Busy Mom Nickie S. Conquers Triathlon Training with Fitbit Surge

Nickie S.

When we hear about Fitbit users who’ve reached their goals, we love to share the news! Nickie S. is a mom to two boys and an avid Fitbit Surge user. Here, she talks about her routine and how she use her Fitbit device to find her fit, in her own words.

“I work full time while juggling being a mum of two active boys (10 and 8yrs) and training for and competing in triathlons. My Fitbit Surge really gives me a great picture of my activity throughout the week. I am always amazed how sedentary I could be during the week when at work. I could go from 20,000 steps a day on a Saturday or Sunday to only 5,000 steps on a weekday (outside of training).

It also really helps me monitor my energy and quality of sleep. It fascinates me how my resting heart rate is higher following intense exercise, but also following a restless sleep. Knowing this helps me to pace myself in how much I take on throughout the week. My Fitbit Surge gives me a better picture of my overall health and fitness.

Initially I had a Fitbit Flex, and I loved that I could see how much activity I did day to day outside of training. Then I upgraded to a Fitbit Surge and I just love being able to see my heart rate all the time, both in resting and in training. In the past I had used other heart rate monitoring devices in training, but gave up on using them as I was frustrated with having to sync it up to a chest strap. Having visibility of my heart rate on my wrist is just so convenient. I also love the ability to sync my Fitbit to other apps to monitor calorie intake and expenditure and to get a more complete picture of my daily activity and weekly training volume and intensity.

I chose the Fitbit Surge because I wanted GPS tracking for my runs, visibility of heart rate on my wrist, and the ability to track my exercise and training across multi disciplines and give my coach access to it. It means I don’t have to keep a separate log of my training. He can see my daily or weekly training volume as well as the intensity of my sessions, my heart rate fluctuations and sleep quality which helps him to better plan my weeks ahead. It takes the guess work out of training for me and allows him to adapt my program if the signs are showing that I am getting run down (increased heart-rate, sleep quality etc).

Life as a working mum is busy and a constant juggle, fitting training and competing into that adds more complexity. It’s a fine line where it doesn’t take much to tip the balance. My fitbit helps me to be more aware of how I am achieving that balance. I know when I am averaging 5 hours sleep, restless throughout the night and have an elevated resting heart rate that its time to back off a bit or I’ll fall in a heap. Prior to having this line of sight I’d just keep on pushing until I hit the wall. I feel like I can achieve a better balance now and pick the right times to push myself and the appropriate time to back it off.

I have made the Australian team for Duathlon World Championships in Adelaide in October 2015. I’ll be using my Fitbit Surge to monitor my training in the lead up to this event and for my coach to set and monitor my program week to week.”


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