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Why You Should Take Your Workout Somewhere New


You may have heard of a weight plateau (the scale gets stuck on a number you no longer want to see), but did you know you can experience the same phenomenon when it comes to mental and physical fitness, too? It’s true! “Your muscles and your mind get used to the activity level when you do the same routine, in the same place over and over...

2 Ways to Prevent Pesky Joint Pain

Prevent pesky joint pain

*Article courtesy of* When runners work to prevent injury, it is often the muscles we think first to protect, stretch and roll out at the end of a long day out on the roads or trails. Though we should always focus on being proactive and protecting our hard-working muscles, there is another part of the body that we may not be...

5 Reasons to Run Your First 5K

5 Reasons to run your first 5k

If you’ve always dreamed of being a runner or completing a race but have felt too intimidated by the idea of extreme distances and tough training, fear not!  A 5K is the perfect race for beginners and is surprisingly easy to prepare for. Here are five reasons you should conquer 3.1 miles.

Failure Re-Framed: The Upside of Finishing Last

The upside of finishing last

I love running, but I wouldn’t say I’m great at it, or a natural by any means. I’m “middle of the pack” when it comes to speed, and I’ve worked hard to get there. As a teenager running high school cross country, I was consistently the last female across the finish line at races and invitationals. It sucked. I wanted to quit. My dad...

5 Kettlebell Exercises for Runners


Kettlebells can be intimidating. They look heavy and the exercises are odd. But here’s a little secret—they’re actually easier to lift than dumbbells and work multiple muscles at once. Kettlebells have gained popularity over the years and for good reason: They are effective and efficient. You can burn up to 20 calories per minute. So a...

It’s National Running Day! Here’s How to Celebrate


Yep, that’s right! Today is another “When did this become a holiday?” holiday. But unlike all those other special days, you won’t have to side-step cupcakes in the break room or feel guilty for forgetting to send mom a card. Today is a day made just for you and your most comfortable footwear! Need a little motivation to get the party...

Ultra Runner Dean Karnazes On Why Speed Matters

Train like a pro with Dean Karnazes and Fitbit

Race season is upon us, and whether you’re a weathered runner or are still thinking about signing up for your first 5k, we’ll be here with training tips all season long.  If you’re preparing for your first race, you probably already have a good sense of what you need to do to get to the finish line. You’ve likely invested in...