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A good night’s sleep


We all know that sleep is important to re-charge our bodies, but it’s also a key factor in maintaining a healthy weight, energy and mood levels. And recent research reinforces this, with even more reasons to ensure a good night’s sleep. Monitoring your sleep & activity patterns is the first step to making positive changes.

One recent study showed our on the go lifestyles and trend of lower average sleeping hours may also be tied to the growing incidence of Type 2 diabetes. This study measured insulin sensitivity after a “good” night’s sleep (8 hours) and again after a “poor” night’s sleep (4 hours).  Changes were noticed after just one night of poor sleep. Dr. Esther Donga, the lead author of the study speculated “The co-occurring rises in shortened sleep and diabetes prevalence may not be a coincidence. Our findings show a short night of sleep has more profound effects on metabolic regulation than previously appreciated.

Another recent study found an increased risk of childhood obesity for children who don’t get adequate sleep.  The relation was particularly strong for boys and young children. The study tracked over 700 young people monitoring how long they slept, self-reported sleep problems, and the foods & beverages they consumed. The shorter sleep durations were related to higher body mass index and also to the percentage of body fat.

Both good reasons to make sure you get your zzz’s.