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Using the Fitbit Trip Monitor

As you may have seen in our recent features post, the  <start and <stop functions on Fitbit aren’t just for sleep anymore! You can use them to capture any type of activity.  Walking to public transit, or taking the dog for a walk? Start your Fitbit and your activity will be logged automatically on the site.  The Fitbit Tracker will also display the steps, calories and distance for the duration of the activity, until you hit <stop.  And then head back to and choose your activity from the more than 700 activities we list.

Walking Fido a daily ritual?  Save it as a favorite activity in your log and add it each day in just seconds! Click the star next to an activity in your activity log to make it a favorite.

Forgot to hit the <start button?  No problem, you can manually create or edit any activity.  This also works for logging sleep if you were wore your Fitbit to sleep but forgot to hit <start.  Go to and click Activity Record.  Enter the start / stop time and we’ll analyze your data for you.  Bonus:  Activity records provide more detail than the normal daily graphs.

While you are out being active, our algorithms will also be monitoring activities to become even more intelligent at detecting and categorizing your activities. We’ll look at the steps taken and calories burned to figure out if you were logging sleep or another activity type.

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  • It’s very frustrating to log activities – occupation list is incomplete – I am a middle school teacher and I can’t find anything that is close to what I do all day: walk, talk, stand, gesture, and MOVE! (How many of your customers butcher animals?)

    Also, we eat out a lot and never at chain restaurants or sandwich places. If I have a pizza, it is from a local restaurant, not any of the ones you have on the list. Even a bagel is hard to log if I don’t know the calorie content. Most of my meals are in local places and usually fine dining.

    Any advice? Otherwise, I LOVE my FitBit!

  • Sharon G.

    I understand your troubles. If you are looking for a more detailed ‘food’ list, you may want to try they have a feature called “MyPlate”. It’s a very detailed list of food entries (everything any human has ever eaten since about 2 BC). I use Livestrong as a reference when Fitbit comes up short.

    Fitbit also allows you to enter the calories manually. If you change your privacy settings to “public” for food entries, all the hard work of entering in the nutritional info is shared with others. I’m not sure if Fitbit incorporates newly added customer entries.

  • Sharon- I’ve had a lot of luck using the Lose it App- it syncs to the FitBit. Enter your food via the Lose it App for better success. I has a huge food database and you can even scan UPCs from things you eat. It’s way easier! I find it also easier to log activities too!

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