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8 Ways to Combat Holiday Stress

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We’re deep into the holiday season, and we’re willing to bet some of you are feeling the heat. Maybe that heat only comes from the fireplace for some, but for many the holidays are also a time for plenty of added stress, with the added duties of travel, cooking large meals, holiday shopping (and holiday crowds!), and maybe even having to see a cousin you haven’t gotten along with since she insulted your figgy pudding back in 2003.

But if you’re getting bogged down instead of enjoying the holidays, here are simple things you can do to alleviate some of the stress: read more

4 Healthy Holiday Food Substitutes


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I’m so encouraged. Rather than viewing the holidays as a time of unbridled indulgence, then post-indulgence guilt, most people (and hopefully this includes you) are starting to rein it in.

Here at Foodtrainers, rather than clients going MIA until January, they are signing up for our Foodstalking program where we have daily email check-ins. And let’s be clear—I’m not here to insist that you avoid your favorite treats. Rather, I’m suggesting you stick to just those.

So if you’re in the healthy holiday camp, here are my “glutton free guidelines.” read more

Answer These 5 Questions to Avoid Thanksgiving Weight Gain



Plenty of statistics can tell you what the average person will eat on Thanksgiving or the average amount of weight people gain. But from my many nutrition sessions over the years, I do know a few things about the average person who packs on the pounds over the holidays.

This average person says things like, “Holidays only come once a year,” or “Everything in moderation,” and then proceeds to eat everything not so moderately. And sometimes these average people conveniently miss appointments this time of year.

But you’re better than average right? You’re not going to partake in the pie-a-thon just because others do, right? You’re going to finish your holiday meal on Thursday with no need to “unbutton” or take an immediate nap. And if you’ve been a gainer in past years, have no fear— your Foodtrainer is here. Answer these five questions to “plan it thin.” And make sure to stick to your scale schedule with your Fitbit Aria. read more

Fitbit Halloween by the Numbers


This is a guest post from Robert da Silva, a data scientist on the Fitbit R&D Team with a PhD. in Astrophysics. His favorite Halloween candy is Reese’s Pieces, just like E.T.

It can be a challenge to stay healthy during the holidays. Mostly it’s eating too much turkey or holiday desserts. And the king of all the unhealthy holidays just might be Halloween, a day entirely based upon collecting buckets of candy. But Halloween is also a holiday where walking plays a large role. Whether trick-or-treating or just walking with the kids, people go door-to-door collecting candy and racking up steps.

As members of the Data Science Team at Fitbit, we wanted to know how all those steps stacked up against that extra candy. We used our massive database of user step data, which allows us to analyze the impact of Halloween.

We started by exploring anonymized data from Halloween last year (2013), which fell on a Thursday. We found that, on average, users that went trick-or-treating gained 2,750 steps—that’s nearly 1.25 miles. And we know everyone loves Halloween candy, so we put together a few easy ways you can offset those extra calories by increasing your daily steps or engaging in a holiday workout. What else did we find? See the infographic below to find out.

So go out and rack up some spooky steps, just make sure the scariest part of your day isn’t your calorie total

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6 Ways to Make Mother’s Day Sweet this Year

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This week we’re celebrating Mother’s Day with our friends over at MyFitnessPal. Whether you’re a mom or you just happen to have one, you’ll find great tips and advice for staying healthy and happy all year long.

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With all the negative buzz around added sugar lately, showing up at mom’s with a cake this weekend might not be the smartest move. So how do you celebrate her day without inadvertently wrecking her diet plan? Here are six simple ways to keep things sweet and make Mother’s Day even more special this year.

  1. Pound the pavement – Lace up your sneakers and register the two of you for a fun run/walk in your area. (Search Eventbrite to find one near you, or plan out your own route with MapMyFitness.) A sweat session with mom is the perfect time to gab about the rest of the family and max out your Fitbit steps. Plus, the finish-line photo will totally be frame-worthy. Can’t find one? Just make a plan to go for a jog together!
  2. Hit the farmer’s market for flowers – Sure, mom would be more than happy to get a ready-made bouquet from the grocery store. But why not take her to a farmer’s market and let her pick out her own blossoms? And while you’re there, check out the produce that’s in season. You get fresh groceries and alone time with mom—score!
  3. Take her dancing – We’re willing to bet your mom’s got moves—and she’d probably love to show them off somewhere other than your cousin’s wedding. Country line dancing, square dancing (don’t knock it—it’s a ton of fun!), your favorite Zumba class…there are lots of places for you and mom to get your groove going.
  4. Make dinner together – Yes, this is mom’s special day, so she shouldn’t be spending it in the kitchen cooking for everyone else. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t ask her to share the secret family chicken recipe you’ve been dying to learn. Call ahead for the ingredients list and arrive with everything washed, prepped, and ready to go. (Pack a nice salad to serve with the meal, too.) Then watch and learn from the master mother chef!
  5. Two words: tandem bike – What could be more fun (um, funnier?) than a bicycle built for two? Riding a bike torches tons of calories, which will help mom burn off that breakfast in bed. And, again, think of the terrific photo ops! If you can’t seem to get the rhythm of pedaling together, you can always hop on a couple of single-seaters and tour your town with a little more autonomy.
  6. Friend her on Facebook – Remember when hanging with your parents just wasn’t cool? Those days are long gone (thank goodness!), and now the cool thing to do is to give your mom a shout out in your status update. Share your favorite photo and let her know how much she really means to you. She’ll get a kick out of feeling famous online.

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