The Fitbit Data is in: Madison, WI is America’s Fittest!

When it comes to how “fit” a city is, you can look at several factors. How many parks and public recreation spaces are available, gym memberships sold, whether salad bars out number all-you-can-eat buffets—all of these can be good indicators of how where you live could set you up for health and fitness success. But none of those measures take a city’s inhabitants into account. So when Fitbit data scientists sat down to think about what makes a city fit, they put YOU front and center.

Fitbit researchers looked at aggregated data from over 10 million users in 2015* and crunched the numbers to figure out which cities ranked highest overall. After evaluating the average number of steps, active minutes, resting heart rate, and sleep duration, several spots stood out. Here are the top ten fittest cities in America. Plus, where those cities (and others) rank for each of the four Fitbit fit factors.

America’s Fittest Cities*

  1. Madison, WI
  2. Minneapolis, MN
  3. Spokane, WA
  4. Boston, MA
  5. Portland, OR
  6. Grand Rapids, MI
  7. Lincoln, NE
  8. San Francisco, CA
  9. Seattle, WA
  10. Washington D.C.


Cities with the Most Steps*

These five cities took stepping to the next level in 2015. (Find out if 10,000 steps per day is the best target for you, or if you need to pick up your feet more often.)


Cities with the Most Active Minutes*


Cities with the Lowest Resting Heart Rate*

A lower resting heart rate (RHR) can be an indicator of better overall fitness.


Cities that Sleep the Most*

When it comes to total hours slept each night, these locales get the most Zzzz’s. (Learn why you even need sleep from Fitbit sleep advisors.)



*Based on aggregated data from over 10 million users in 2015. Fitbit evaluated the average number of steps, calories burned, active minutes, resting heart rate, and sleep duration to determine the fittest cities in the United States of America. All of the cities on the list have residents or visitors with top levels of activity in their everyday life.

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  • It’s great to know that Madison, WI is the top city. I live here and know that many people are very active, are healthy and fit. But we have much more work to do as many people are obese, sedentary, and do not live a healthy life. Thanks Fitbit for helping to keep Americans healthy, fit, and well.

  • When I moved to Madison 4 years ago & drove down John Nolen towards downtown for the first time in my U-Haul, I was struck by how many people were outside running and biking and I grew up in Minneapolis (which is also known for high activity rates). It wasn’t just “wow this is so cool, lots of people exercise” it was more “Holy crap this is actually really intimidating. If i DON’T exercise I’ll be the odd man out!” Definitely a fan of that type of peer pressure. If you ever visit Madison, drive around downtown in the evening on a work day (winter or summer) and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Being in the Midwest, nobody really cares if it’s 10 degrees out, you’ll still see people out running and walking.

  • Totally agreed with the other comments re:Madison. I started running here a few years back and have worked my way up to marathons and long distance relays. But I’m nowhere near the fittest person around here. This town is crawling with distance runners, cyclists, kayakers, skateboarders, unicyclists (because Madison), parkour traceurs, you name it. And the city is adding considerably to the pedestrian trail networks all the time. Glad I could add my distance to the tally.

  • Is there a longer list for America ‘s fittest cities. Unfortunately I live in a city not even close to top 20 on the list but I am an active individual.

  • I noticed that the top cities are located in cooler climates. If​the Fitbit was water proof it might make the results a little different, I know that I do less treadmill and elliptical and more swimming in the summer which does not add to my Fitbit totals, just a thought

  • I note that NYC (my home town) is first in number of steps and the number of active minutes and third in the catagory of heart rate, yet we don’t rank in the “fittest” at all! I can only assume that we don’t get enough sleep. I know I don’t.

  • My other fitbit came appart and I was lost without it. My walking partner and I did at least 5 miles per day. Cant wait until I am reaching the same goal

  • I am with you. I know of a lot of people that walk our trails around here but I don’t see anything for the Pittsburgh neighborhoods

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