The Advice I Give My Celebrity Clients (that They Actually Follow!)


We all want to think celebrities are just like us, and the truth is: they are! It’s just as hard for them to adopt healthy habits as it is for the rest of us. Sure, they go into major workout mode when they have an event or appearance coming up, but in general they deal with the same cravings, temptations, and scheduling conflicts that you and I have. Here are the tips I give them to live healthier, more active lives. It’s advice they actually take, because it’s easy for everyone to follow!

Take 10,000 Steps (or More!) Daily

Don’t just rely on one lengthy gym session, get your steps in throughout the day. My clients who live in New York City average nearly 20,000 steps a day, just by walking from place to place. But no matter where you live, you can still slip in extra steps by parking your car a little further away from your destination, walking to the coffee shop (don’t drive there only to sit and meet friends—make it a walk and talk!), taking the stairs, and so on. Even my celebrity clients are into getting steps—Adam Levine and Amy Schumer have been kicking my butt on steps for the last few weeks!

Eat Protein & Fiber 5 Times a Day

I’m talking three meals and two snacks, here. Munching throughout the day keeps your metabolism revved up, but only if you’re taking in the right foods. Each meal should have a serving of protein the size of your hand, unlimited veggies, a palm-size serving of a high-fiber, whole grain (or high-fiber fruit), and a dollop of healthy fat (think: almonds, avocado, olives) the size of your thumb. Examples of balanced snacks include: sliced veggies with hummus, an apple paired with almonds, 6 ounces of Siggi’s yogurt with fresh berries, and a Core Power protein shake. With the right ingredients, smoothies can also serve as a quick, healthy meal—Ariana Grande has become a master at making delicious and nutritious smoothies!

Train from Behind

For real fitness and health benefits, work the muscles on the back of your body. Some of the fittest clients my company has worked with, guys like Rob Pattinson and John Mayer, have transformed their physiques by skipping the moves that target, what I call, “beach muscles,” spots like the chest and biceps. Instead, they focus on the muscles behind them—they work to strengthen the upper and lower back, triceps, and hamstrings. The beautiful Jordana Brewster has done this, and she looks taller and leaner for it.

Unplug Daily

The blue light that emanates from your cell phone, tablet, and laptop can play havoc with the chemicals in your brain, negatively affecting your sleep patterns, and even your appetite. Pick an hour each day, preferably the one right before you go to bed, to do something that doesn’t require plugs or batteries—read a book, go for a walk, or meditate.

Get at Least 7 Hours of Sleep

When your career requires you to look good on a stage or movie screen, sleep is an absolute must. And even if dark under-eye circles don’t impact your day job, a lack of sleep can lead to eating more and moving less—not exactly the keys to feeling good. I always ask my clients to make sleep a priority by cutting out caffeine in the afternoon and turning off their phones in the evening. Unwinding and avoiding stressful things, like paying bills, an hour before bedtime is also a good idea.




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