Top 10 Teas: A User’s Guide

Your guide to healthy teas

I am not exaggerating when I say tea can solve all your problems. To prove it, I’ve divided my top 10 teas into categories, so you know how to best use them. And even if there are a couple of things tea cannot eradicate, few rituals provide more comfort than a cup of tea.

Energy Boosters

I’m not anti coffee, but I do limit morning coffee and sub in these caffeinated teas rich in antioxidants instead:

  • Matcha A powdered green tea, matcha can be whisked into water or added to a morning smoothie. We’ve even been known to make matcharitas—after walking thousands of steps.
  • Runa comes in bags or bottles (stick to the unsweetened flavors, please) and contains an herb called Guayusa. It’s an upper that won’t make you feel “speedy.”
  • Chai I don’t know what I love more: Oprah or Chai. Luckily, they come together in Oprah Chai.

Heart-Healthy Teas

Tea can be a rich source of flavonols, antioxidants which may protect your heart.

  • Pu-ehr is from the same plant as green tea, but it’s fermented (think: good bugs for your gut) and aged (think: wine and cheese), and not as bitter. I love David’s Golden Pu’ehr.
  • Green This mint green tea from the amazing Bellocq in Brooklyn is great iced or hot.

De-bloating Teas

There are certain times—during travel, after a big meal, or when hormones go haywire—when it’s a good idea to de-bloat, rather than stay puff.

  • Yogi Detox This delicious herbal tea is a blend of herbs and spices (dandelion is the key player here) to help you lose a little fluid.
  • Fennel tea Got tummy troubles? Fennel tea—how can I say this delicately?—is a natural anti-gas remedy. Try Heather’s Tummy Tea, or give a nod to Indian restaurants and chew fennel seeds instead of brewing them.
  • Peppermint Both the tea and the essential oil can work wonders on stomach spasms and help to release pent up gas.

Sleep & Relaxation

Before bed, these brews can help you unwind and prepare your body for sleep. Cheers to 7 hours, or more!

  • Pukka Nighttime Tea Pukka makes delicious teas in beautiful packaging (trust me, it makes a difference). Their nighttime blend relies on holy basil and lavender to ease stress sans pills.
  • Natural Calm Magnesium is a key mineral that is depleted by stress. Mix this powdered magnesium into hot water and calm is yours.
  • Chamomile A traditional night-time tea, chamomile can have a mild sedative effect and help send you into a more peaceful slumber. I like Twinings Pure Chamomile.

I recommend having a wardrobe of teas—different blends for different needs. Plus, tea is a great way to boost your hydration and it’s easy to take on the road with you when you travel.

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