Avoid a Common Mother’s Day Mistake with These 5 Tips

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Almost daily during nutrition sessions in my office, clients say, “I want my mother to come in for a visit,” or, “My wife needs to see you.” Statements like these make me squirm. I know all too well from doing this for a very long time (I started Foodtrainers on the verge of motherhood myself, and my “baby” is now 12) that buying...

10 Simple Ways Busy Moms Can Stay Healthy

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Motherhood is great. Sure, I can get all sappy and say it’s a gift, which it absolutely is, but it’s a demanding gift that comes with its own unique challenges. With a little planning (I mean who’s better at planning than moms?) we can put those difficulties to bed. Try these 10 tips to make it your healthiest Mother’s Day yet. 1. Have a...

6 Ways to Make Mother’s Day Sweet this Year

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With all the negative buzz around added sugar lately, showing up at mom’s with a cake this weekend might not be the smartest move. So how do you celebrate her day without inadvertently wrecking her diet plan? Here are six simple ways to keep things sweet and make Mother’s Day even more special this year. 1. Pound the pavement – Lace up...