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This Mother’s Day, Give a Gift from the Heart, for the Heart with Fitbit Red Flex


We’re excited to announce another new band color for the Fitbit Flex: Red! And the best news? Throughout May 2014, Fitbit will donate $10 for every Red Flex wristband and $2 for every Red Flex accessory band sold to the American Heart Association‘s Go Red For Women® movement for a total of $50,000.

Red Flex is available now exclusively at and Verizon.


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  • I live in an area where we get over 400 inches of snow, and temperatures reach negative -40 degrees.About six months ago I lost my fitbit(i was very upset I love my fitbit!!) . Friday May 2 2014 nearly six months later I found my fitbit on my front porch, you see all the snow is melting and it had been buried under all that snow!!!!
    I plug my fitbit into computer and I could not believe it’ worked perfectly!!! Can you believe the technology that went into this and it shows you how well Fitbit is made. My iphone if it gets little bit of moisture it stops working. I think this speaks volumnes on how well Fitbit is made!!!
    I raved about the Fitbit even before this, as I had an opportunity to interact with customer service which all companies should use Fitbit as there model.
    Fitbit Customer service was indeed exceptional.
    One last note, I would never have gone this long without my fitbit, but right after I lost my fitbit, I had an accident while hiking and had a trimallolar fracture and dislocation of my ankle, which resulted in surgery plates and screws. Just as I am able to be mobile I found my fitbit!!!

  • To Terry, What a wonderful testimony of your commitment to fitness and the durability of your fitbit. Your enthusiasm is contagious! I’m glad to read of your skiing mishap recovery. Best wishes to you! (yesterday in our N.E. snow melt I found our shed key and wheel lock for the snow blower.. what else is under there we’ll soon see.) All the best.

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