The Wedding-Season Guide to Getting More Steps In

If your June is anything like mine, it’s the start of that annual craziness known as wedding season. This year, I have a bunch of celebrations on my calendar (including my own big day—I’m so excited!). When you’re showing up as a guest, weddings are actually the perfect way to rack up tons of steps. Here’s how to hit your goal when big events hit your calendar:

3 Ways to Get More Steps at a Wedding

Help out as much as you can. Give the bride an extra show of support by volunteering to lend a hand with any day-of tasks that need doing. Maybe it’s helping set out the name cards for the reception, following along with the photographer to make sure the bride has everything she needs, or meeting the florist and showing where the arrangements go. Not only will you be doing the bride a huge favor, but you’re also going to get tons of steps in—all before a single hors d’oeuvre hits your lips.

Shmooze your heart out. Whether you’re in the wedding or a friend of the bride and groom, it can be hard to chat with everyone you know at the wedding. That’s why you should make an effort to make the rounds during dinner or the cocktail hour. Say hi to the groom’s great aunt, the coworker who doesn’t know anyone, and the mom of the flower girl. Visit each table and you’ll easily add to your step count—plus make yourself one of the friendliest people at the event.

Just dance! Come on now, you knew I was going to say this. Dancing is obviously the best way to keep moving at a wedding. Take my advice and don’t care too much about how you look—the one thing that makes a dancer look amazing out on the floor is confidence! A few other tips: Wear something you can move in—a skin tight sheath might look hot but you still need to be able to get down in it—and comfy shoes. If your heels aren’t made for dancing, stash a pair of flats in your bag. That way you aren’t stuck in your chair when you really want to be cutting a rug.

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