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Fitbit’s Spring Clean: Toss Out 3 Weight Loss Myths and Get Fit the Right Way


It’s time to hang up your winter coat! We’re sharing 12 healthy “hacks” from our experts to help jumpstart new spring routines. Today’s post is from certified trainer Samantha Schramm.


Have ysamantha aria post bio picou ever set a goal to get healthy by losing a specific amount of weight? If so, you know how easy it is to get fixated on the numbers on the scale. But the key to healthy, successful weight loss is much more than just dropping pounds.

That’s why we’ve brought on certified trainer Samantha Schramm to debunk three common weight loss myths and help you lose weight the healthy way.

Myth #1: “Getting fit” means “Losing weight.”

Truth: Getting fit means lowering your body fat percentage.

99% of the people who walk into my office tell me they want to lose weight – but what they really mean is they want to lose fat.  When trying to get fit, dropping numbers on the scale is only part of the picture. Your body weight is made up of things like muscle tissue and water in addition to fat. When you lose muscle or water it can show up as “weight loss” on your scale, but can actually be bad for your body.

ace-body-fat-chart-bmiTip: To make sustainable changes in your body health and appearance, it’s important to make sure to burn fat and build muscle. So in addition to tracking weight, be sure to track both body fat percentage and lean mass percentage with a tool like the Aria Smart Scale. Body fat percentage is the portion of your body made up of fat cells. Lean mass percentage is everything else: muscle, organs, bones, water, etc. Together, they add up to 100% of your body composition.

The ideal body fat percentage is different for everyone, but I recommend that my clients target the “Athlete” or “Fitness” ranges developed by the American Council on Exercise. For women this is 14 – 24% body fat and for men it is 6 – 17%.


Myth #2: All weight loss is good. read more