The Cleveland Cavaliers Get Fit with Fitbit

This is a guest post from the Cleveland Cavaliers. The organization has been immersed in Fitbit Wellness, the Fitbit corporate wellness program, over the last six months, with team members using Fitbit Flex for walking challenges and, of course, a little friendly competition.

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As part of our existing All For You Wellness Program, the Cavaliers chose to implement an organization-wide walking challenge during the off-season to get our employees up and moving. As a sports and entertainment facility, there was bound to be a bit of natural (and friendly) competition, and within minutes of announcing the challenge and distributing the Fitbit Flex to nearly 200 team members, everyone was off and running… and walking… and jogging!

We received immediate feedback from Cavs team members who felt a rush of excitement when hitting their daily goal, and then setting it higher the following week to challenge themselves and each other. Some team members came into work early to kick their day off on the right foot, while others used their lunch break to get a few extra steps in. Many participants even took their afternoon meetings outside for a change of scenery and pace.

The competition became even more exciting as the weeks rolled on – some of the most active participants were racking up nearly 30,000 steps a day! Participants were taking the stairs instead of the elevators, walking their dog an extra block around the neighborhood and finding their own way to hit their daily and weekly goals. They were not only influencing their own levels of activity, but their activity was rubbing off on family and friends who saw the incredible transformation firsthand.

As our walking challenge came to a close, we recorded an incredible cumulative 76.5 million steps—more than 38,000 miles. For a first-ever walking challenge, we were extremely impressed with the results and are looking forward to another walking challenge soon!

And the funny thing is, prize or no prize, our team members are STILL competing against each other and continuing to hit their Fitbit goals. It really goes to show the incredible durability, likeability and overall comfort of the Fitbit Flex.

In fact, here’s some feedback from the team, in their own words:

  • “I love my Fitbit! Every time I put it on I remind myself how important it is to keep moving and stay active. Our walking challenge was a big hit and I hope we do it again next summer.”
  • “Fitbit has really helped me change my lifestyle when it comes to an exercise routine. It has increased my motivation to run at least 4-5 times per week, and I’m so glad that we took part in this challenge.”
  • “Fitbit motivates me to make good choices at work especially when there were other team members in the office participating in the challenge.”
  • “I think it helped us as a group to stop bringing in sugary, processed unhealthy foods. We were accountable to each other.”
  • “It was fun and motivating to be competitive with anyone who was using Fitbit.”
  • “I was able to get moving on the weekends when I could check the progress of everyone else in the challenge.”
  • “The challenge motivated my husband to join the workout studio I go to and attend classes with me on a weekly basis. His motivation and weight loss encouraged some of his coworkers to jump on the bandwagon.”
  • “I like wearing my Fitbit Flex to remind myself to keep moving throughout the day and to make it to my workout classes after work.”
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