Tory Burch for Fitbit Accessories Collection Now Available for Pre-Sale

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It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for—the Tory Burch for Fitbit accessories collection officially launches today! The collection is designed exclusively for Fitbit Flex, and includes an elegant brass pendant and bracelet, along with patterned silicone wristbands for everyday style.

Turn your Flex into a fashion piece with the exclusive collection of chic accessories designed by Tory Burch, now available for pre-sale.

Here are the details of the collection:


tb11Tory Burch for Fitbit Metal Fret Pendant ($175): Made of brass and based on the decorative, open fretwork that’s a Tory Burch signature; the pendant is suspended from a chain







tb12Tory Burch for Fitbit Metal Hinged Bracelet ($195): Made of brass with decorative, open fretwork and a secure, easy-access latch on the back







Tory Burch for Fitbit Silicone Printed Bracelet ($38): With an adjustable closure and a secure, easy-access holder for the device, it’s available in Tory Burch signature colors and prints (Tory Navy Multi/Shiny Brass, Fuchsia Multi/Shiny Brass)


To stay active and show off your style at the same time, head over to the Tory Burch for Fitbit page.

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    • Yeah – the bracelets and pendant are way too expensive. My teenage daughter says she’l use a stencil to spray-paint some patterns onto the bracelets. Worth a try I think.

  • I see the silicone bands have a length listed, but the brass band does not. Could you please provide that measurement so we’ll know if it fits since it is only one size? Thanks!

  • I was really excited that a designer would style a new clasp. But the metal cuff is too expensive for me, and I prefer the original plain bands to these printed ones that use the same style clasp anyway. Oh, well. At least there is an option now for those who want to dress up and still count steps. Please keep trying.

  • These are beautiful…..but a little pricey. Why can’t we get the regular silicone band in gold or silver or rose gold. Just need something a little more fancy for work. Can’t justify the splurg for the Tory Burch accessories, but I could deal with buying a silicone band so I can wear my fitbit to work.

      • I also agree. I’d love to see something for the fitbit one. I’m constantly misplacing mine and missing out on valuable steps. The prices would need to be more reasonable. We don’t have to have someone’s name brand on it to want to buy it. I don’t even know who Tory Burch is anyway.

    • Yes! I’d love a cute, but not too expensive, pendant to wear my fitbit one in! Even a few more colorful choices in the standard clip-on would be fun!

  • I’d be happy with some more color options for the Flex. Like maybe more toned down autumn colors? Colors that could pass for neutrals. Like, brown for instance. I like the design of that bracelet, however, I can’t get past the cost. Would prefer silver anyway.

  • I would love a pretty bracelet for my FitBit One!!!!!! Are there any plans for that? The whole reason I didn’t get the flex was design (or lack thereof) and felt the need to conceal versus show a rubber band on my wrist with my office clothing. I hope you are considering an expansion to the FitBit One!!!

  • Just received my fuschia band from Tory Burch. Very nice! The gold clasp is very pretty, but doesn’t hold completely. Either the band is too thick or the holders on the clasp are too short. Other than that, I will probably order the navy one too.

  • Will the Fitbit accessories be available in the Tory Burch Boutiques? I live in the Boston area. If they will be, when will they be available in the stores?

  • i love this bracelet but it’s way too expensive! i can buy two fitbit flex for that price! if we could get some more bracelet options though i hope there will be a silver, gold, or maybe gunmetal color option! 😀

  • I love my Fitbit One but it would be nice to have other options than black and burgundy to choose from. I would love to give as a gift but they are a bit blah color-wise. I also wish you would do a watch style like the Force as I use my One for that anyway but if it’s on my bra I feel a bit funny going digging in public! Also, craning your neck is not always the most comfy. I don’t have a smartphone to sync to so the One fits my requirements while performing the same function as the Flex. New accessories would be nice…..

  • I just checked and the brass bracelet is not available. When exactly will these be shipped if there is only pre-sale available?

  • What are the measurements of the “One Size” bracelets I can’t seem to find that info anywhere. One size = small or large or what?

  • Love the bracelet. Pricey though. Would really love to see a silver bracelet, I don’t wear gold colored jewelry.

  • The idea is fantastic, something that looks a little more stylish, but the brass doesn’t do anything for me. There must be opportunity to produce fitbit jewelry between the price points of the basic band to Tory’s pieces. Love to see a nice bracelet in sterling; until then I’ll keep wearing my classic black fitbit band.

  • I love the design of the metal bracelet, but I do not like brass. Could you please come up with sterling silver or another white metal selection? If you could I would be buying it!!!

  • Another One user who would really like to see some stylish holder options. I’d really like a selection of wristbands for the One. Silicone, metal or plastic (bangle bracelet type) would be nice and would make the One much more versatile and less likely to accidentally end up in the laundry!

  • I like the gold band, nice for going out in. Can that one be worn in the water too? My black band that came with my fitbit split right in half. :{

  • One Size fits all does not fit all; I have heard that the bracelet is a little of 6 inches in diameter which may be too small for most women unless you are a super model, would have been nice if they had followed the fitbit model of having 2 sizes.

  • First the zip-clip fell off and I lost it…. then I purchased the flex hoping it would have a more secure attachment… but the snap eventually keep on opening and falling off until it fell off one more time and I couldn’t find it. Can you make a the fitbit with a watchband type clasp. The kind that uses a metal pin thought the band holes…. like normal secure watch bands… So it would not so easy unattached? Can it be designed for active men….george

  • I like the new jewelry, but I never wear anything that color. We really need something in silver color family….also, I won’t pay more for the bracelet or necklace than I did for the Fitbit!

    • Not sure if the pendant doesn’t cause some distorted readings, but something like a magnetic brooch for the One would be great! Any thoughts on water proof enclosures for the One yet?

  • Is there a band available for swimming? I’m disappointed I can’t wear my fitbit in the pool and don’t get the credit for swimming. Is this in the design works?

  • I love the pendant idea, in a lower cost model.
    My understanding was that the Bit is calibrated for wrist. Will it really work as a pendant?

  • I had the same problem with bot the pink and blue. They are not the exact same design, eyelet cut, as the original Fitbit silicone bands which causes it to come unfastened as fall off. I even had an elastic band around it and it came off. I lost mine 3 times in the first 2 days. I had to return them. They definitely still have some kinks to work out on the silicone bands. They were beautiful though, just wouldn’t stay clasped.

  • The silicone bracelets have been getting horrible reviews as the clasps do not stay tight and many have been losing theirs. I will be canceling my order. So dissapointed.

  • I was so excited when I saw the new design I really love the idea, but the price is way to much. I’ll stick with my regular bands.

  • I cannot wear mine at work and was looking for an ankle bracelet. They really don’t make these bands for big people? Thought I’d find an XL band and be good but they only come in P/S and M/L? anyone have Ideas?

  • I love the brass color bracelet….but way too expensive! I have had so many problems with my Fitbit flex due to the fact that my wrists are soooo tiny. I am on replacement number 3. There needs to be either a new design for a smaller size ….or a fix for the one that is out….though I do not know how you will do that. The small size of my wrists puts too much pressure on the arc…forcing the band to pop out where the tracker fits in. I wear it looser now…..but it then becomes like a bangle and bangs on everything.
    I LOVE FITBIT and hope you can solve this problem sooner rather than later. Your customer support has been very responsive and I am thankful for that.

  • it would be nice to have a water proof cover for the fitbit one that I can use to swim, which is quite often….also something decorative like you are already working on but nickel free. I don’t have the type of $ that is currently priced for the copper designs…so cheaper & nickel free would be really awesome….and of course a water proof cover would be great !!!!

  • Questions:
    1 – The Tori Burch site only gives one size ‘OS’ for the bracelet, and that doesn’t show up on thier sizing chart – so what size is it?
    2 – Is the band brass with a coating to prevent skin going green or is it gold plated with no lacquer or wax coating?
    I love the design, and the idea – but information is a little lacking here!

  • I agree that this is too expensive, not my vibe – and too small! Fortunately, in my quest to give my Fitbit some style, I ended up finding another option. Check out a new site called Bytten. They sell super cute metal and plastic accessories that go over the bands that you already own — soo cute! I bought a silver cover and get tons of compliments from people about my beautiful bracelet – and I tell them it is actually a Fitbit!! Definitely check them

  • I just got my fit bit bangle from tory burch ! It’s beautiful and Very substantial. But I can’t figure out how to open it .

  • I just got my bangle bracelet and can’t open it either. On the website it says to press down on the end of the square on the side of the bracelet but absolutely nothing happens. Very, very disappointing.

  • Had trouble opening my bracelet too but got it! Squeeze hard from the top, put the end of a pencil or pen at bottom of square hinge and pull table open. Yay!

  • Received the brass bracelet for b-day present. Was able to insert fitbit, but cannot open hinges to slip bracelet on …. how is this done?

    No instructions were included and will send it back if t cannot be opened … way to expensive to keep if it doesn’t work properly.

  • also, have the gold one, not worth the $200. scratches easily, hard to work (insert fitbit, wear bracelet), and really heavy/clanky. I would think maybe 50-$75 max but $200 is way too overpriced. Not expected from tory burch really expected them to perfect the product before releasing it, especially for this cost.

  • What ever happened to the fuschia and navy silicone options? I only see the metal ones on the website… Nordstroms has it, but says “item is unavailable”

  • I too would love to see bracelets or pendents for my Fitbit One. Even if I had the Flex, I can’t see spending $200 on my $99 fitness tracker. Most of us are everyday people that cannot spend that amount on a holder. And I too have never heard of Tori Burch.

  • The girls at work pre-ordered the fuchsia band for me in August or September. I still have not gotten it. I got an email saying that since we were one of the first pre-orders they are going to send it complementary but that it still won’t be shipped until late January. I hope I get it soon 🙂

  • Please make a wristband/bracelet accessory for the fitbit one. (NOT $200!) I have the clip, but am terrified I’m going to end up throwing it in the washing machine accidentally. Also, you should make it clear on your website that the wristbands do not fit the One. I found that out the hard way-what a pain.

  • I’d love to have wristbands with NFL colors and logos on them. I realize that is a big licensing issue, but I hope Fitbit Corp. works towards getting them.

  • I would like to see an alternate ( stylish) way to wear my fitbit One. The carrier for placing on a neckline or beltline is pretty bland.

  • I also love my One and would like more options. I have been looking over the Tory Burch Collection and just wishing that He would make something for the One.

  • Those look great, but what about fitbit shirts or pants, and the real patches we have earned so that we can proudly wear them instead of look at them on a piece of paper ? ? ?

  • I’m a faithful fitbit wearer. I have several silicone straps and just received my Tory Burch silver band. LOVE IT!! I think what most are not understanding, this is a fashion piece. That is the main purpose I purchased it for. I want to continue wearing my tracker throughout the day so I’ll switch and wear the dressy band for a night/day out, or travelling. I won’t be wearing it for workouts and everyday daily use. Those saying the dressy bands are too pricey, to each their own. However, I think the value, price point and branding are there. Kudos to Tory Burch for bringing it forward 🙂

  • I hav e both pendant and bracelet love them attractive and never worry about losing the fit bit bought another bracelet on a web sit less expensive 2 nd day it was coming apart Torys are great quality and fashion

  • Way too expensive for me, and I have the charge HR.. plain black.. I got it for a reason.. I am disabled, Some days I can move, some days I cannot get out of bed, I don’t know what kind of day I will have until that day arrives. Some of us with CIDP have gotten these to help us track our diets, our workouts if we are able to work out and to keep on pushing. So for now.. I will design my own bracelet and hope that some day someone will recognize our very rare autoimmune disease that leaves anyone from early childhood to elderly suddenly disabled in many various, unfortunate ways.. But thanks for all your other efforts.. It is a wonderful product.. I love my fitbit.

  • I too love the look of the new metal bands, but they are WAY over priced for me and I’ll be thinking about a little paint or vinyl wrap to make one a bit dresser in possible tri-color so it’ll go with gold, silver or brass. Does any one else have issues with their bands cracking on the back side from popping it in and out to charge? Since Aug 2013 I have gone through 3 bands and again need to get another. Thankful I’ve found a cheaper place to get them from and takes about the same slow mail time frame to get it.

  • Oh, my!! Sooooooo expensive! Come up with something less than $50.00 and I might consider it. We’re just regular working folk!

  • Received the gold bracelet from my husband for christmas, love it! I can still count steps and is a great accessorie. Have received many compliments.

  • i would like a Fitbit that is interchangeable with other accessories. Pop it out and put it in a necklace or a wristband. One Fitbit that can go into multiple carrying devices

  • love the idea of a nicer looking bracelet, but too over priced for me. there are times I just don’t wear it because you are too dressed up for a black ban on your wrist.

  • My daughter got me the TB pink silicone flex band for Mother’s Day. It is very cute. I love the look. However the secure band slides insecure sometimes. Last night I was so thankful the people walking behind me asked if I dropped a bracelet. Just before they asked I noticed my Fitbit bracelet was not on my wrist. I was so bummed! This has happened before at home but not while I was out. I blamed it on cleaning and moving around while I’m sleeping. Be sure secure slider is in place. I know I will keep my eye on it from now on.

  • I have a fitbit One. Is the working part the same size as the Flex? I love the bracelet and necklace. Will my fitbit One fit?

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