Unwind with a Yoga Session Designed for Travelers (Video!)


Long travel days can take a toll on your body and mind, and staying active is a great way to unwind after a long day—not to mention stay pain free. This 26-minute yoga sequence was carefully crafted by FitStar experts and the wellness-focused team at Westin Hotels & Resorts, to help you recharge while traveling. It’s perfect for when you’re in your hotel room—or anywhere your schedule may take you. The best part: Anyone can stay flexibly fit with this session—even yoga newbies!

With deep stretches to help you restore and revive after a busy week, a long run, or a full day of travel, Stretch Further with Westin will leave you primed for the next adventure. Warm up with a series of seated poses, and then move into holding postures like Standing Forward Fold, and Interlaced Forward Fold to help work any kinks out of your back and brain. Loosen up some more with vinyasas, and finish feeling renewed with a series of supine poses.

Want a more customized fitness experience? Get FitStar Yoga on your iPhone or iPad now to access Stretch Further with Westin and many other dynamic, video-based workouts.

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  • I am just wondering if the FitStar Yoga app is EVER going to be available to Android users.
    This app has been available for quite some time to iphone/ipad users, and only the “Fitstar Personal Trainer” is available to Android users.
    I am sure I am not the only android user that would like to be able to use the Fitstar Yoga app.
    The fitness trainer is useless to me, as most of the things they want me to do, I am unable to due to back & joint issues.
    Yoga by far is a many more user-friendly exercise for those who may/may not have physical challenges when it comes to a healthy lifestyle including a good exercise regime.
    Yoga has the added benefit of providing emotional and psychological support for those who are in high-stress jobs, or personal situations.
    Yoga also is less impact on the body & joints and allows for a gradual building of muscles, and flexibility. This has a two-fold benefit of allowing an individual to exercise at their own level and have a feeling of accomplishment in their exercise routine. The added feeling of accomplishment produces serotonin which then encourages the person to want to continue their exercise routine, and thus allow for more flexibility, building of muscles and confidence in taking their exercise to the next level. Yoga is a much better starting platform for those who are goal orientated, as it gives them the feeling of success that they thrive on. That feeling of success is what will encourage them to move forward with their next fitness challenge.
    I would never buy the “Fitstar Personal Trainer” app/service, however, I would happily, not to mention eagerly buy the “Fitstar Yoga” app/service.

    • Hi Shelley. We appreciate you feedback and insight on yoga. Although we don’t have any specifics at this time, there are plans to bring FitStar Yoga to Android in the future. We appreciate your interest.

  • I just glanced at the video from Fitstar and Westin Hotel. I found it hard to watch because the woman performing the yoga was extremely skinny, bordering on anorexic. When she stretched, you could see everyone of her bones. This didn’t look very healthy to me. Maybe you should consider a person with a little more on her body.

  • I agree with the comments by another reader. I was concerned that the woman doing the yoga has a very unhealthy presentation. Her body looks very y skinny. It is not good to be able to see someones’s ribs in this way. The message you are sending to people suggests that this is a good role model. I had to stop the video as I found it upsetting. Can you please use a “normal” woman.

  • I am 10 weeks following a replacement hip operation and have been considering whether or not yoga would be a safe and helpful exercise to do. Any comments? Naturally I’ll speak to my surgeon before trying any extreme leg positions. Interested to read of appearance of lady demonstrating. Here is the UK there are a lot of campaigns in the media encouraging the use of people with healthy body shapes rather than starved looking ones.

  • Here is the UK there are lots of campaigns encouraging the use of people with healthy body shapes rather than starved looking ones. I tried to ask about the helpfulness of yoga following a hip op but on trying to submit was shown a message saying I’d already made the same comment previously
    This is the first time I’ve seen this newsletter so never commented on anything g previously.

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