Take a Look at Fitbit’s First-Ever Virtual Launch Experience

If you’re here, you probably already know about our new fall launch products—and how excited we are about them! But did you know that for the first time ever, we also created a virtual launch experience so that you, our Fitbit fam, could tune in from all over the world to learn about our new products and features in a totally new and unique way—despite the fact that many of us are still socially distanced? 

You may be wondering what a virtual product launch looks like. Well, you’re about to find out! Keep reading to learn all about what Fitbit’s virtual launch experience has to offer—and then check it out for yourself

Meet Fitbit’s Fall 2020 Lineup 

Keynote. First, join us for a virtual keynote session from Fitbit co-founder and CEO James Park, followed by product deep dives on our groundbreaking new health smartwatch Fitbit Sense and the streamlined and motivational Versa 3 from Vice President of Brand and Product Marketing, Lisa Swift. Next, Senior Director of Product Marketing Dennis Hsu will discuss the sleek, discreet, and affordable Inspire 2—and how you can unlock deeper insights, tools, and guidance with your Fitbit Premium membership.¹ Senior Vice President of Design, Jonah Becker closes out the keynote session with a deep dive into design strategy. 

The Future of Fit. Could your Fitbit watch or tracker know you’re sick before you do? Hear from Fitbit co-founder and CTO Eric Friedman and Dr. Mike Snyder of Stanford University as they discuss the results of our recent COVID-19 study, advancements Fitbit and top researchers are making together, and all about how the research we’re doing at Fitbit ties into potential early illness detection and deeper understanding of chronic conditions. 

Be HeartFit. Want to know more about improving your heart health? (Us, too. Always!) Dr. Shelten Yuen and Dr. Tony Faranesh of Fitbit’s Research team talk about Fitbit’s leading heart health innovation, including our heart-rate tracking technology and the newest features available, including an all-new ECG app to analyze your heart rhythm for signs of atrial fibrillation (AFib) and high and low heart rate notifications.² 

Be MindFit. Feeling stressed? Ever wonder how it impacts your overall health? Fitbit’s Research Scientists, Dr. Samy Abdel-Ghaffar and Dr. Belen Lafon, along with Dr. Helen Weng of UCSF, break down what stress can do to the body and mind—and how Fitbit can help you track, understand, and manage it. If you’re curious about our mindfulness and stress tools for Fitbit Sense, or what’s available in the Fitbit app or your new 6-month trial to Fitbit Premium, you’re in the right place.

Be BodyFit. Ready to hit your yoga mat? Join yoga instructor and Sisters of Yoga co-founder Phyllicia Bonanno for an extra-special 20-minute yoga flow and meditation with Fitbit. No matter what your routine has looked like in the past few months, this flow will be equal parts restorative and challenging for mind and body alike. 

Product Display. Take a closer look at all of the new products and accessories, including the epic new designer collections from Pendleton and Victor Glemaud.³ You can even pre-order your new Fitbit watch or tracker directly from the showcase.

Interested in experiencing our innovative virtual experience for yourself? Join us and escape to the Future of Fit

¹Content and features subject to change.

²The Fitbit ECG app is only available in select countries, not intended for use by people under 22 years old. See fitbit.com/ecg for additional details.

³Accessories sold separately.

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