3 Reasons You Should Ditch The Guilt And Plan a Vacation Right Now


If you’re looking for another reason to go on vacation, here’s a refreshing one: Employees who take a vacation are more likely to get promoted and get a raise. You read that right—a 2017 study by the organization Project: Time Off found that people who used their vacation time were more likely to have received promotions in the last year and more likely to have received a bonus in the last three years. According to researchers, despite the fact that 38 percent of employees said they want to be seen as a “work martyr” by their boss, “[that] attitude is not helping anyone get ahead.”

The sad truth is, 54 percent of Americans don’t use all of their hard-earned vacation days due to their workload, guilt, and other factors. Many companies, however, are trying to change that. And some actually give their employees a “vacation stipend”—money to be used for a holiday or as reimbursement for one.

Here’s why you should use your vacation days, and why you shouldn’t feel a shred of guilt about it:

You’ll still be seen as productive: A survey examining HR professionals’ opinions about vacations revealed that about three-quarters of respondents believe employees who take most or all of their vacation days are more likely to be productive and perform better at work, compared to those who take less time off.

You’ll feel happier: It’s no secret that vacations make you happy, especially since experiences are proven to provide more happiness than material items. On top of that, studies show that even the planning and anticipation leading up to a vacation promotes positive vibes that are sure to benefit your attitude at the office. And the further in advance you plan, the more time you’ll have to set up a coverage plan with your teammates and create a to-do list for tasks to take care of upon your return.

You’ll recharge: Your intuition may be telling you that a vacation will help relieve stress and improve your energy. Guess what? There are studies to back that up. It’s been shown that vacations are valuable for mental health and wellbeing, especially when you have time to catch up on sleep, since not getting enough shut-eye can lead to a slew of issues, including depression and weight gain.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to plan that bucket-list trip you’ve been putting off because of your workload. And instead of worrying that a vacation will set you back at work, feel good about taking time for yourself and improving your chances of success when you return. Don’t forget to use your vacation as a time to unplug and be present in the moment so you can really enjoy the time off that you deserve.

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