5 Features For Making The Turkey 5 Healthier Than Ever

The holidays are coming! The holidays are coming! Thanksgiving marks the start of the season, and all the delicious food, festive parties, and packed social calendars that come with it. Unfortunately, that often means a stretch where your activity level goes way down and number of indulgences go way up.

Instead of giving up completely on your health goals until January 1, why not use the “Turkey 5,” which is the five-day stretch from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, as a chance to prove you can have your pumpkin pie and stay fit too? 

These five features on your Fitbit device will help you do just that: 

1. Reminders to Move: Feel the vibration on your wrist and you’ll be nudged to get up and walk at least 250 steps every hour. That’s crucial for this long weekend full of lounging around on the sofa. “It’s easy to get caught up in the trap of sitting around all day watching football, so this helps you remember to get up and move,” says Adrian Richardson, a certified personal trainer for the Fitbit Coach app. “That doesn’t have to mean going to the gym—get up and go for a walk with your family.”

2. Sleep Score & Sleep Tracking: Too many nights of poor sleep in a row will put a big dent in your energy levels. That’s why this feature is so helpful. In the mornings, check and see how your total sleep time and sleep quality was the night before. If it’s not good for a few nights, think about what you might be doing to cause your restlessness. “Don’t let late nights watching movies or overindulging in wine wreck your sleep all weekend long,” says Richardson.

3. Guided Breathing Sessions: In theory, the holidays are supposed to be all about peace. But the reality can be a lot more stressful (thank complicated family dynamics and high expectations for that). If you have a Fitbit device with the heart rate tracking feature, the Relax feature lets you check your heart rate and see if stress is making it spike. If it is, the guided breathing instructions can help you feel calmer quickly.

4. Step Challenge: Have a naturally competitive family? Use that to your advantage and start a Turkey 5 step challenge. Get everyone involved and see who can log the most steps through Monday. Winner gets bragging rights until the new year!

5. Hydration Tracking: Counting calories this weekend can be overwhelming, so think about focusing on fluids instead. “Your body needs a lot of water,” says Richardson. “It helps you digest food, so you’ll want to ensure you’re staying hydrated all weekend.” You can still have eggnog and sparkling cider, but alternate it with water to stay on track. Plus, you can track it right on your wrist with any Fitbit smartwatch. 

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