What Do You Get When You Mix Tangerine & Blue? (Hint: It’s Tasty!)


I was trying to think of a tasteful way to celebrate the launch of Fitbit Surge in two new colors when an idea popped to mind. Only problem, I didn’t have all the necessary ingredients to bring the story to life, which prompted me to go on a run.

It wasn’t a long run—not at least by my standards—at just over twelve miles, 5.69 miles to the turnaround destination and a 6.68-mile return, a quasi out-and-back route. But it wasn’t the total distance that mattered, it was the hunt. Allow me to explain.

Heading out from my house wearing a lightweight running pack, I set a distance cue on my Surge with the frequency of one mile. The first mile I ran easy, as a warm-up. The next mile I ran harder. The mile after that easier as recovery, followed by another hard mile, and so on until I reached my destination, a local market, whereupon I bought a tangerine and a small container of organic blueberries.

I put the produce in my backpack and cinched the straps down. On the return journey I decided to mix things up and set the distance cue for every half-mile. I repeated the same process of hard/easy, hard/easy, hard/easy until I got home.

Now the fun began. Since I’d burned nearly 900 calories during the run it was time to replenish. I peeled the tangerine and plopped it in the blender. I rinsed the blueberries and tossed them in, too. Next came a cupful of flax seed milk and a dollop of Greek yogurt. Finally, I added a packet of stevia, a dash of cinnamon and some ice. At first, I blended using slower, longer cycles. You know, to get things warmed up. Then I switched to higher intensity bursts to really whip it into shape. Oddly, the routine wasn’t much different than my run!

The best part of it all came when those first frothy sips of the icy concoction reached my mouth. It was delicious. And now I can answer that age-old question, what do you get when you mix tangerine and blue? You get a really fun run and a very tasty purple smoothie!

Dean’s Tangerine & Blue Surge Smoothie



  1. Blend all ingredients, except ice, together in a blender until smooth.
  2. Add ice cubes and grind until you get the consistency of a milk shake.
  3. Enjoy!
Do you ever “run” errands? Think you’ll try this smoothie? Join the conversation below!

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