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We Love Data!

And we hope you do too – especially data that you can use to help make behavioral change – and live healthier.  And there’s a key member of the Fitbit team we wanted to introduce you to who is our own data expert: Shelten Yuen.  Shelten heads Research at Fitbit and he’s responsible for the “smarts” in the Fitbit tracker. He loves analyzing data and solving complex problems — and you can see it in his previous research in beating heart surgery (with robots, no less) at Harvard University, where he also got his Ph.D., and his research in missile defense at MIT Lincoln Laboratory.

Shelten continues headlong down this path at Fitbit and he’ll be joining us on the blog on a regular basis to share interesting analysis on the data Fitbit collects, and share data trends with the Fitbit community.  Look for his first data analysis piece soon!

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  • I don’t have this device, but am absolutely fascinated by it. How does one’s baseline calorie burn – the calories used sustaining one’s weight – factor into the metric for calories burned in a day?

    This blog lends great credibility to the device. Awesome job. I’ll be buying soon.

  • Great job guys.
    I have a question/suggestion for Shelten. It would be great if you could add a differentiating feature in your algorithm to differentiate between various activities. If you plot the samples from your 3D accelerometer on a graph, the pattern for walking, running, bicycling, elliptical machine, etc. exercises would be different. I believe it would be a great feature that users will be very interested in monitoring and keeping a record of (say for the past month, I did x hours of each of these activities and that translates to y pounds lost). I may do the elliptical a lot more rigorously than I run and hence elliptical helps me meet my weight loss goals better- that is some useful information.
    I would be very interested to hear your thoughts regarding the same.

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