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4 Rut-Busting Workout Ideas to Try Now

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Doing the same workout day-in and day-out is more than just mind numbing—it can also create a fitness plateau. “When you do the same thing over and over, your body is going to get used to it and you’ll reach a point where you no longer see improvement or change,” says Lacey Stone, a personal fitness trainer in Los Angeles, CA.

“That’s when you’ll notice all those moves that once seemed hard now feel easy, the numbers on the scale might stop moving the way you’d like them to, and it’s suddenly a lot easier to hit snooze instead of jumping out of bed for a morning workout,” she says.

Sound familiar? It’s time to shake up your routine! “Increase the number of days per week you exercise or the length of time you’re doing it, amp up your intensity level, or try a completely new activity!” suggests Stone. Here are four rut-busting workout ideas to try now.

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Pedal Into the Peloton with this Strength Workout for Cyclists

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If you’ve been paying attention to the big bike race, you may have noticed those guys have incredible balance, speed, and massive quads—all necessary for tackling tough terrain.

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Train Like an Astronaut with this Workout Plan

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When it comes to staying fit, astronauts are up against some tough physical challenges. Spending a significant amount of time in a zero-gravity environment can lead to muscle weakening, bone loss, and decreased cardio conditioning. (Your body actually needs the resistance of gravity to stay healthy!) That’s why researchers recently studied exercises that would keep astronauts in shape. The winning routine: high intensity interval training (a.k.a. HIIT) combined with weightlifting.

You can benefit from bursts of cardio and weight-bearing exercises here on Earth, too. Here’s how to train like a rocket man!

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How Dancing at Work Blasts Stress & Burns Calories


At-work dance routines

You’re in the home stretch of the work week, but there’s a deadline looming, a day full of meetings, and the emails won’t stop flooding your inbox. Guess that post-work cycling class will have to wait until the weekend… But there’s still a way to get in a quick activity sesh! Take a deep breath, stand up, and burn a few calories with some cardio dancing. Here are 3 reasons to get your jazz hands going now.

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The Water Bottle Hacks That Will Keep You #VacationFit


**This month we’re getting #VacationFit. Whether you’re headed to some tropical locale or turning the backyard into your own personal oasis, you’ll find tips and advice to help you reach your health and fitness goals.**

The water bottle hacks that will keep you #vacationfit

When was the last time you thought about packing dumbbells in your carry on? Probably never. I mean, I’m a fitness professional and I don’t always think about bringing my own equipment when I travel. I usually rely on the hotel gym to be adequately stocked, or I plan to check out a local facility. But there have been occasions when I’ve been away from home and wanted a tool or two to help me get my fit on.

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30 Days to Summer Fit, Day 7: Start your workout with a sense of intensity


We’ll be posting a new challenge every day leading up to summer! Follow along here on the blog, or using this calendar.

30 Days to Summer Fit

We’re one week in, and we hope you’re feeling great! We’re kicking up the notch today with a one-hour cardio workout from Barry’s Bootcamp trainer TL (Tommy Luke Stracke): Start your workout with a sense of intensity.

Keep reading for tips from TL on how to maximize your workout.

Cardio-Begining-Middle-End of Workout

Break up the cardio part of your workout into three different rounds.  Not only will this get your body warmed up and prevent injury but it will also do something very desirable for most people – BURN FAT!   By getting your body in a fat burning mode right out of the gate during your 60min workout is so important.  After your first round of cardio your heart rate will drop a little bit during your subsequent resistance round, but get ready because it will be going back up again as you finish and head to your next cardio round.

I always use the analogy of a car on a freeway or a car driving around the city streets. When do you burn the most gas? It’s the stop and go especially in San Francisco up those hills. Challenge yourself by implementing my interval system and watch your body change shape.

Day 7: Kick Up Your Cardio

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Fitbit’s Spring Clean: Hack Your Gym Routine with This 30-Minute Workout


It’s time to hang up your winter coat! We’re sharing 12 healthy “hacks” from our experts to help jumpstart new spring routines. Today’s post is all about efficiency at the gym, from Barry’s Bootcamp SF instructor Erica Stenz. 

Erica Stenz 3-medium

Erica Stenz is a Barry’s Bootcamp San Francisco fitness instructor.

If you’re trying to maximize your workout time at the gym – you need a plan. It’s about making every minute count. In order to burn maximum calories in just 30 minutes, you need to create a high-intensity interval cardio- and strength-training workout.

Intense cardio sessions will burn through stored carbohydrates and fat, but it’s important to supplement that workout with strength training in order to create the “EPOC” effect (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption, informally called “afterburn”). That means that your body keeps burning calories post-workout due to excess oxygen consumption.

5 steps for an effective 30-minute workout

  1. Create a plan with “3-2-1” circuits – this includes 3 minutes of strength training, 2 minutes of high intensity cardio, and 1-minute of core/active recovery exercises (planks and side planks are my favorite to blast your abs). Each exercise in the circuits should be performed for 30 – 60 seconds. Your 30 seconds or so in between exercises will clock this workout in at almost exactly 30 minutes.

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