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Discover the Latest Fitness Trends in the Fitbit Activity Index™


If you’ve ever wondered how your fitness choices compare to those of other Fitbit users, the new Fitbit Activity Index™ is for you! Fitbit data scientists were curious to see how the popularity of activities change year to year, so they analyzed anonymous, aggregated Fitbit data from over one million users from the US, Canada, Australia, and...

New Year’s Eve Celebration in Steps

Steps on New Year's

Ever wonder what the average Fitbit user’s activity looks like on New Year’s? We took a look at just that! It tells a fun story, too. We see that the younger crowd is the most active, and well into the morning hours too. There’s also an obvious drop just as the ball is about to drop as people settle down with their...

6 Science-Backed Ways to Stop Overeating During the Holidays

useful science

Useful Science is a nonprofit run by 65 grad students and professionals. The author of this post is Greg Traversy from the University of Ottawa. The most recent Useful Science post was about improving your life. Email them at Are there factors outside of our body – in the environment, for example – that influence...

Data Export added to Fitbit Premium

Have you ever wanted to get your hands on your Fitbit raw data?  Create your own fancy charts in Excel?  Keep a copy on your hard drive, just for safe keeping?  Or maybe print out your sleep numbers and hang them on the fridge? Well, we just added Data Export to Fitbit Premium.  With Data Export you can download Body, Food, Activity and Sleep...