Fitbit’s Guide to Enjoying Thanksgiving Without Stuffing Yourself Like a Turkey

If you sit down every Thanksgiving to a salad that includes lean protein, heart-healthy fats, and fiber-rich carbs, well, you’re a unicorn. More likely, you mindlessly eat plate after plate of rich food until you’re uncomfortably full. Plus, you stress about the prep and what to do with all the leftovers.

To help you sail through a holiday that should feel festive but is often overwhelming, we gathered our best Thanksgiving advice. Read on for the intel you need to help you have a happy, healthy Turkey Day.  

Meal Planning

Sure, supper is the main event. But what you eat on Thanksgiving morning matters too. These six balanced breakfasts help ensure a better holiday from start to finish.

A meal made with fresh ingredients tastes better, is better for you—and is seriously easy. Make over traditional dishes using whole foods instead of processed ones.

A diabetes-friendly Thanksgiving isn’t just possible, it’s actually good for everyone. Here are four simple ways to make a meal all your guests will appreciate.

Leftovers are one of the best parts of Thanksgiving. We have 14 ideas for turning them into something that’s not turkey tetrazzini.

At The Table

Find the happy medium between celebration and sticking to your goals with these tips for making over your plate.

You know someone’s going to ask you whether you’d like dark or white meat. Our nutritional breakdown can help you decide.

No food is ever off-limits. But if you want to scale back on certain treats, these four holiday swaps are pretty painless.

Healthy Habits

Worried about how to handle all the eating and drinking in your future? Host a practice Thanksgiving (think of it like the shake-out run before a race).

Eating can get emotional this time of hear. Here are the red flags to watch for—and six strategies that can help.

Don’t let a fear of weight gain weigh you down this season. We rounded up six techniques to help get you through the holidays without putting on pounds.

You’ve worked really hard to develop a routine that makes you feel good. Here are eight effective ways to help stick with it this Thanksgiving—and beyond.

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