Never Lose Your Tracker Again: Fitbit Inspire 2 Coming Soon with Tile Finding Technology

Tile and Fitbit are teaming up to make sure you never lose your Fitbit Inspire 2. Rolling out over the next week, Tile’s Bluetooth finding technology is coming to Inspire 2. 

Tired of not being able to find your misplaced sleep and activity tracker? You can soon use Tile’s finding technology to keep track of it via an easy-to-use app on your phone or tablet, so that you don’t have this problem again. Keep reading to discover all the details about this helpful new feature, coming soon to both new and existing Inspire 2 users.

What is Tile, and how does it work?

Tile is a device-finding solution that connects users to their things and to a global network of finding power. Tile’s Bluetooth technology and free mobile app help people find their things nearby or far away by connecting them to Tile’s global Network of users.  It offers trackers the ability to connect via Bluetooth (BLE), allowing the user to use a smartphone app to locate those trackers on demand. Plus, Tile creates Bluetooth-enabled devices that you can easily attach to your keys or slip into your wallet. 

As a new or existing Inspire 2 user, you will be prompted to update your device software in the Fitbit app. You will then be directed to download the Tile mobile app to activate your device. 

So, how do I use it? 

To use the Tile feature, you’ll need to open the Tile mobile app and tap the “Find” button to locate your Inspire 2 device. It will start vibrating if it’s within Bluetooth range and has sufficient battery life. 

If your device is outside of Bluetooth range, no sweat—you can still find its last known location. Go to the Tile mobile app to see the last time and place it was updated on the map. 

Or, you can tap into the Tile Network to assist you in finding your device. Go to the Tile app and tap “Notify When Found.” Every phone running the Tile app can then securely and anonymously help you find your lost Inspire 2. Tile’s Network spans 195 countries and locates up to six million misplaced items every single day, drastically increasing the chances of finding your Inspire 2. 

But that’s not all: You can also use your tracker to find your misplaced phone. All you have to do is go to the Tile app on your Inspire 2, tap on “Find my phone,” and, when in range and your Inspire 2 is connected via Bluetooth to your phone, your phone will start vibrating and ringing—even in silent mode.

Note that if you want to deactivate Tile, you can do so within the Tile App. Alternatively, you can now select “clear user data” on your tracker. (This will delete all user data, including your Fitbit data.)

Built-in Tile technology can help you find your tracker so that you never miss a step: purchase your new Fitbit Inspire 2, and activate Tile on it today! 

Interested in learning more about how to use Tile on your Fitbit Inspire 2? You can read about it here.

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