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Do You Really Need that Post-Workout Treat?


If you’re burning more calories than you’re taking in by cranking up your exercise, you should notice nice, steady weight loss. But there’s often a glitch in thinking when people ramp up their exercise. Some people feel they deserve a reward for their increased efforts, and more often than not that reward is edible—it’s something I like...

This Mom Found Her Fit When Life Got Crazy—You Can, Too!


Moms are busy people. But when Tyler W., 31, a director of a non-profit in High Point, NC, decided to add grad school into her already packed routine of full-time work and parenting her (now) 2-year-old daughter, she realized something had to give if she wanted to stick with her weight loss goal. “I knew with my schedule I wouldn’t have time...

How Megan K. Dropped 100 Pounds—One Step at a Time!


Megan K., 38, a kindergarten teacher in Philadelphia, PA, had tried to lose weight before, but nothing seemed to work. “I’ve struggled with my weight on and off throughout my life,” says Megan. “And I had always been interested in fitness, but I was never able to stick with it.” So when Megan learned about Fitbit trackers from a friend...

Skipping Meals Can Sabotage Your Weight

Skipping meals can sabotage weight loss goals

At Foodtrainers, we’re huge fans of the food log. Especially for self-described “healthy eaters,” the devil (or weight loss) is in the details. And with many of our clients, I can see from their journals they’re already making decent choices. Many of our clients have slashed excess sugar and “white” carbs. But what I do find is...