether the 100+ comments re the issues have been resolved?! Holding off buying a different second model until I know the sync will work properly…

  • I have the Alta HR, just got the Flex 2. I am currently wearing the flex 2 but the Alta is still the main one on my dashboard, and it keeps trying to sync that one. I dont have it with me only the Flex so it wont let me finish syncing either one! How do I change the fitbit on the main dashboard at top to the Flex?

  • Same issues. I have an Alta I want to use for sleep as it is smaller and more comfortable and Charge 2 for my daily activities. It will not sync both devices on my account. I have to remove one for the other to sync. Fitbit app does not do all the work. Ridiculous that it cannot handle two fitbits. Btw I do not wear them at the same time.

  • Works fine. I switch back and forth between my Charge 2 and Flex 2 (Charge for normal daily wear, Flex for dedicated exercises). You just have to make sure to sync your data right before you switch so the data stays up to date. Don’t ever use both simultaneously as one will override the other in the same time period.

  • I just got off the phone with support about this. I spent about 2.5hrs at the gym this morning doing a workout and my work has a goal system inplace that after so much steps/miles i do in a diven day i get money back because i achieved the health goals of the month. During my gym workout i use a flex2 device because it is smaller and feels more comfprtable. I counted about 5,600 steps in that 2.5 hrs i spent. once i got home and showered i put on my Alta HR and I was expecting that device to sync the steps from the flex like it has in the past. Well the step count on the flex2, dashboard and Alta now all say 146 steps. I called support about this and was told this is not how the system works. After they looked into it they saw the 5,600 steps on the flex2 and the 146 steps on the Alta. They told me the Alta overwrote the flex2 and there was nothing they can do to get the 5,600 steps back. The first rep told me that it was because the Alta is a newer device and that was the reason, if i wanted to use multiple devices i would need to set up 2 accounts which i pointed out is garbage because the website says:

    Switch between any devices you like. Your account can have one of each device model and MobileTrack.
    Note that you can’t have both Fitbit Ionic and Fitbit Versa connected to the same account. To switch between two watches, remove one from your account before adding the other. ”

    After about a 75 min conversation with support (Case# 24554264) they finally informed me that i could add the steps manually but it would not count towards my challenge (so yes i would need to put in more time to get the goals i already was over 1/2 way too). They then told me that the models/firmware was not the cause but it was because i had automatic sync enabled on the device. I really wish this information was actually posted on Fitbit’s website because i can’t seem to find this information anywhere. i still don’t know if they are just blowing smoke up my a$$ or not but i intend to check this out over the next week and see if it happens again. But the even scarier thing was i asked for my account to be restored to the time when the Flex2 has actually synced the 5,600 steps and they told me they could not do that either, the system is not designed to backup information that they can restore individual user instances. Since i work in IT i find this a huge issue and if Fitbit would like help upgrading their systems i would be up for helping. such a big company but they still have some flaws and i feel like they didn’t care that they lost my data.

  • I deleted my Fitbit from my phone and iPad and now have a new one. I can’t set it up because I get a message that the email address is already being used. Help!

  • I Have The Fitbit Charge 2 And Flex 2. I Use The Charge2 For All Day And Work Outs, But Will Be Using The Flex 2 For Solely Swimming. If Both Devices Are Synced All Day, Will I Have To Worry About Duplicate Information Being Logged Even If I’m Only Wearing One At A Time (Carrying The Other In My Gym Bag)?

  • I’m very disappointed as I cannot have multiple Charge 2 connected. I would like to use my older Charge 2 (with the broken glass) for work and my nice new one for everything else as I don’t want to break it at work.

  • Hmm it appears like your website ate my first comment (it was
    extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I had written and say,
    I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to everything.

    Do you have any suggestions for newbie blog writers?
    I’d definitely appreciate it.

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