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We take the privacy of all Fitbit users very seriously. To address some recent concerns about logged activities of Fitbit users showing up in search engine results, we have taken several immediate steps.

Some quick background:

  • As you know, Fitbit users can decide voluntarily to log their physical activities. You must do this manually and this information is not collected automatically.
  • When setting up their profiles, users have had the option to make their profile activity records private, though the default setting has been to make this information public.

As of Sunday, we have taken the following steps to protect our users’ privacy:

  • All activity records on were hidden from view from both other users and search engines, no matter what the user’s current privacy setting. We have also updated our default settings for new users for activity sharing to “private.”
  • We submitted requests to Google and Yahoo/Bing to remove any indexed user profile pages from their search engines. As a result, user profile pages and their activity records have already disappeared from Google and should disappear within several days at other search engines. Once removed, previously indexed activity records should not be accessible to the public at all from that search engine.
  • For now, we have removed other personally identifiable information from users’ Fitbit profile pages regardless of privacy settings.

We are dedicated to making this the best fitness platform possible with users in full control of their data.  For many people, sharing information is an important motivator for them to achieve their fitness goals.  We will be in touch with our users about new choices they will have when they want to share information.

James Park

CEO, Co-Founder, Fitbit

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  • Wow, thanks for being so proactive to protect our privacy! By the way, I love the video of the dude making the fitbit on your Flicker page. SO cool.

  • My girlfriends decided to hike the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim in September of this year. I work full time so training was harder for me. I used my Fitbit to walk my way to the Grand Canyon. I set goals to walk 20,000 steps frequently. I just walked out my front door and walked until I had put in 20,000 plus steps. Some days we hiked in the Tetons and was able to get more. The day we did the Grand Canyon hike I wore my Fitbit and logged 64,737 steps on that day. I credit the Fitbit for helping me reach that goal. I actually wore it out and just bought the new one that tracks stairs.

  • Thanks for this information. I wouldn’t care if my information were used by a medical facility for study purposes*, but I don’t like being targeted by the big search engines.

    *I remember participating in several U of Minnesota health studies, and they would attempt to ascertain what foods I ate by relying on my memory, as in: “Do you eat green grapes? How many green grapes do you eat at once? How often do you eat green grapes?”

    Since I’m retired, I have time to log my food and activity in a fairly detailed manner.

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