Turn Your Walk Into a Total-Body Workout at the Track

Walking workout at the track

School athletic facilities aren’t just for kids: Heading to your local track when school’s out of session can help you get in your steps and score a major workout.

Walking on a track provides a visual reminder of how far you’ve gone, which (along with the real-time stats on your Fitbit tracker) can motivate you to keep going. Four complete laps make up one mile! And since many tracks have a slightly padded, rubberized surface, racking up your steps there will be easier on your joints.

Tracks also tend to be well lit, making them a good, car-free option for night-time strolls. An added bonus? You can use the field in the middle and sturdy benches or bleachers nearby for warm-ups, stretching, core exercises, and more.

Are you ready to ramp up your walk? Here’s how to turn your walk into a total-body toning session.

A Total-Body Workout at the Track

Step 1: Walk one complete lap around the track to warm-up, easing your body into a moderate-intensity pace, or the Fat Burn zone if you’re using a Fitbit Alta HRFitbit Charge 2, Blaze, or Surge.

Step 2: On your second lap, pick up your pace on the long straight aways of the track, and ease up on the turns to catch your breath. If you’re newer to fitness, you can reverse this, walking more slowly on the longer lengths and faster on the curves. Multiple studies show that upping your intensity for short bursts of time in this way can deliver similar cardio benefits to longer, slower sessions. Mixing up your speed and intensity can also keep your brain engaged, which can motivate you to finish!

Step 3: Stop at the bleachers for two fun bodyweight moves:

Step ups on bleachersStand in front of a low bench or bleacher, and place your right foot flat on the top. Keeping your abs pulled in toward your spine, use your thighs to press your body up. Tap your left foot on the bench, and step back to start. Alternate legs for 20 total reps.

Triceps bench dips on bleachersSit on a bench or bleacher with your hands holding the the side of the surface, knuckles facing forward. Walk your feet out so that your knees are slightly bent, and slowly lower your body a few inches toward the ground as is comfortable. (Avoid going too low, which could cause undue stress on shoulders and wrists.) Return to start. Perform 10 reps.

Step 4: Walk  around the track for a third lap, speeding up and slowing your pace as you did in step 2.

Step 5: Stop at the bleachers again for another round of Step-Ups and Bench Dips.

Step 6: Walk one final lap of the track at a brisk pace. Try to maintain it throughout.

Step 7: Head to the field to do some core work.

plankGet on your hands and knees, placing your hands directly beneath your shoulders. Walk your feet back until your legs are straight behind you, about hip-distance apart. Pull your abs in toward your spine and squeeze your glutes for added stability. Hold for 30 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds, then repeat.

Step 8: Give yourself a high five for walking a speedy mile and completing strength moves! Then cool down with some easy stretching, if you’d like.

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  • It’s nice to know the walking tips
    I am using Fitbit since 1 year
    Really good purchased in 2016 when I visited us

  • i’m going to start walking again. I blew out my right knee last month so I wear a hinged knee brace . Right now I don’t see me doing the things you are showing for warmups. I am 72 and am trying to lose some weight. wish me luck.

  • You did a great job writing this. I want to be a writer one day, and I will definitely use these tips and tricks! 🙂

  • I’m do a 5 K May 27, and I’m not a runner. It may be to late to start running but I’m going to try. I walk 3 miles, so thought I’d try jogging at a slow pace. Do you have any advice to give me.

  • This sounds like a really good plan and I had not thought about going to my local outside track. Great ideas!


  • As an 83 year old man, I find most of your suggestions to be impracticable. I do weight machines daily to the tune of about # 4000 and stationary bike 30 min. The only thing that registers on my FitBit is the treadmill. Any suggestions as to how to record the weights and floor exercises?

  • I am 77 years old, and I have arthritis everywhere. I enjoy walking, and I love my fitbit for counting my steps every day. But could you tailor some exercises for me taking into consideration my limitations? Many thanks!

  • This sounds like an awesome workout. I used to do these moves on the track but I didnt’ incorporate the strength workout. I’m looking forward to beginning this next week.

  • Great ideas! And best of all, they are FREE! No gym membership required. I already pay taxes for the schools and this is a way to take advantage of that even though my children are all grown up and out on their own. Can’t wait to get started. Thanks!

  • The bleachers make a great stair climb in between laps. Also, many school tracks have cameras monitoring all aspects of the facility, giving a greater degree of safety for women.

  • We have a school track where we live and the public can use it too. Although I love walking there, it’s in full sun so I have to go when it’s not even 65 out or I’ll be roasted alive! But it is fun to go around the track!

  • This only works if the track is available to the public at all times. Those on school property can get you charged with trespassing like in the city where I live (liability insurance) and can get you banned from returning. Check the regulations before you head out. Happy walking!

  • I will incorporate this in my walk from today sounds exciting …. want to chk the calories I burn vs what I did just walking 6km

  • I thank you for the ideas for using the high school track . This is possible in Mt Vernon where I live. I used to go there years ago but never did more than walk. I will now take your suggestions and I’m looking forward to the change in my body. 5:30am

  • I would love to try this but I am going in for a shoulder op this week and will be in a sling, what else can I do instead of Burpees and plank

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