Open Your Ears to These Wellness Podcasts Recommended By Fitbit Local Ambassadors

We all need reminders — whether they come in the form of Post-It notes around the house or digital pop-ups. When it comes to maintaining healthy habits, surrounding yourself with wellness tips, strategies, and advice can be a great way to stay on track. We asked a few Fitbit Local Ambassadors which wellness podcasts keep them motivated, inspired, and fired up about their mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Fitbit Local is a series of fun, free, all-levels workouts hosted in 10 cities across the country and led by top fitness trainers each month (find out about all upcoming events at!). So when you’re not rocking out to an awesome workout playlist, consider pumping one of these podcasts through your Fitbit Flyers:

Samy Mattei (Fitbit Local Denver)

The wellness podcast that’s really resonating with me right now is the “Omni Athlete” because it challenges the whole person — in mind, body and spirit “up-leveling.” The podcast is dedicated to empowering its listeners to show up in this world, not only as stronger fitness professionals and athletes, but also as skillful human beings as it relates to personal development, interpersonal connection, and making the world a better place to be.

Cynthia Lorena (Fitbit Local D.C.)

I spend a lot of time in my car traveling to teach my classes at different studios/gyms, so I try to listen to uplifting podcasts that promote mindful living and keep me inspired. Some of my favorites are Tara Brach’s podcast, Oprah’s “SuperSoul Conversation” (especially the episode with author Paolo Coelho), and “On Being with Krista Tippett.”

Katie Kelly (Fitbit Local Seattle)

I listen to the “Real Food Reel” with the Natural Nutritionist Stef from Australia. I love that she brings on other medical professionals to talk about more natural nutrition choices and gives you ways on how to apply it to real life and for your kids too.

Kevin Ng (Fitbit Local Seattle)

The Brene Brown episode of “On Being with Krista Tippet” (one of my favorite podcasts). Brene’s research reframes our traditional perspective on shame and vulnerability.  The authenticity of the real-life examples she uses in the podcast make her content resonate with me as I go through my life’s journey.

Amanda Christodoulou (Fitbit Local Miami)

Max Lugavere’s “The Genius Life” — I will literally eat anything Max recommends! He has such insightful discussions about what we should eat, not eat, & how & when we should eat it. He is smart & easy to listen to. There is not a lot of fluff around his advice! And Shawn Stevenson’s “The Model Health Show”. To me, Shawn is the model! He takes incredible care of himself and his family. Every episode includes another guest with amazing information about everything health related from exercise, to nutrition, to hormones, to his favorite topic, sleep! A lot of my healthy habits come from something I learned from Shawn!

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